Bible verses about "universe" | Tyndale

Romans 3:1-9:33

1 What preferment then hath the Iewe? other what a vauntageth circumcision? 2 Surely very moche. Fyrst vnto them was committed the worde of God 3 What then though some of them did not beleve? shall their vnbeleve make the promes of god with out effecte? 4 God forbid. Let god be true and all men lyars as it is written: That thou myghtest be iustifyed in thy sayinge and shuldest overcome when thou arte iudged. 5 Yf oure vnrightewesnes make the rightewesnes of God more excellent: what shall we saye? Is God vnrighteous which taketh vengeauce? I speake after the maner of me. 6 God forbid. For how then shall God iudge the worlde? 7 Yf the veritie of God appere moare excellent thorow my lye vnto his prayse why am I hence forth iudged as a synner? 8 and saye not rather (as men evyll speake of vs and as some affirme that we saye) let vs do evyll that good maye come therof. Whose damnacion is iuste. 9 What saye we then? Are we better then they? No in no wyse. For we have all ready proved how that both Iewes and Gentils are all vnder synne 10 as it is writte: There is none righteous no not one: 11 There is none that vnderstondith there is none yt seketh after God 12 they are all gone out of ye waye they are all made vnprofytable ther is none that doeth good no not one. 13 Their throte is an open sepulchre with their tounges they have disceaved: the poyson of Aspes is vnder their lippes. 14 Whose mouthes are full of coursynge and bitternes. 15 Their fete are swyfte to sheed bloud. 16 Destruccion and wretchednes are in their wayes. 17 And the waye of peace they have not knowen. 18 There is no feare of God before their eyes. 19 Ye and we knowe that whatsoever ye lawe sayth he sayth it to them which are vnder the lawe. That all mouthes maye be stopped and all the worlde be subdued to god 20 because that by ye dedes of the lawe shall no flesshe be iustified in the sight of God. For by the lawe commeth the knowledge of synne. 21 Now verely is ye rigtewesnes that cometh of God declared without the fulfillinge of ye lawe havinge witnes yet of ye lawe and of the Prophetes. 22 The rightewesnes no dout which is good before God cometh by ye fayth of Iesus Christ vnto all and vpon all that beleve.Ther is no differece: 23 for all have synned and lacke the prayse yt is of valoure before God: 24 but are iustified frely by his grace through the redemcion that is in Christ Iesu 25 whom God hath made a seate of mercy thorow faith in his bloud to shewe ye rightewesnes which before him is of valoure in yt he forgeveth ye synnes yt are passed which God dyd suffre 26 to shewe at this tyme ye rightewesnes yt is alowed of him yt he myght be couted iuste and a iustifiar of him which belevith on Iesus. 27 Where is then thy reioysinge? It is excluded. By what lawe? by ye lawe of workes? Naye: but by the lawe of fayth. 28 For we suppose that a man is iustified by fayth without the dedes of ye lawe. 29 Is he the God of the Iewes only? Is he not also the God of the Gentyls? Yes eve of the Gentyles also. 30 For it is God only which iustifieth circumcision which is of fayth and vncircumcision thorow fayth. 31 Do we then destroye the lawe thorow fayth? God forbid. But we rather mayntayne the lawe.

