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John 13:1-38

1 Bifor the `feeste dai of pask Jhesus witynge, that his our is comun, that he passe fro this world to the fadir, whanne he hadde loued hise that weren in the world, in to the ende he louede hem. 2 And whanne the souper was maad, whanne the deuel hadde put than in to the herte, that Judas of Symount Scarioth schulde bitraye hym, 3 he witynge that the fadir yaf alle thingis to hym in to hise hoondis, and that he wente out fro God, 4 and goith to God, he risith fro the souper, and doith of hise clothis; and whanne he hadde takun a lynun cloth, he girde hym. 5 And aftirward he putte watir in to a basyn, and biganne to waische the disciplis feet, and to wipe with the lynnen cloth, with which he was gird. 6 And so he cam to Symount Petre, and Petre seith to hym, Lord, waischist thou my feet? 7 Jhesus answerde, and seide to hym, What Y do, thou wost not now; but thou schalt wite aftirward. 8 Petre seith to hym, Thou schalt neuere waische my feet. Jhesus answeride to hym, If Y schal not waische thee, thou schalt not haue part with me. 9 Symount Petre seith to hym, Lord, not oneli my feet, but bothe the hoondis and the heed. 10 Jhesus seide to hym, He that is waischun, hath no nede but that he waische the feet, but he is al clene; and ye ben clene, but not alle. 11 For he wiste, who `was he that schulde bitraye hym; therfor he seide, Ye ben not alle clene. 12 And so aftir that he hadde waischun `the feet of hem, he took hise clothis; and whanne he was set to mete ayen, eft he seide to hem, Ye witen what Y haue don to you. 13 Ye clepen me maistir and lord, and ye seien wel; for Y am. 14 Therfor if Y, lord and maistir, haue waischun youre feet, and ye schulen waische oon anothers feet; 15 for Y haue youun `ensaumple to you, `that as I haue do to you, so do ye. 16 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, the seruaunt is not grettere than his lord, nether an apostle is grettere than he that sente hym. 17 If ye witen these thingis, ye schulen be blessid, if ye doen hem. 18 Y seie not of `alle you, Y woot whiche Y haue chosun; but that the scripture be fulfillid, He that etith my breed, schal reise his heele ayens me. 19 Treuly, Y seie to you bifor it be don, that whanne it is don, ye bileue that Y am. 20 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, he that takith whom euere Y schal sende, resseyueth me; and he that resseyueth me, resseyueth hym that sente me. 21 Whanne Jhesus hadde seid these thingis, he was troblid in spirit, and witnesside, and seide, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, that oon of you schal bitraye me. 22 Therfor the disciplis lokiden togidere, doutynge of whom he seide. 23 And so oon of hise disciplis was restynge in the bosum of Jhesu, whom Jhesu louede. 24 Therfor Symount Petre bikeneth to hym, `and seith to hym, Who is it, of whom he seith? 25 And so whanne he hadde restid ayen on the brest of Jhesu, he seith to hym, Lord, who is it? 26 Jhesus answerde, He it is, to whom Y schal areche a sop of breed. And whanne he hadde wet breed, he yaf to Judas of Symount Scarioth. 27 And aftir the mussel, thanne Sathanas entride in to hym. And Jhesus seith to hym, That thing that thou doist, do thou swithe. 28 And noon of hem that saten at the mete wiste, wherto he seide to hym. 29 For summe gessiden, for Judas hadde pursis, that Jhesus hadde seid to hym, Bie thou tho thingis, that ben nedeful to vs to the feeste dai, or that he schulde yyue sum thing to nedi men. 30 Therfor whanne he hadde takun the mussel, he wente out anoon; and it was nyyt. 31 And whanne he was gon out, Jhesus seide, Now mannus sone is clarified, and God is clarified in hym. 32 If God is clarified in hym, God schal clarifie hym in hym silf, and anoon he schal clarifie hym. 33 Litle sones, yit a litil Y am with you; ye schulen seke me, and, as Y seide to the Jewis, Whidur Y go, ye moun not come; and to you Y seie now. 34 Y yyue to you a newe maundement, that ye loue togidir, as Y louede you, `and that ye loue togidir. 35 In this thing alle men schulen knowe, that ye ben my disciplis, if ye han loue togidere. 36 Symount Petre seith to hym, Lord, whidur goist thou? Jhesus answeride, Whidur Y go, thou mayst not sue me now, but thou schalt sue afterward. 37 Petre seith to hym, Whi may Y not sue thee now? Y schal putte my lijf for thee. 38 Jhesus answeride, Thou schalt putte thi lijf for me? Treuli, treuli, Y seie to thee, the cok schal not crowe, til thou schalt denye me thries. And he seith to hise disciplis.

