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Joshua 3:1-15

1 Therfor Josue roos bi nyyt, and mouede tentis; and thei yeden out of Sechym, and camen to Jordan, he and alle the sones of Israel, and dwelliden there thre daies. 2 And whanne tho daies weren passid, crieris yeden thorouy the myddis of tentis, 3 and bigunnen to crie, Whanne ye seen the arke of boond of pees of youre Lord God, and the preestis of the generacioun of Leuy berynge it, also rise ye, and sue the biforgoeris; 4 and a space of twey thousynde cubitis be bitwixe you and the arke, that ye moun se fer, and knowe bi what weie ye schulen entre, for ye `yeden not bifore bi it; and be ye war, that ye neiye not to the arke. 5 And Josue seide to the puple, Be ye halewid, for to morew the Lord schal make merueilis among you. 6 And Josue seide to the preestis, Take ye the arke of the boond of pees `of the Lord, and go ye bifor the puple. Whiche filliden the heestis, and tooken the arke, and yeden bifor hem. 7 And the Lord seide to Josue, To dai Y schal bigynne to enhaunse thee bifor al Israel, that thei wite, that as Y was with Moises, so Y am also with thee. 8 Forsothe comaunde thou to preestis, that beren the arke of bond of pees, and seie thou to hem, Whanne ye han entrid in to a part of the watir of Jordan, stonde ye therynne. 9 And Josue seide to the sones of Israel, Neiye ye hidur, and here ye the word of youre Lord God. 10 And eft he seide, In this ye schulen wite that the Lord God lyuynge is in the myddis of you; and he schal distrye in youre siyt Cananey, Ethei, Euey, and Feresei, and Gergesei, and Jebusei, and Amorrei. 11 Lo! the arke of boond of pees of the Lord of al erthe schal go bifor you thorouy Jordan. 12 Make ye redi twelue men of the twelue lynagis of Israel, bi ech lynage o man. 13 And whanne the preestis, that beren the arke of boond of pees of the Lord God of al erthe, han set the steppis of her feet in the watris of Jordan, the watris that ben lowere schulen renne doun, and schulen faile; forsothe the watris that comen fro aboue schulen stonde togidere in o gobet. 14 Therfor the puple yede out of her tabernaclis to passe Jordan; and the preestis that baren the arke of boond of pees yeden bifor the puple. 15 And whanne the preestis entriden in to Jordan, and her feet weren dippid in the part of watir; forsothe Jordan `hadde fillid the brynkis of his trow in the tyme of `ripe corn;

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 Sixe thingis ben, whyche the Lord hatith; and hise soule cursith the seuenthe thing. 17 Hiye iyen, a tunge liere, hondis schedinge out innocent blood, 18 an herte ymagynynge worste thouytis, feet swifte to renne in to yuel, 19 a man bringynge forth lesingis, a fals witnesse; and him that sowith discordis among britheren.

1 Peter 1:3-5

3 Blessid be God, and the fadir of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, which bi his greet merci bigat vs ayen in to lyuynge hope, bi the ayen risyng of Jhesu Crist fro deth, 4 in to eritage vncorruptible, and vndefoulid, and that schal not fade, that is kept in heuenes for you, 5 that in the vertu of God ben kept bi the feith in to heelthe, and is redi to be schewid in the last tyme.

2 Peter 3:9

9 The Lord tarieth not his biheest, as summe gessen, but he doith pacientli for you, and wole not that ony men perische, but that alle turne ayen to penaunce.

1 Peter 5:6-7

6 Therfor be ye mekid vndir the myyti hoond of God, that he reise you in the tyme of visitacioun, 7 and caste ye al youre bisynesse in to hym, for to hym is cure of you.

1 Corinthians 2:9

9 But as it is writun, That iye say not, ne eere herde, nether it stiede in to herte of man, what thingis God arayede to hem that louen hym;

Philippians 4:6-7

6 Be ye nothing bisi, but in al preyer and biseching, with doyng of thankyngis, be youre axyngis knowun at God. 7 And the pees of God, that passith al wit, kepe youre hertis and vndurstondingis in Crist Jhesu.

Revelation 21:4

4 And God schal wipe awei ech teer fro the iyen of hem; and deth schal no more be, nether mornyng, nether criyng, nether sorewe schal be ouer; whiche `firste thingis wenten awei.

Proverbs 27:1

1 Haue thou not glorie on the morewe, `not knowynge what thing the dai to comynge schal bringe forth.

Matthew 6:33-34

33 Therfor seke ye first the kyngdom of God, and his riytfulnesse, and alle these thingis shulen be cast to you. 34 Therfor nyle ye be bisy in to the morew, for the morew shal be bisi to `hym silf; for it suffisith to the dai his owen malice.

Matthew 6:25-34

25 Therfor I seie to you, that ye be not bisi to youre lijf, what ye schulen ete; nether to youre bodi, with what ye schulen be clothid. Whether lijf is not more than meete, and the bodie more than cloth? 26 Biholde ye the foulis of the eire, for thei sowen not, nethir repen, nethir gaderen in to bernes; and youre fadir of heuene fedith hem. Whether ye ben not more worthi than thei? 27 But who of you thenkynge mai putte to his stature o cubit? 28 And of clothing what ben ye bisye? Biholde ye the lilies of the feeld, how thei wexen. Thei trauelen not, nether spynnen; 29 and Y seie to you, Salomon in al his glorie was not keuered as oon of these. 30 And if God clothith thus the hei of the feeld, that to day is, and to morewe is cast in to an ouen, hou myche more you of litel feith? 31 Therfor nyle ye be bisi, seiynge, What schulen we ete? or, What schulen we drinke? or, With what thing schulen we be keuered? 32 For hethene men seken alle these thingis; and youre fadir woot, that ye han nede to alle these thingis. 33 Therfor seke ye first the kyngdom of God, and his riytfulnesse, and alle these thingis shulen be cast to you. 34 Therfor nyle ye be bisy in to the morew, for the morew shal be bisi to `hym silf; for it suffisith to the dai his owen malice.

James 4:13-17

13 And who art thou, that demest thi neiybore? Lo! now ye, that seien, To dai ethir to morewe we schulen go in to thilke citee, and there we schulen dwelle a yeer, and we schulen make marchaundise, and we schulen make wynning; 14 whiche witen not, what is to you in the morewe. 15 For what is youre lijf? A smoke apperinge at a litil, and aftirward it schal be wastid. Therfor that ye seie, If the Lord wole, and if we liuen, we schulen do this thing, ether that thing. 16 And now ye maken ful out ioye in youre pridis; euery siche ioye is wickyd. 17 Therfor it is synne to hym, that kan do good, and doith not.

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