Romans 4:1-9:33

1 What shall we saye then that Abraham oure father as pertayninge to ye flesshe dyd finde? 2 If Abraham were iustified by dedes the hath he wherin to reioyce: but not with god. 3 For what sayth the scripture? Abraham beleved god and it was counted vnto him for rightewesnes. 4 To him that worketh is the rewarde not reckened of favour: but of duty. 5 To him that worketh not but beleveth on him that iustifieth the vngodly is his fayth counted for rightewesnes. 6 Even as David describeth the blessedfulnes of the man vnto whom god ascribeth rihgtewesnes without dedes. 7 Blessed are they whose vnrightewesnes are forgeven and whose synnes are covered. 8 Blessed is that ma to whom the Lorde imputeth not synne. 9 Came this blessednes then vpon the circumcised or vpon the vncircucised? We saye verely how that fayth was rekened to Abraham for rightewesnes. 10 How was it rekened? in the tyme of circumcision? or in the tyme before he was circumcised? Not in tyme of circucision: but when he was yet vncircumcised. 11 And he receaved the signe of circumcision as a seale of yt rightewesnes which is by fayth which fayth he had yet beynge vncircucised: that he shuld be the father of all them that beleve though they be not circumcised that rightewesnes myght be imputed to them also: 12 and that he myght be the father of the circumcised not because they are circumcised only: but because they walke also in the steppes of that fayth yt was in oure father Abraham before the tyme of circumcision. 13 For the promes that he shuld be the heyre of the worlde was not geven to Abraha or to his seed thorow the lawe: but thorow ye rightewesnes which cometh of fayth. 14 For yf they which are of the lawe be heyres then is fayth but vayne and the promes of none effecte. 15 Because the lawe causeth wrathe. For where no lawe is there is no trasgression. 16 Therfore by fayth is the inheritauce geven that it myght come of faveour: and the promes myght be sure to all the seed. Not to them only which are of the lawe: but also to them which are of the fayth of Abraham which is the father of vs all. 17 As it is wrytten: I have made the a father to many nacions even before god whom thou hast beleved which quyckeneth the deed and called those thinges which be not as though they were. 18 Which Abraham contrary to hope beleved in hope that he shuld be the father of many nacions accordynge to that which was spoken: 19 So shall thy seed be. And he faynted not in the fayth nor yet consydered hys awne body which was now deed even when he was almost an hondred yeare olde: nether yet that Sara was past chyldeberinge. 20 He stackered not at the promes of God thorow vnbelefe: but was made stronge in the fayth and gave honour to God 21 full certifyed that what he had promised that he was able to make good. 22 And therfore was it reckened to him for rightewesnes. 23 It is not written for him only that it was reckened to him for rightewesnes: 24 but also for vs to whom it shalbe counted for rightewesnes so we beleve on him that raysed vp Iesus oure Lorde from deeth. 25 Which was delivered for oure synnes and rose agayne forto iustifie vs.

Romans 5:1-9:33

1 Because therfore that we are iustified by fayth we are at peace with god thorow oure Lorde Iesue Christ: 2 by who we have awaye in thorow fayth vnto this grace wherin we stonde aud reioyce in hope of the prayse that shalbe geven of God. 3 Nether do we so only: but also we reioyce in tribulacion. For we know that tribulacion bringeth pacience 4 pacience bringeth experience experience bringeth hope. 5 And hope maketh not ashamed for the love of God is sheed abrod in oure hertes by the holy goost which is geven vnto vs. 6 For when we were yet weake accordynge to ye tyme: Christ dyed for vs which were vngodly. 7 Yet scace will eny man dye for a rightewes man. Paraventure for a good ma durst a man dye. 8 But God setteth out his love that he hath to vs seinge that whyll we were yet synners Christ dyed for vs. 9 Moche more then now (seynge we are iustifyed in his bloud) shall we be saved from wrath thorow him. 10 For yf when we were enemyes we were reconciled to God by the deeth of his sonne: moche more seinge we are reconciled we shal be preservid by his lyfe. 11 Not only so but we also ioye in God by the meanes of oure Lorde Iesus Christ by whom we have receavyd the attonment. 12 Wherfore as by one ma synne entred into the worlde and deeth by the meanes of synne. And so deeth went over all men in somoche that all men synned. 13 For even vnto the tyme of the lawe was synne in the worlde: but synne was not regarded as longe as ther was no lawe: 14 neverthelesse deeth rayned fro Adam to Moses eve over them also that synned not wt lyke transgression as dyd Adam: which is ye similitude of him that is to come. 15 But the gyfte is not lyke as the synne. For yf thorow the synne of one many be deed: moche more plenteous vpon many was the grace of God and gyfte by grace: which grace was geven by one man Iesus Christ. 16 And ye gifte is not over one synne as deeth cam thorow one synne of one yt synned. For damnacion cam of one synne vnto condemnacion: but the gyft cam to iustify fro many synnes. 17 For yf by the synne of one deeth raigned by the meanes of one moche more shall they which receave aboundance of grace and of the gyfte of rightewesnes raygne in lyfe by the meanes of one (that is to saye) Iesus Christ. 18 Lykewyse then as by the synne of one condemnacion cam on all men: eve so by the iustifyinge of one cometh the rightewesnes that bringeth lyfe vpo all men. 19 For as by one manes disobediece many be cam synners: so by ye obediece of one shall many be made righteous. 20 But ye lawe in the meane tyme entred in yt synne shuld encreace. Neverthelater where aboundaunce of synne was there was more plenteousnes of grace. 21 That as synne had raigned vnto deeth even so might grace raygne thorow rightewesnes vnto eternall lyfe by the helpe of Iesu Christ.

