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Genesis 2:7

7 Therfor the Lord God formede man of the sliym of erthe, and brethide in to his face the brething of lijf; and man was maad in to a lyuynge soule.

Matthew 28:20

20 techynge hem to kepe alle thingis, what euer thingis Y haue comaundid to you; and lo! Y am with you in alle daies, in to the ende of the world.

Acts 2:1-47

1 And whanne the daies of Pentecost weren fillid, alle the disciplis weren togidre in the same place. 2 And sodeynli ther was maad a sown fro heuene, as of a greet wynde comynge, and it fillide al the hous where thei saten. 3 And diuerse tungis as fier apperiden to hem, and it sat on ech of hem. 4 And alle weren fillid with the Hooli Goost, and thei bigunnen to speke diuerse langagis, as the Hooli Goost yaf to hem for to speke. 5 And ther weren in Jerusalem dwellinge Jewis, religiouse men, of ech nacioun that is vndur heuene. 6 And whanne this vois was maad, the multitude cam togidere, and thei weren astonyed in thouyt, for ech man herde hem spekinge in his langage. 7 And alle weren astonyed, and wondriden, and seiden togidere, Whether not alle these that speken ben men of Galyle, 8 and hou herden we ech man his langage in which we ben borun? 9 Parthi, and Medi, and Elamyte, and thei that dwellen at Mesopotami, Judee, and Capodosie, and Ponte, 10 and Asie, Frigie, and Pamfilie, Egipt, and the parties of Libie, that is aboue Sirenen, and `comelingis Romayns, and Jewis, 11 and proselitis, men of Crete, and of Arabie, we han herd hem spekynge in oure langagis the grete thingis of God. 12 And alle weren astonyed, and wondriden, `and seiden togidere, What wole this thing be? 13 And othere scorneden, and seiden, For these men ben ful of must. 14 But Petre stood with the enleuene, and reiside vp his vois, and spak to hem, Ye Jewis, and alle that dwellen at Jerusalem, be this knowun to you, and with eris perseyue ye my wordis. 15 For not as ye wenen, these ben dronkun, whanne it is the thridde our of the dai; 16 but this it is, that was seid bi the prophete Johel, 17 And it schal be in the laste daies, the Lord seith, Y schal helde out my spirit on ech fleisch; and youre sones and youre douytris schulen prophesie, and youre yonge men schulen se visiouns, and youre eldris schulen dreme sweuenes. 18 And on my seruauntis and myn handmaidens in tho daies Y schal schede out of my spirit, and thei schulen prophecie. 19 And Y schal yyue grete wondris in heuene aboue, and signes in erthe bynethe, blood, and fier, and heete of smoke. 20 The sunne schal be turned in to derknessis, and the moone in to blood, bifor that the greet and the opyn dai of the Lord come. 21 And it schal be, ech man which euere schal clepe to help the name of the Lord, schal be saaf. 22 Ye men of Israel, here ye these wordis. Jhesu of Nazareth, a man preued of God bifor you bi vertues, and wondris, and tokenes, which God dide bi hym in the myddil of you, 23 as ye witen, ye turmentiden, and killiden hym bi the hoondis of wyckid men, bi counseil determyned and bitakun bi the forknouwyng of God. 24 Whom God reiside, whanne sorewis of helle weren vnboundun, bi that that it was impossible that he were holdun of it. 25 For Dauid seith of hym, Y saiy afer the Lord bifore me euermore, for he is on my riythalf, that Y be not mouyd. 26 For this thing myn herte ioiede, and my tunge made ful out ioye, and more ouere my fleisch schal reste in hope. 27 For thou schalt not leeue my soule in helle, nethir thou schalt yiue thin hooli to se corrupcioun. 28 Thou hast maad knowun to me the weies of lijf, thou schalt fille me in myrthe with thi face. 29 Britheren, be it leueful boldli to seie to you of the patriark Dauid, for he is deed and biried, and his sepulcre is among vs in to this dai. 30 Therfore whanne he was a prophete, and wiste, that with a greet ooth God hadde sworn to hym, that of the fruyt of his leende schulde oon sitte on his seete, 31 he seynge afer spak of the resurreccioun of Crist, for nether he was left in helle, nether his fleisch saiy corrupcioun. 32 God reiside this Jhesu, to whom we alle ben witnessis. 33 Therfor he was enhaunsid bi the riythoond of God, and thorouy the biheest of the Hooli Goost that he took of the fadir, he schedde out this spirit, that ye seen and heren. 34 For Dauid stiede not in to heuene; but he seith, The Lord seide to my Lord, 35 Sitte thou on my riyt half, til Y putte thin enemyes a stool of thi feet. 36 Therfor moost certeynli wite al the hous of Israel, that God made hym bothe Lord and Crist, this Jhesu, whom ye crucefieden. 37 Whanne thei herden these thingis, thei weren compunct in herte; and thei seiden to Petre and othere apostlis, Britheren, what schulen we do? 38 And Petre seide to hem, Do ye penaunce, and eche of you be baptisid in the name of Jhesu Crist, in to remissioun of youre synnes; and ye schulen take the yifte of the Hooli Goost. 39 For the biheest is to you, and to youre sones, and to alle that ben fer, which euer oure Lord God hath clepid. 40 Also with othere wordis ful many he witnesside to hem, and monestide hem, and seide, Be ye sauyd fro this schrewid generacioun. 41 Thanne thei that resseyueden his word weren baptisid, and in that dai soulis weren encreesid, aboute thre thousinde; 42 and weren lastynge stabli in the teching of the apostlis, and in comynyng of the breking of breed, in preieris. 43 And drede was maad to ech man. And many wondris and signes weren don bi the apostlis in Jerusalem, and greet drede was in alle. 44 And alle that bileueden weren togidre, and hadden alle thingis comyn. 45 Thei selden possessiouns and catel, and departiden tho thingis to alle men, as it was nede to ech. 46 And ech dai thei dwelliden stabli with o wille in the temple, and braken breed aboute housis, and token mete with ful out ioye and symplenesse of herte, 47 and herieden togidere God, and hadden grace to al the folk. And the Lord encreside hem that weren maad saaf, ech dai in to the same thing.

