2 Kings 10:25

  25 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass G5613 as G4931 he completed G4160 offering G3588 the G3646.1 whole burnt-offering, G2532 that G2036 Jehu said G*   G3588 to the G3908.1 bodyguards G2532 and G3588 to the G5151.7 tribunes, G1525 In entering, G3960 strike G1473 them! G3361 Let not G1831 come forth G1537 from G1473 them G435 a man! G2532 And G3960 [6struck G1473 7them G3588 1the G3908.1 2bodyguards G2532 3and G3588 4the G5151.7 5tribunes] G1722 by G4750 the mouth G4501 of the broadsword; G2532 and G4495 they tossed the bodies, G2532 and G4198 went G2193 unto G4172 the city G3624 of the house G3588   G* of Baal.