Romans 6:1-9:33

1 What shall we saye then? Shall we continue in synne that there maye be aboundaunce of grace? 2 God forbyd. How shall we that are deed as touchynge synne live eny lenger therin? 3 Remember ye not that all we which are baptysed in the name of Iesu Christ are baptysed to dye with him? 4 We are buryed with him by baptim for to dye that lykewyse as Christ was raysed vp from deeth by the glorye of the father: eve so we also shuld walke in a newe lyfe. 5 For yf we be graft in deeth lyke vnto him: even so must we be in the resurreccio. 6 This we must remeber that oure olde man is crucified with him also that the body of synne myght vtterly be destroyed that hence forth we shuld not be servauntes of synne. 7 For he that is deed ys iustified from synne. 8 Wherfore yf we be deed with Christ we beleve that we shall live with him: 9 remembringe that Christ once raysed fro deeth dyeth no more. Deeth hath no moare power over him. 10 For as touchynge that he dyed he dyed concernynge synne once. And as touchinge that he liveth he liveth vnto God. 11 Lykewyse ymagen ye also that ye are deed concernynge synne: but are alive vnto God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde. 12 Let not synne raygne therfore in youre mortall bodyes that ye shuld thervnto obey in the lustes of it. 13 Nether geve ye youre members as instrumentes of vnrightewesnes vnto synne: but geve youre selves vnto God as they that are alive from deeth. And geve youre membres as iustrumetes of rightewesnes vnto God. 14 Let not synne have power over you. For ye are not vnder the lawe but vnder grace. 15 What then? Shall we synne because we are not vnder the lawe: but vnder grace? God forbyd. 16 Remember ye not how yt to whom soever ye comit youre selves as servautes to obey his servauntes ye are to whom ye obey: whether it be of synne vnto deeth or of obedience vnto rightewesnes? 17 God be thanked yt though ye were once the servauntes of synne ye have yet obeyed with herte vnto the forme of doctryne wher vnto ye were delyvered. 18 Ye are then made fre from synne and are be come the servauntes of rightewesnes. 19 I will speake grossly because of the infirmitie of youre flesshe. As ye have geve youre membres servauntes to vnclennes and to iniquitie fro iniquitie vnto iniquitie: even so nowe geve youre membres servantes vnto rightewesnes yt ye maye be sanctified. 20 For when ye were the servauntes of synne ye were not vnder rightewesnes. 21 What frute had ye then in tho thinges wher of ye are now ashamed. For the ende of tho thynges is deeth. 22 But now are ye delivered from synne and made the servauntes of God and have youre frute that ye shuld be sanctifyed and the ende everlastinge lyfe. 23 For the rewarde of synne is deeth: but eternall lyfe is the gyfte of God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde.