2 Corinthians 4:17

17 But that liyt thing of oure tribulacioun that lastith now, but as it were by a moment, worchith in vs ouer mesure an euerlastynge birthin in to the heiynesse of glorie;

John 1:1-51

1 In the bigynnyng was the word, and the word was at God, and God was the word. 2 This was in the bigynnyng at God. 3 Alle thingis weren maad bi hym, and withouten hym was maad no thing, that thing that was maad. 4 In hym was lijf, and the lijf was the liyt of men; and the liyt schyneth in derknessis, 5 and derknessis comprehendiden not it. 6 A man was sent fro God, to whom the name was Joon. 7 This man cam in to witnessyng, that he schulde bere witnessing of the liyt, that alle men schulden bileue bi hym. 8 He was not the liyt, but that he schulde bere witnessing of the liyt. 9 There was a very liyt, which liytneth ech man that cometh in to this world. 10 He was in the world, and the world was maad bi hym, and the world knew hym not. 11 He cam in to his owne thingis, and hise resseyueden hym not. 12 But hou many euer resseyueden hym, he yaf to hem power to be maad the sones of God, to hem that bileueden in his name; the whiche not of bloodis, 13 nether of the wille of fleische, nether of the wille of man, but ben borun of God. 14 And the word was maad man, and dwellyde among vs, and we han seyn the glorie of hym, as the glorie of the `oon bigetun sone of the fadir, ful of grace and of treuthe. 15 Joon berith witnessyng of hym, and crieth, and seith, This is, whom Y seide, He that schal come aftir me, is maad bifore me, for he was tofor me; 16 and of the plente of hym we alle han takun, and grace for grace. 17 For the lawe was youun bi Moises; but grace and treuthe `is maad bi Jhesu Crist. 18 No man sai euer God, no but the `oon bigetun sone, that is in the bosum of the fadir, he hath teld out. 19 And this is the witnessyng of Joon, whanne Jewis senten fro Jerusalem prestis and dekenes to hym, that thei schulden axe hym, Who art thou? 20 He knoulechide, and denyede not, and he knoulechide, For Y am not Crist. 21 And thei axiden hym, What thanne? Art thou Elie? And he seide, Y am not. Art thou a profete? And he answeride, Nay. 22 Therfor thei seiden to hym, Who art thou? that we yyue an answere to these that senten vs. What seist thou of thi silf? 23 He seide, Y am a vois of a crier in deseert, Dresse ye the weie of the Lord, as Ysaie, the prophete, seide. 24 And thei that weren sent, weren of the Fariseis. 25 And thei axiden hym, and seiden to hym, What thanne baptisist thou, if thou art not Crist, nether Elie, nether a profete? 26 Joon answeride to hem, and seide, Y baptise in watir, but in the myddil of you hath stonde oon, that ye knowen not; 27 he it is, that schal come aftir me, that was maad bifor me, of whom Y am not worthi to louse the thwong of his schoo. 28 These thingis weren don in Bethanye biyende Jordan, where Joon was baptisyng. 29 Anothir day Joon say Jhesu comynge to hym, and he seide, Lo! the lomb of God; lo! he that doith awei the synnes of the world. 30 This is he, that Y seide of, Aftir me is comun a man, which was maad bifor me; for he was rather than Y. 31 And Y knew hym not, but that he be schewid in Israel, therfor Y cam baptisynge in watir. 