Exodus 8:29

  29 G2036 [3said G1161 1And G* 2Moses], G2396 Behold I G1473   G1831 will go forth G575 from G1473 you, G2532 and G2172 I will make a vow G4314 to G3588   G2316 God, G2532 and G565 [3shall go forth G3588 1the G2952.4 2dog-fly] G575 from G1473 you, G2532 and G575 from G3588   G2324 your attendants, G1473   G2532 and G575 from G3588   G2992 your people G1473   G839 tomorrow. G3361 You should not G4369 add G2089 again, G* O Pharaoh, G1818 to deceive completely, G3588   G3361 to not G1821 send out G3588 the G2992 people G2380 to sacrifice G2962 to the lord .
  29 G2036 είπε G1161 δε G* Μωυσής G2396 ίδε εγω G1473   G1831 εξελεύσομαι G575 από G1473 σου G2532 και G2172 εύξομαι G4314 προς G3588 τον G2316 θεόν G2532 και G565 απελεύσεται G3588 η G2952.4 κυνόμυια G575 από G1473 σου G2532 και G575 από G3588 των G2324 θεραπόντων σου G1473   G2532 και G575 από G3588 του G2992 λαού σου G1473   G839 αύριον G3361 μη G4369 προσθής G2089 έτι G* Φαραώ G1818 εξαπατήσαι G3588 του G3361 μη G1821 εξαποστείλαι G3588 τον G2992 λαόν G2380 θύσαι G2962 κυρίω
    29   V-AAI-3S [8:25] ειπεν G1161 PRT δε   N-NSM μωυσης G3592 D-NSM οδε G1473 P-NS εγω G1831 V-FMI-1S εξελευσομαι G575 PREP απο G4771 P-GS σου G2532 CONJ και G2172 V-FMI-1S ευξομαι G4314 PREP προς G3588 T-ASM τον G2316 N-ASM θεον G2532 CONJ και G565 V-FMI-3S απελευσεται G3588 T-NSF η   N-NSF κυνομυια G575 PREP απο G4771 P-GS σου G2532 CONJ και G575 PREP απο G3588 T-GPM των G2324 N-GPM θεραποντων G4771 P-GS σου G2532 CONJ και G3588 T-GSM του G2992 N-GSM λαου G4771 P-GS σου G839 ADV αυριον G3165 ADV μη G4369 V-AAS-2S προσθης G2089 ADV ετι G5328 N-PRI φαραω G1818 V-AAD-2S εξαπατησαι G3588 T-GSN του G3165 ADV μη G1821 V-AAN εξαποστειλαι G3588 T-ASM τον G2992 N-ASM λαον G2380 V-AAN θυσαι G2962 N-DSM κυριω
  29 H4872 And Moses H559 said [H8799]   H3318 , Behold, I go out [H8802]   H6279 from thee, and I will intreat [H8689]   H3068 the LORD H6157 that the swarms H5493 of flies may depart [H8804]   H6547 from Pharaoh H5650 , from his servants H5971 , and from his people H4279 , to morrow H7535 : but H6547 let not Pharaoh H2048 deal deceitfully [H8763]   H3254 any more [H8686]   H1115 in not H5971 letting the people H7971 go [H8763]   H2076 to sacrifice [H8800]   H3068 to the LORD.
ERV(i) 29 And Moses said, Behold, I go out from thee, and I will entreat the LORD that the swarms of flies may depart from Pharaoh, from his servants, and from his people, tomorrow: only let not Pharaoh deal deceitfully any more in not letting the people go to sacrifice to the LORD.