Romans 7:1-9:33

1 Remember ye not brethren (I speake to them yt know the lawe) how that the lawe hath power over a man as longe as it endureth? 2 For the woman which is in subieccion to a man is bounde by the lawe to the man as longe as he liveth. Yf the man be deed she is lowsed from the lawe of the man. 3 So then yf whill the man liveth she couple her selfe with another man she shalbe counted a wedlocke breaker. But yf the man be deed she is fre fro the lawe: so that she is no wedlocke breaker though she couple her selfe with another man. 4 Even so ye my brethren are deed concerninge the lawe by the body of Christ yt ye shuld be coupled to another (I meane to him that is rysen agayne fro deeth) that we shuld bringe forth frute vnto God. 5 For when we were in the flesshe the lustes of synne which were stered vppe by ye lawe raygned in oure membres to bringe forth frute vnto deeth. 6 But now are we delivered fro the lawe and deed fro that whervnto we werein bondage that we shuld serve in a newe conversacion of ye sprete and not in ye olde conversacion of the letter. 7 What shall we saye then? is ye lawe synne? God forbid: but I knewe not what synne meant but by the lawe. For I had not knowne what lust had meant excepte the lawe had sayde thou shalt not lust. 8 But synne toke an occasion by the meanes of the commaundement and wrought in me all manner of concupiscece. For with out the lawe synne was deed. 9 I once lived with out lawe. But when the commaundement came synne revyved and I was deed. 10 And the very same comaundement which was ordeyned vnto lyfe was founde to be vnto me an occasion of deeth. 11 For synne toke occasion by the meanes of the comaundement and so disceaved me and by the selfe commaundement slewe we. 12 Wherfore the lawe is holy and the commaundement holy iust and good. 13 Was that then which is good made deeth vnto me? God forbyd. Naye synne was deeth vnto me that it myght appere how that synne by the meanes of that which is good had wrought deeth in me: that synne which is vnder the commandemet myght be out of measure synfull. 14 For we knowe that the lawe is spirituall: but I am carnall solde vnder synne 15 because I wote not what I doo. For what I wold that do I not: but what I hate that do I. 16 Yf I do now that which I wolde not I graute to the lawe that it is good. 17 So then nowe it is not I that do it but synne that dwelleth in me. 18 For I knowe that in me (that is to saye in my flesshe) dwelleth no good thinge. To will is present with me: but I fynde no meanes to performe that which is good. 19 For I doo not yt good thinge which I wold: but that evill do I which I wolde not. 20 Finally yf I do that I wolde not then is it not I that doo it but synne that dwelleth in me doeth it. 21 I fynde then by the lawe that when I wolde do good evyll is present with me. 22 I delite in the lawe of God concerninge the inner man. 23 But I se another lawe in my membres rebellinge agaynst the lawe of my mynde and subduynge me vnto the lawe of synne which is in my membres. 24 O wretched man yt I am: who shall delyver me fro this body of deeth? 25 I thanke God thorow Iesus Christ oure Lorde. So then I my silfe in my mynde serve the lawe of God and in my flesshe the lawe of synne.