32 And Joon bar witnessyng, and seide, That Y saiy the spirit comynge doun as a culuer fro heuene, and dwellide on hym. 33 And Y knew hym not; but he that sente me to baptise in watir, seide to me, On whom thou seest the Spirit comynge doun, and dwellynge on hym, this is he, that baptisith in the Hooli Goost. 34 And Y say, and bar witnessyng, that this is the sone of God. 35 Anothir dai Joon stood, and tweyne of hise disciplis; 36 and he biheeld Jhesu walkinge, and seith, Lo! the lomb of God. 37 And twei disciplis herden hym spekynge, 38 and folewiden Jhesu. And Jhesu turnede, and say hem suynge hym, and seith to hem, What seken ye? And thei seiden to hym, Rabi, that is to seie, Maistir, where dwellist thou? 39 And he seith to hem, Come ye, and se. And thei camen, and sayn where he dwellide; and dwelten with hym that dai. And it was as the tenthe our. 40 And Andrewe, the brother of Symount Petir, was oon of the tweyne, that herden of Joon, and hadden sued hym. 41 This foond first his brother Symount, and he seide to him, We han foundun Messias, that is to seie, Crist; and he ledde him to Jhesu. 42 And Jhesus bihelde hym, and seide, Thou art Symount, the sone of Johanna; thou schalt be clepid Cefas, that is to seie, Petre. 43 And on the morewe he wolde go out in to Galilee, and he foond Filip; and he seith to hym, Sue thou me. 44 Filip was of Bethsaida, the citee of Andrew and of Petre. 45 Filip foond Nathanael, and seide to hym, We han foundun Jhesu, the sone of Joseph, of Nazareth, whom Moyses wroot in the lawe and profetis. 46 And Nathanael seide to hym, Of Nazareth may sum good thing be? 47 Filip seide to hym, Come, and se. Jhesus siy Nathanael comynge to hym, and seide to hym, Lo! verili a man of Israel, in whom is no gile. 48 Nathanael seide to hym, Wherof hast thou knowun me? Jhesus `answerde, and seide to hym, Bifor that Filip clepide thee, whanne thou were vndur the fige tree, Y saiy thee. Nathanael answerde to hym, 49 `and seide, Rabi, thou art the sone of God, thou art kyng of Israel. 50 Jhesus answerde, and seide to hym, For Y seide to thee, Y sawy thee vndur the fige tre, thou bileuest; thou schalt se more than these thingis. 51 And he seide to hem, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, ye schulen se heuene opened, and the aungels of God stiynge vp and comynge doun on mannys sone.

Isaiah 26:3-4

3 The elde errour is gon awei; thou schalt kepe pees, pees, for thou, Lord, we hopiden in thee. 4 Ye han hopid in the Lord, in euerlastynge worldis, in the Lord God, strong with outen ende.

Psalms 82:6

6 For thei thouyten with oon acord;

Mark 11:23

23 treuli Y seie to you, that who euer seith to this hil, Be thou takun, and cast in to the see; and doute not in his herte, but bileueth, that what euer he seie, schal be don, it schal be don to hym.

John 14:6

6 Jhesus seith to hym, Y am weie, treuthe, and lijf; no man cometh to the fadir, but bi me.

John 1:1

1 In the bigynnyng was the word, and the word was at God, and God was the word.

2 Timothy 2:15

15 Bisili kepe to yyue thi silf a preued preisable werkman to God, with oute schame, riytli tretinge the word of treuthe.