2 Timothy 2:15

15 Bisili kepe to yyue thi silf a preued preisable werkman to God, with oute schame, riytli tretinge the word of treuthe.

Hebrews 4:15

15 For we han not a bischop, that may not haue compassioun on oure infirmytees, but was temptid bi alle thingis bi lycnesse, with oute synne.

Matthew 26:45-50

45 Thanne he cam to his disciplis, and seide to hem, Slepe ye now, and reste ye; loo! the our hath neiyed, and mannus sone schal be takun in to the hondis of synneris; 46 rise ye, go we; loo! he that schal take me, is nyy. 47 Yit the while he spak, lo! Judas, oon of the twelue, cam, and with hym a greet cumpeny, with swerdis and battis, sent fro the princis of prestis, and fro the eldre men of the puple. 48 And he that bitraiede hym, yaf to hem a tokene, and seide, Whom euer Y schal kisse, he it is; holde ye hym. 49 And anoon he cam to Jhesu, and seid, Haile, maister; 50 and he kisside hym. And Jhesus seide to hym, Freend, wherto art thou comun? Thanne thei camen niy, and leiden hoondis on Jhesu, and helden hym.

Mark 14:11

11 And thei herden, and ioyeden, and bihiyten to yyue hym money. And he souyt hou he schulde bitraye hym couenabli.

Judges 16:15

15 And Dalida seide to hym, Hou seist thou, that thou louest me, sithen thi soule is not with me? Bi thre tymes thou liedist to me, and noldist seie to me, wher ynne is thi moost strengthe.

Psalms 1:1-6

1 Blessid is the man, that yede not in the councel of wickid men; and stood not in the weie of synneris, and sat not in the chaier of pestilence. 2 But his wille is in the lawe of the Lord; and he schal bithenke in the lawe of hym dai and nyyt. 3 And he schal be as a tree, which is plauntid bisidis the rennyngis of watris; which tre schal yyue his fruyt in his tyme. And his leef schal not falle doun; and alle thingis which euere he schal do schulen haue prosperite. 4 Not so wickid men, not so; but thei ben as dust, which the wynd castith awei fro the face of erthe. 5 Therfor wickid men risen not ayen in doom; nethir synneres in the councel of iust men. 6 For the Lord knowith the weie of iust men; and the weie of wickid men schal perische.

Psalms 23:1-6

1 The title of the `thre and twentithe salm. The song of Dauid. The erthe and the fulnesse therof is `the Lordis; the world, and alle that dwellen therynne `is the Lordis. 2 For he foundide it on the sees; and made it redi on floodis. 3 Who schal stie in to the hil of the Lord; ethir who schal stonde in the hooli place of hym? 4 The innocent in hondis, and in cleene herte; whiche took not his soule in veyn, nether swoor in gile to his neiybore. 5 `This man schal take blessyng of the Lord; and mercy of God his helthe. 6 This is the generacioun of men sekynge hym; of men sekynge the face of God of Jacob.

Philippians 4:13

13 Y may alle thingis in hym that coumfortith me.

Luke 22:3-6

3 And Sathanas entride in to Judas, that was clepid Scarioth, oon of the twelue. 4 And he wente, and spak with the princis of preestis, and with the magistratis, hou he schulde bitray hym to hem. 5 And thei ioyeden, and maden couenaunt to yyue hym money. 6 And he bihiyte, and he souyte oportunyte, to bitraye hym, with outen puple.

John 13:21

21 Whanne Jhesus hadde seid these thingis, he was troblid in spirit, and witnesside, and seide, Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, that oon of you schal bitraye me.

Romans 3:23

23 For alle men synneden, and han nede to the glorie of God;

Matthew 7:12

12 Therfor alle thingis, what euere thingis ye wolen that men do to you, do ye to hem, for this is the lawe and the prophetis.