Romans 8:1-9:33

1 Ther is then no damnacion to them which are in Christ Iesu which walke not after ye flesshe: but after ye sprete. 2 For the lawe of the sprete yt bringeth life thorowe Iesus Christ hath delivered me fro the lawe of synne and deeth. 3 For what the lawe coulde not doo in as moche it was weake because of the flesshe: that performed God and sent his sonne in the similitude of synfull flesshe and by synne daned synne in ye flesshe: 4 that the rightewesnes requyred of the lawe myght be fulfilled in vs which walke not after the flesshe but after the sprete. 5 For they that are carnall are carnally mynded. But they that are spirituall are gostly mynded. 6 To be carnally mynded is deeth. But to be spiritually mynded is lyfe and peace. 7 Because that the flesshly mynde is emnyte agaynst God: for it is not obedient to the lawe of God nether can be. 8 So then they yt are geven to the flesshe canot please God. 9 But ye are not geven to the flesshe but to the sprete: yf so be that ye sprite of God dwell in you. If ther be eny man yt hath not ye sprite of Christ ye same is none of his. 10 Yf Christ be in you the body is deed because of synne: but the sprite is lyfe for rightewesnes sake. 11 Wherfore if the sprite of him that raysed vppe Iesus fro deeth dwell in you: even he that raysed vp Christ from deeth shall quycken youre mortall bodyes because that this sprite dwelleth in you. 12 Therfore brethren we are nowe detters not to the flesshe to live after the flesshe. 13 For if ye live after the flesshe ye must dye. But yf ye mortifie the dedes of the body by the helpe of the sprite ye shall lyve. 14 For as many as are led by the sprete of God: they are the sonnes of god. 15 For ye have no receaved the sprete of bondage to feare eny moare but ye have receaved the sprite of adopcion wherby we crye Abba father. 16 The same sprete certifieth oure sprete yt we are the sonnes of God. 17 Yf we be sonnes we are also heyres the heyres I meane of God and heyres anexed with Christ: if so be that we suffer togedder that we maye be glorified to gedder. 18 For I suppose that the affliccions of this lyfe are not worthy of the glory which shalbe shewed vpon vs. 19 Also the fervent desyre of the creatures abideth lokynge when the sonnes of God shall appere 20 because the creatures are subdued to vanyte agaynst their will: but for his will which subdueth them in hope. 21 For ye very creatures shalbe delivered from the bondage of corrupcion into the glorious lybertie of the sonnes of God. 22 For we knowe that every creature groneth with vs also and travayleth in payne even vnto this tyme. 23 Not they only but even we also which have the fyrst frutes of the sprite morne in oureselves and wayte for the (adopcio) and loke for the delivraunce of oure bodyes. 24 For we are savyd by hope. But hope that is sene is no hope. For how can a ma hope for that which he seyth? 25 But and yf we hope for that we se not then do we with pacience abyde for it. 26 Lyke wyse ye sprite also helpeth oure infirmities. For we knowe not what to desyre as we ought: but the sprete maketh intercession mightely for vs with gronynges which canot be expressid with tonge. 27 And he that searcheth the hertes knoweth what is ye meaninge of the sprite: for he maketh intercession for the sayntes accordinge to ye pleasure of god. 28 For we knowe that all thinges worke for the best vnto them yt love God which also are called of purpose. 29 For those which he knewe before he also ordeyned before yt they shuld be lyke fassioned vnto the shape of his sonne that he myght be ye fyrst begotten sonne amoge many brethren. 30 Morover which he apoynted before them he also called. And which he called them also he iustified which he iustified them he also glorified. 31 What shall we then saye vnto these thinges? yf god be on oure syde: who can be agaynst vs? 32 which spared not his awne sonne but gave him for vs all: how shall he not wt him geve vs all thinges also? 33 Who shall laye eny thinge to ye charge of goddes chosen? it is god that iustifieth: 34 who then shall condempne? it is Christ which is deed ye rather which is rysen agayne which is also on the ryght honde of God and maketh intercession for vs. 35 Who shall seperate vs fro the love of god? shall tribulacion? or anguysshe? or persecucion? other honger? other nakednesse? other parell? other swearde? 36 As it is written: For thy sake are we kylled all daye longe and are counted as shepe apoynted to be slayne. 37 Neverthelesse in all these thinges we overcome strongly thorow his helpe that loved vs. 38 Ye and I am sure that nether deeth nether lyfe nether angels nor rule nether power nether thinges present nether thinges to come 39 nether heyth nether loweth nether eny other creature shalbe able to departe vs fro ye love of God shewed in Christ Iesu oure lorde.