Ezekiel 37:1-10

1 The hond of the Lord was maad on me, and ledde me out in the spirit of the Lord; and he lefte me in the myddis of a feeld that was ful of boonys; 2 and he ledde me aboute bi tho in cumpas. Forsothe tho weren ful manye on the face of the feeld, and drie greetli. 3 And he seide to me, Gessist thou, sone of man, whether these boonys schulen lyue? And Y seide, Lord God, thou wost. 4 And he seide to me, Profesie thou of these boonys; and thou schalt seie to tho, Ye drie boonys, here the word of the Lord. 5 The Lord God seith these thingis to these boonys, Lo! Y schal sende in to you a spirit, and ye schulen lyue. 6 And Y schal yyue synewis on you, and Y schal make fleischis to wexe on you, and Y schal stretche forth aboue a skyn in you, and Y schal yyue a spirit to you, and ye schulen lyue; and ye schulen wite, that Y am the Lord. 7 And Y profesiede, as he comaundide to me; forsothe a sown was maad, while Y profesiede, and lo! a stiryng togidere, and boonys camen to boonys, ech to his ioynture. 8 And Y siy and lo! synewis and fleischis `wexeden vpon tho, and skyn was stretchid forth aboue in hem, and tho hadden no spirit. 9 And he seide to me, Profesie thou to the spirit, profesie thou, sone of man; and thou schalt seie to the spirit, The Lord God seith these thingis, Come, thou spirit, fro foure wyndis, and blowe thou on these slayn men, and lyue thei ayen. 10 And Y profesiede, as he comaundide to me; and the spirit entride in to tho boonys, and thei lyueden, and stoden on her feet, a ful greet oost.

John 1:14

14 And the word was maad man, and dwellyde among vs, and we han seyn the glorie of hym, as the glorie of the `oon bigetun sone of the fadir, ful of grace and of treuthe.

Ezekiel 12:25

25 for Y the Lord schal speke what euer word Y schal speke, and it schal be don; it schal no more be delaied, but in youre daies, ye hous terrynge to wraththe, Y schal speke a word, and Y schal do that word, seith the Lord God.

1 Corinthians 1:28

28 and God chees the feble thingis of the world, to confounde the stronge thingis; and God chees the vnnoble thingis `and dispisable thingis of the world, and tho thingis that ben not, to distruye tho thingis that ben;

Hebrews 11:1-10

1 But feith is the substaunce of thingis that ben to be hopid, and an argument of thingis not apperynge. 2 And in this feith elde men han gete witnessyng. 3 Bi feith we vndurstonden that the worldis weren maad bi Goddis word, that visible thingis weren maad of vnuysible thingis. 4 Bi feith Abel offride a myche more sacrifice than Caym to God, bi which he gat witnessyng to be iust, for God bar witnessyng to hise yiftis; and bi that feith he deed spekith yit. 5 Bi feith Ennok was translatid, that he schulde not se deth; and he was not foundun, for the Lord translatide him. For bifore translacioun he hadde witnessing that he pleside God. 6 And it is impossible to plese God without feith. For it bihoueth that a man comynge to God, bileue that he is, and that he is rewardere to men that seken hym. 7 Bi feith Noe dredde, thorouy answere takun of these thingis that yit weren not seyn, and schapide a schip in to the helthe of his hous; bi which he dampnede the world, and is ordeyned eir of riytwisnesse, which is bi feith. 8 By feith he that is clepid Abraham, obeiede to go out in to a place, whiche he schulde take in to eritage; and he wente out, not witinge whidur he schulde go. 9 Bi feith he dwelte in the loond of biheest, as in an alien loond, dwellynge in litle housis with Ysaac and Jacob, euene heiris of the same biheest. 10 For he abood a citee hauynge foundementis, whos crafti man and maker is God.

Romans 10:17

17 Therfor feith is of heryng, but heryng bi the word of Crist.

Joshua 1:8

8 The book of this lawe departe not fro thi mouth, but thou schalt thenke therynne in daies and nyytis, that thou kepe and do alle thingis that ben writun therynne; thanne thou schalt dresse thi weie, and schalt vndirstonde it.

