1 Samuel 30:21

  21 G2532 And G3854 David came G*   G4314 to G3588 the G1250 two hundred G435 men G3588 (the ones G5275 being left behind G3588 of the troop G4198 going G3694 after G* David) G3739 that G2523 stayed G1722 at G3588 the G5493 rushing stream G* of Besor. G2532 And G1831 they came forth G1519 to G529 meet G* David, G2532 and G1519 to G529 meet G3588 the G2992 people G3588 of the one G3326 with G1473 him. G2532 And G4334 David came forward G*   G2193 unto G3588 of the G2992 people, G2532 and G2065 he asked G1473 them G3588 the greetings G1519 for G1515 peace.