1 Kings 20:6

  6 G3754 for G3778 this G3588   G5610 hour G839 tomorrow G649 I will send G3588   G3816 my servants G1473   G4314 to G1473 you, G2532 and G2045 they will search G3588   G3624 your house, G1473   G2532 and G3588 the G3624 houses G3588   G3816 of your servants. G1473   G2532 And G1510.8.3 it will be G3956 that all G3588 the G1937.1 desires G3588   G3788 of their eyes, G1473   G1909 of G3739 what G302 ever G1911 they should put upon with G3588   G5495 their hands, G1473   G2983 they shall take.