1 John 3

  1 G1492 Behold! G4217 what kind of G26 love G1325 [3has given G1473 4to us G3588 1the G3962 2father], G2443 that G5043 [2children G2316 3of God G2564 1we should be called]. G1223 On account of G3778 this G3588 the G2889 world G3756 does not G1097 know G1473 us, G3754 because G3756 it did not G1097 know G1473 him.
  2 G27 Beloved, G3568 now G5043 [2children G2316 3of God G1510.2.4 1we are], G2532 and G3768 not yet G5319 was it manifested G5100 what G1510.8.4 we will be; G1492 but we know G1161   G3754 that G1437 if G5319 he should be manifested, G3664 [2likened G1473 3to him G1510.8.4 1we will be]; G3754 for G3708 we shall see G1473 him G2531 as G1510.2.3 he is.
  3 G2532 And G3956 every one G3588   G2192 having G3588   G1680 this hope G3778   G1909 upon G1473 him, G48 purifies G1438 himself, G2531 as G1565 that one G53 is pure. G1510.2.3  
  4 G3956 Every one G3588   G4160 committing G3588   G266 sin, G2532 also G3588   G458 [2lawlessness G4160 1commits]; G2532 and G3588   G266 sin G1510.2.3 is G3588   G458 lawlessness.
  5 G2532 And G1492 you know G3754 that G1565 that one G5319 was made manifest, G2443 that G3588   G266 [2our sins G1473   G142 1he should lift away]; G2532 and G266 sin G1722 [3in G1473 4him G3756 2not G1510.2.3 1is].
  6 G3956 Anyone G3588   G1722 [2in G1473 3him G3306 1abiding], G3756 does not G264 sin; G3956 anyone G3588   G264 sinning G3756 has not G3708 seen G1473 him G3761 nor G1097 has known G1473 him.
  7 G5040 Sons, G3367 let no one G4105 mislead G1473 you! G3588 The one G4160 executing G3588 the G1343 righteousness G1342 is righteous, G1510.2.3   G2531 as G1565 that one G1342 is righteous. G1510.2.3  
  8 G3588 The one G4160 committing G3588   G266 sin G1537 [2of G3588 3the G1228 4devil G1510.2.3 1is], G3754 for G575 from G746 the beginning G3588 the G1228 devil G264 sins. G1519 For G3778 this G5319 [4was made manifest G3588 1the G5207 2son G3588   G2316 3of God], G2443 that G3089 he should loosen G3588 the G2041 works G3588 of the G1228 devil.
  9 G3956 Anyone G3588   G1080 engendered G1537 of G3588   G2316 God, G266 [3sin G3756 1does not G4160 2commit], G3754 for G4690 his seed G1473   G1722 [2in G1473 3him G3306 1abides]; G2532 and G3756 he is not G1410 able G264 to sin, G3754 because G1537 [2by G3588   G2316 3God G1080 1he has been engendered].
  10 G1722 In G3778 this G5318 [4are apparent G1510.2.3   G3588 1the G5043 2children G3588   G2316 3of God], G2532 and G3588 the G5043 children G3588 of the G1228 devil. G3956 Every one G3588   G3361 not G4160 executing G1343 righteousness G3756 is not G1510.2.3   G1537 of G3588   G2316 God, G2532 even G3588 the one G3361 not G25 loving G3588   G80 his brother. G1473  
  11 G3754 For G3778 this G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G31 message G3739 which G191 you heard G575 from G746 the beginning, G2443 that G25 we should love G240 one another.
  12 G3756 Not G2531 as G* Cain G1537 [2of G3588 3the G4190 4wicked one G1510.7.3 1 who was], G2532 and G4969 slew G3588   G80 his brother. G1473   G2532 And G5484 for what favor G5100   G4969 did he slay G1473 him? G3754 because G3588   G2041 his works G1473   G4190 were wicked, G1510.7.3   G3588 but the ones G1161   G3588   G80 of his brother G1473   G1342 righteous.
  13 G3361 Do not G2296 marvel, G80 my brethren, G1473   G1487 if G3404 [3detests G1473 4you G3588 1the G2889 2world]!
  14 G1473 We G1492 know G3754 that G3327 we have crossed over G1537 from G3588   G2288 death G1519 into G3588   G2222 life, G3754 for G25 we love G3588 the G80 brethren. G3588 The one G3361 not G25 loving G3588 the G80 brethren, G3306 abides G1722 in G3588   G2288 death.
  15 G3956 Every one G3588   G3404 detesting G3588   G80 his brother G1473   G443 is a man-killer; G1510.2.3   G2532 and G1492 you know G3754 that G3956 every G443 man-killer G3756 does not G2192 have G2222 life G166 eternal G1722 [2in G1438 3him G3306 1abiding].
  16 G1722 By G3778 this G1097 we have known G3588 the G26 love G3588   G2316 of God, G3754 because G1565 that one G5228 [3for G1473 4us G3588   G5590 2his life G1473   G5087 1placed]; G2532 and G1473 we G3784 ought G5228 [3for G3588 4the G80 5brethren G3588   G5590 2 our lives G5087 1to place].
  17 G3739 But who G1161   G302 ever G2192 should have G3588 the G979 livelihood G3588 of the G2889 world, G2532 and G2334 should view G3588   G80 his brother G1473   G5532 [2need G2192 1having], G2532 and G2808 should lock up G3588   G4698 his feelings of compassion G1473   G575 from G1473 him, G4459 how does G3588 the G26 love G3588   G2316 of God G3306 abide G1722 in G1473 him?
  18 G5040 My sons, G1473   G3361 we should not G25 love G3056 in word G3366 nor G1100 tongue, G235 but G2041 in work G2532 and G225 truth.
  19 G2532 And G1722 in G3778 this G1097 we know G3754 that G1537 [2of G3588 3the G225 4truth G1510.2.4 1we are], G2532 and G1715 before G1473 him G3982 we shall yield G3588   G2588 our hearts. G1473  
  20 G3754 For G1437 if G2607 [3should condemn G1473 1our G3588   G2588 2heart], G3754 know that G3173 [3greater than G1510.2.3 2is G3588   G2316 1God] G3588   G2588 our heart, G1473   G2532 and G1097 he knows G3956 all things .
  21 G27 Beloved, G1437 if G3588   G2588 our heart G1473   G3361 should not G2607 condemn G1473 us, G3954 [2confidence G2192 1we have] G4314 before G3588   G2316 God.
  22 G2532 And G3739 what G1437 ever G154 we should ask, G2983 we receive G3844 from G1473 him, G3754 for G3588   G1785 his commandments G1473   G5083 we keep, G2532 and G3588 the things G701 pleasing G1799 before G1473 him G4160 we do.
  23 G2532 And G3778 this G1510.2.3 is G3588   G1785 his commandment -- G1473   G2443 that G4100 we should believe G3588 in the G3686 name G3588   G5207 of his son G1473   G* Jesus G5547 Christ, G2532 and G25 we should love G240 one another, G2531 as G1325 he gave G1785 commandment.
  24 G2532 And G3588 the one G5083 keeping G3588   G1785 his commandments G1473   G1722 [2in G1473 3him G3306 1abides], G2532 and G1473 he G1722 in G1473 him. G2532 And G1722 by G3778 this G1097 we know G3754 that G3306 he abides G1722 in G1473 us, G1537 by G3588 the G4151 spirit G3739 which G1473 he gave to us. G1325