James 1:1-27

1 James, the seruaunt of God, and of oure Lord Jhesu Crist, to the twelue kinredis, that ben in scatering abrood, helthe. 2 My britheren, deme ye al ioye, whanne ye fallen in to diuerse temptaciouns, witynge, 3 that the preuyng of youre feith worchith pacience; 4 and pacience hath a perfit werk, that ye be perfit and hole, and faile in no thing. 5 And if ony of you nedith wisdom, axe he of God, which yyueth to alle men largeli, and vpbreidith not; and it schal be youun to hym. 6 But axe he in feith, and doute no thing; for he that doutith, is lijk to a wawe of the see, which is moued and borun a boute of wynde. 7 Therfor gesse not the ilke man, that he schal take ony thing of the Lord. 8 A man dowble in soule is vnstable in alle hise weies. 9 And a meke brother haue glorie in his enhaunsyng, 10 and a riche man in his lownesse; for as the flour of gras he schal passe. 11 The sunne roos vp with heete, and driede the gras, and the flour of it felde doun, and the fairnesse of his chere perischide; and so a riche man welewith in hise weies. 12 Blessid is the man, that suffrith temptacioun; for whanne he schal be preued, he schal resseyue the coroun of lijf, which God biheyte to men that louen hym. 13 No man whanne he is temptid, seie, that he is temptid of God; for whi God is not a temptere of yuele thingis, for he temptith no man. 14 But ech man is temptid, drawun and stirid of his owne coueiting. 15 Aftirward coueityng, whanne it hath conseyued, bringith forth synne; but synne, whanne it is fillid, gendrith deth. 16 Therfor, my most dereworthe britheren, nyle ye erre. 17 Ech good yifte, and ech perfit yifte is from aboue, and cometh doun fro the fadir of liytis, anentis whom is noon other chaungyng, ne ouerschadewyng of reward. 18 For wilfulli he bigat vs bi the word of treuthe, that we be a bigynnyng of his creature. 19 Wite ye, my britheren moost loued, be ech man swift to here, but slow to speke, and slow to wraththe; 20 for the wraththe of man worchith not the riytwisnesse of God. 21 For which thing caste ye awei al vnclennesse, and plentee of malice, and in myldenesse resseyue ye the word that is plauntid, that may saue youre soulis. 22 But be ye doeris of the word, and not hereris oneli, disseiuynge you silf. 23 For if ony man is an herere of the word, and not a doere, this schal be licned to a man that biholdith the cheer of his birthe in a mirour; 24 for he bihelde hym silf, and wente awei, and anoon he foryat which he was. 25 But he that biholdith in the lawe of perfit fredom, and dwellith in it, and is not maad a foryetful herere, but a doere of werk, this schal be blessid in his dede. 26 And if ony man gessith hym silf to be religiouse, and refreyneth not his tunge, but disseyueth his herte, the religioun of him is veyn. 27 A clene religioun, and an vnwemmed anentis God and the fadir, is this, to visite fadirles and modirles children, and widewis in her tribulacioun, and to kepe hym silf vndefoulid fro this world.

Mark 11:25

25 And whanne ye schulen stonde to preye, foryyue ye, if ye han ony thing ayens ony man, that youre fadir that is in heuenes, foryyue to you youre synnes.

Luke 22:48

48 And Jhesus seide to hym, Judas, `with a coss `thou bytrayest `mannys sone.

Genesis 12:3

3 Y schal blesse hem that blessen thee, and Y schal curse hem that cursen thee; and alle kynredis of erthe schulen be blessid in thee.

Matthew 24:10

10 And thanne many schulen be sclaundrid, and bitraye ech other, and thei schulen hate ech other.

Genesis 1:1-2

1 In the bigynnyng God made of nouyt heuene and erthe. 2 Forsothe the erthe was idel and voide, and derknessis weren on the face of depthe; and the Spiryt of the Lord was borun on the watris.

Ephesians 6:10-18

10 Her aftirward, britheren, be ye coumfortid in the Lord, and in the miyt of his vertu. 11 Clothe you with the armere of God, that ye moun stonde ayens aspiynges of the deuel. 12 For whi stryuyng is not to vs ayens fleisch and blood, but ayens princis and potestatis, ayens gouernours of the world of these derknessis, ayens spiritual thingis of wickidnesse, in heuenli thingis. 13 Therfor take ye the armere of God, that ye moun ayenstonde in the yuel dai; and in alle thingis stonde perfit. 14 Therfor stonde ye, and be gird aboute youre leendis in sothefastnesse, and clothid with the haburioun of riytwisnesse, 15 and youre feet schood in making redi of the gospel of pees. 16 In alle thingis take ye the scheld of feith, in which ye moun quenche alle the firy dartis of `the worste. 17 And take ye the helm of helthe, and the swerd of the Goost, that is, the word of God. 18 Bi al preier and bisechyng preie ye al tyme in spirit, and in hym wakinge in al bisynesse, and bisechyng for alle hooli men, and for me;

Matthew 6:14-15

14 Amen. For if ye foryyuen to men her synnes, youre heuenli fadir schal foryyue to you youre trespassis. 15 Sotheli if ye foryyuen not to men, nether youre fadir schal foryyue to you youre synnes.

Proverbs 19:5

5 A fals witnesse schal not be vnpunyschid; and he that spekith leesingis, schal not ascape.

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