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the bigynnyng God made of nouyt heuene and erthe. 2 Forsothe the erthe was idel and voide, and derknessis weren on the face of depthe; and the Spiryt of the Lord was borun on the watris. 3 And God seide, Liyt be maad, and liyt was maad. 4 And God seiy the liyt, that it was good, and he departide the liyt fro derknessis; and he clepide the liyt, 5 dai, and the derknessis, nyyt. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, o daie. 6 And God seide, The firmament be maad in the myddis of watris, and departe watris fro watris. 7 And God made the firmament, and departide the watris that weren vndur the firmament fro these watris that weren on the firmament; and it was don so. 8 And God clepide the firmament, heuene. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the secounde dai. 9 Forsothe God seide, The watris, that ben vndur heuene, be gaderid in to o place, and a drie place appere; and it was doon so. 10 And God clepide the drie place, erthe; and he clepide the gadryngis togidere of watris, the sees. And God seiy that it was good; 11 and seide, The erthe brynge forth greene eerbe and makynge seed, and appil tre makynge fruyt bi his kynde, whos seed be in it silf on erthe; and it was doon so. 12 And the erthe brouyte forth greene erbe and makynge seed bi his kynde, and a tre makynge fruyt, and ech hauynge seed by his kynde. And God seiy that it was good. 13 And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the thridde dai. 14 Forsothe God seide, Liytis be maad in the firmament of heuene, and departe tho the dai and niyt; and be tho in to signes, and tymes, and daies, and yeeris; 15 and shyne tho in the firmament of heuene, and liytne tho the erthe; and it was doon so. 16 And God made twei grete liytis, the gretter liyt that it schulde be bifore to the dai, and the lesse liyt that it schulde be bifore to the niyt; 17 and God made sterris; and settide tho in the firmament of heuene, that tho schulden schyne on erthe, 18 and that tho schulden be bifore to the dai and nyyt, and schulden departe liyt and derknesse. And God seiy that it was good. 19 And the euentid and the morwetid was maad, the fourthe dai. 20 Also God seide, The watris brynge forth a `crepynge beeste of lyuynge soule, and a brid fleynge aboue erthe vndur the firmament of heuene. 21 And God made of nouyt grete whallis, and ech lyuynge soule and mouable, whiche the watris han brouyt forth in to her kyndis; and God made of nouyt ech volatile bi his kynde. And God seiy that it was good; 22 and blesside hem, and seide, Wexe ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the watris of the see, and briddis be multiplied on erthe. 23 And the euentid and the morwetid was maad, the fyuethe dai. 24 And God seide, The erthe brynge forth a lyuynge soul in his kynde, werk beestis, and `crepynge beestis, and vnresonable beestis of erthe, bi her kyndis; and it was don so. 25 And God made vnresonable beestis of erthe bi her kyndes, and werk beestis, `and ech crepynge beeste of erthe in his kynde. And God seiy that it was good; and seide, 26 Make we man to oure ymage and liknesse, and be he souereyn to the fischis of the see, and to the volatilis of heuene, and to vnresonable beestis of erthe, and to ech creature, and to ech `crepynge beest, which is moued in erthe. 27 And God made of nouyt a man to his ymage and liknesse; God made of nouyt a man, to the ymage of God; God made of nouyt hem, male and female. 28 And God blesside hem, and seide, Encreesse ye, and be ye multiplied, and fille ye the erthe, and make ye it suget, and be ye lordis to fischis of the see, and to volatilis of heuene, and to alle lyuynge beestis that ben moued on erthe. 29 And God seide, Lo! Y haue youe to you ech eerbe berynge seed on erthe, and alle trees that han in hem silf the seed of her kynde, that tho be in to mete to you; 30 and to alle lyuynge beestis of erthe, and to ech brid of heuene, and to alle thingis that ben moued in erthe, and in whiche is a lyuynge soule, that tho haue to ete; and it was doon so. 31 And God seiy alle thingis whiche he made, and tho weren ful goode. And the euentid and morwetid was maad, the sixte day.

Romans 4:17

17 As it is writun, For Y haue set thee fadir of many folkis, bifor God to whom thou hast bileued. Which God quykeneth deed men, and clepith tho thingis that ben not, as tho that ben.

Matthew 12:34-36

34 Ye generacioun of eddris, hou moun ye speke goode thingis, whanne ye ben yuele? For the mouth spekith of plente of the herte. 35 A good man bryngith forth good thingis of good tresoure, and an yuel man bringith forth yuel thingis of yuel tresoure. 36 And Y seie to you, that of euery idel word, that men speken, thei schulen yelde resoun therof in the dai of doom;

2 Corinthians 4:18

18 while that we biholden not tho thingis that ben seyn, but tho that ben not seyn. For tho thingis that ben seyn, ben but durynge for a schort tyme; but tho thingis that ben not seyn, ben euerlastynge.

Isaiah 55:11

11 so schal be my word, that schal go out of my mouth. It schal not turne ayen voide to me, but it schal do what euer thingis Y wolde, and it schal haue prosperite in these thingis to whiche Y sente it.

Matthew 21:22

22 And alle thingis what euere ye bileuynge schulen axe in preyer, ye schulen take.

2 Corinthians 4:13

13 And we han the same spirit of feith, as it is writun, Y haue bileuyd, Y haue spoke; and we bileuen, wherfor also we speken;

Proverbs 18:21

21 Deth and lijf ben in the werkis of tunge; thei that louen it, schulen ete the fruytis therof.

Mark 11:22-24

22 And Jhesus answeride and seide to hem, Haue ye the feith of God; 23 treuli Y seie to you, that who euer seith to this hil, Be thou takun, and cast in to the see; and doute not in his herte, but bileueth, that what euer he seie, schal be don, it schal be don to hym. 24 Therfor Y seie to you, alle thingis what euer thingis ye preynge schulen axe, bileue ye that ye schulen take, and thei schulen come to you.

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