Romans 9:1-33

1 I saye the trueth in Christ and lye not in that wherof my conscience beareth me witnes in the holy gost 2 that I have gret hevynes and continuall sorowe in my hert. 3 For I have wysshed my selfe to be cursed from Christ for my brethren and my kynsmen as pertayninge to the flesshe 4 which are the Israelites. To whom pertayneth the adopcion and the glorie and the covenauntes and the law that was geven and the service of God and the promyses: 5 whose also are the fathers and they of whome (as concernynge the flesshe) Christ came which is God over all thinges blessed for ever Amen. 6 I speake not these thinges as though the wordes of god had take none effecte. For they are not all Israelites which came of Israel: 7 nether are they all chyldren strayght waye because they are the seed of Abraham. But in Isaac shall thy seede be called: 8 that is to saye they which are the chyldren of the flesshe are not the chyldren of god. But the chyldren of promes are counted the seede. 9 For this is a worde of promes aboute this tyme will I come and Sara shall have a sonne. 10 Nether was it so wt her only: but also when Rebecca was with chylde by one I meane by oure father Isaac 11 yeer the chyldren were borne when they had nether done good nether bad: that the purpose of God which is by election myght stonde 12 it was sayde vnto her not by the reason of workes but by grace of ye caller: the elder shall serve the yonger. 13 As it is written: Iacob he loved but Esau he hated. 14 What shall we saye then? is there eny vnrightewesses with God? God forbyd. 15 For he sayth to Moses: I will shewe mercye to who I shewe mercy: and will have compassion on whom I have copassion. 16 So lieth it not then in a mans will or cunnynge but in ye mercye of god. 17 For the scripture sayth vnto Pharao: Even for this same purpose have I stered ye vp to shewe my power on ye and that my name myght be declared thorow out all the worlde. 18 So hath he mercye on whom he will and whom he will he maketh hearde herted. 19 Thou wilt saye then vnto me: why then blameth he vs yet? For who can resist his will? 20 But o man what arte thou which disputest with God? Shall the worke saye to the workeman: why hast thou made me on this fassion? 21 Hath not the potter power over the claye even of the same lompe to make one vessell vnto honoure and a nother vnto dishonoure? 22 Even so God willynge to shewe his wrath and to make his power knowen suffered with longe pacience the vessels of wrath ordeyned to damnacion 23 that he myght declare ye ryches of his glory on the vessels of mercye which he had prepayred vnto glorie: 24 that is to saye vs which he called not of the Iewes only but also of ye gentyls. 25 As he sayth in Osee: I will call them my people which were not my people: and her beloved which was not beloved. 26 And it shall come to passe in the place where it was sayd vnto them ye are not my people: that there shalbe called the chyldren of the lyvynge God. 27 But Esaias cryeth concernynge Israel though the nomber of the chyldren of Israel be as the sonde of the see yet shall a remnaut be saved. 28 He finyssheth the worde verely and maketh it short in ryghtwesses. For a short worde will god make on erth. 29 And as Esaias sayd before: Except the Lorde of sabaoth had left us seede we had bene made as Zodoma and had bene lykened to Gomorra. 30 What shall we saye then? We saye that the gentyls which followed not rightewesnes have overtaken rightewesnes: I meane the rightewesnes which cometh of fayth. 31 But Israel which folowed the lawe of rightewesnes coulde not attayne vnto ye lawe of rightewesnes. 32 And wherfore? Because they sought it not by fath: but as it were by the workes of the lawe. For they have stombled at the stomblynge stone. 33 As it is written: Beholde I put in Syon a stomblynge stone and a rocke which shall make men faule. And none yt beleve on him shalbe a shamed.

2 Peter 3:10

10 Neverthelesse ye daye of the lorde will come as a thefe in ye nyght in the which daye ye hevens shall perisshe with terrible noyes and the elemetes shall melt with heet and the erth with the workes that are therin shall burne.

Genesis 6:4

4 There were tirantes in the world in thos dayes. For after that the children of God had gone in vnto the doughters of men and had begotten them childern the same childern were the mightiest of the world and men of renowne

Genesis 1:14

14 Than sayd God: let there be lyghtes in ye firmament of heaven to devyde the daye fro the nyghte that they may be vnto sygnes seasons days and yeares.

Genesis 1:26

26 And God sayd: let vs make man in oure symilitude ad after oure lycknesse: that he may have rule over the fysh of the see and over the foules of the ayre and over catell and over all the erth and over all wormes that crepe on the erth.

