Bible verses about "multiculturalism" | Tyndale

Acts 4:12

12 Nether is ther salvacio in eny other. Nor yet also is ther eny other name geven to men wherin we must be saved.

Acts 17:26

26 and hath made of one bloud all nacions of men for to dwell on all the face of the erthe and hath assigned before how longe tyme and also the endes of their inhabitacion

1 Timothy 2:1-15

1 I exhorte therfore that above all thynges prayers supplicacions intercessions and gevynge of thankes behad for all men: 2 for kynges and for all that are in auctorite that we maye live a quyet and a peasable life in all godlines and honestie. 3 For that is good and accepted in the sight of god oure savioure 4 which will have all men saved and to come vnto the knowledge of ye trueth. 5 For ther is one god and one (mediator) bitwene god and man which is ye man Christ Iesus 6 which gave him silfe a raunsome for all men that it shuld be testified at his tyme 7 wherevnto I am ordayned a preacher and an apostle: I tell the trueth in Christ and lye not beynge the teacher of the gentyls in fayth and veritie. 8 I wyll therfore that the men praye every where liftynge vp pure hondes without wrath or dowtinge. 9 Lykwyse also the wemen that they araye them selves in comlye aparell with shamfastnes and discrete behaveour not with broyded heare other golde or pearles or costly araye: 10 but with suche as becometh wemen that professe the worshippynge of God thorow good workes. 11 Let the woman learne in silence with all subieccion. 12 I suffre not a woman to teache nether to have auctoricie over a man: but forto be in silence. 13 For Adam was fyrst formed and then Eve. 14 Also Adam was not deceaved but the woman was deceaved and was in transgression. 15 Notwithstondynge thorow bearinge of chyldre they shalbe saved so they continue in fayth love and holynes with discrecion.

Galatians 3:28

28 Now is ther no Iewe nether getyle: ther is nether bonde ner fre: ther is nether man ner woman: but ye are all one thinge in Christ Iesu.

Colossians 3:11

11 where is nether gentile ner Iewe circumcision nor vncircumcision Barbarous or Sithian bonde or fre: but Christe is all in all thynges.

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