Genesis 1:2

2 The erth was voyde and emptie ad darcknesse was vpon the depe and the spirite of god moved vpon the water

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the begynnynge God created heaven and erth. 2 The erth was voyde and emptie ad darcknesse was vpon the depe and the spirite of god moved vpon the water 3 Than God sayd: let there be lyghte and there was lyghte. 4 And God sawe the lyghte that it was good: and devyded the lyghte from the darcknesse 5 and called the lyghte daye and the darcknesse nyghte: and so of the evenynge and mornynge was made the fyrst daye 6 And God sayd: let there be a fyrmament betwene the waters ad let it devyde the waters a sonder. 7 Than God made the fyrmament and parted the waters which were vnder the fyrmament from the waters that were above the fyrmament: And it was so. 8 And God called the fyrmament heaven And so of the evenynge and morninge was made the seconde daye 9 And God sayd let the waters that are vnder heaven gather them selves vnto one place that the drye londe may appere: And it came so to passe. 10 And god called the drye lande the erth and the gatheringe togyther of waters called he the see. And God sawe that it was good 11 And God sayd: let the erth bringe forth herbe and grasse that sowe seed and frutefull trees that bere frute every one in his kynde havynge their seed in them selves vpon the erth. And it came so to passe: 12 And the erth brought forth herbe and grasse sowenge seed every one in his kynde and trees berynge frute and havynge their seed in the selves every one in his kynde. And God sawe that it was good: 13 and the of the evenynge and mornynge was made the thyrde daye. 14 Than sayd God: let there be lyghtes in ye firmament of heaven to devyde the daye fro the nyghte that they may be vnto sygnes seasons days and yeares. 15 And let them be lyghtes in the fyrmament of heave to shyne vpon the erth. and so it was. 16 And God made two great lyghtes A greater lyghte to rule the daye and a lesse lyghte to rule the nyghte and he made sterres also. 17 And God put them in the fyrmament of heaven to shyne vpon the erth 18 and to rule the daye and the nyghte ad to devyde the lyghte from darcknesse. And god sawe yt it was good: 19 and so of the evenynge ad mornynge was made the fourth daye. 20 And God sayd let the water bryng forth creatures that move and have lyfe and foules for to flee over the erth vnder the fyrmament of heaven. 21 And God created greate whalles and all maner of creatures that lyve and moue which the waters brought forth in their kindes ad all maner of federed foules in their kyndes. And God sawe that it was good: 22 and God blessed them saynge. Growe and multiplye ad fyll the waters of the sees and let the foules multiplye vpo the erth. 23 And so of the evenynge and morninge was made the fyfth daye. 24 And God sayd: leth the erth bring forth lyvynge creatures in thir kyndes: catell and wormes and beastes of the erth in their kyndes and so it came to passe. 25 And god made the beastes of the erth in their kyndes and catell in their kyndes ad all maner wormes of the erth in their kyndes: and God sawe that it was good. 26 And God sayd: let vs make man in oure symilitude ad after oure lycknesse: that he may have rule over the fysh of the see and over the foules of the ayre and over catell and over all the erth and over all wormes that crepe on the erth. 27 And God created man after hys lycknesse after the lycknesse of god created he him: male and female created he them. 28 And God blessed them and God sayd vnto them. Growe and multiplye and fyll the erth and subdue it and have domynyon over the fysh of the see and over the foules of the ayre and over all the beastes that move on the erth. 29 And God sayd: se I have geven yow all herbes that sowe seed which are on all the erth and all maner trees that haue frute in them and sowe seed: to be meate for yow 30 and for all beastes of the erth and vnto all foules of the ayre and vnto all that crepeth on the erth where in is lyfe that they may haue all maner herbes and grasse for to eate and even so it was. 31 And God behelde al that he had made ad loo they were exceadynge good: and so of the evenynge and mornynge was made the syxth daye

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