Bible verses about "optimism" | Matthew

John 3:16

16 For God so loueth the worlde, that he hath geuen his only sonne, that none that beleue in him, should perishe: but should haue euerlastinge lyfe.

2 Timothy 3:1-4

1 Thys vnderstand, that in the last dayes shall come perylous tymes. 2 For the men shall be louers of theyr owne selues coueteous, bosters, proude, cursed speakers, dysobedyent to father and mother, vnthankefull, vnholye, 3 vnkynde, truce breakers, stubborne false accusars, ryatours, fierce despysers of them whiche are good, 4 traytours, headye, hye mynded, gredy vpon voluptuousnes more then the louers of God,

Psalms 119:1-176

1 Aleph. Blessed are those that be vndefyled in the way: which walcke in the law of the Lord. 2 Blessed are they that kepe hys testimonies, and seke him with their whole herte. 3 Which walcke in hys wayes, and do no wickednes. 4 Thou haste geuen strayte charge to kepe thy commaundementes. 5 O that my wayes were stablished to kepe thy statutes. 6 So shoulde I not be confounded while I haue respecte vnto all thy commaundemente 7 I wyll thancke the wyth an vnfayned herte, because I am learned in the iudgmentes of thy ryghtuousnesse. 8 I wyll kepe thy statutes, O forsake me not vtterly. 9 Beth. Where withall shall a yonge man clense his waye? Euen by rulynge hym selfe after thy worde. 10 Wyth my whole herte do I seke the, O let me not go wronge out of thy commaundementes. 11 Thy wordes haue I hyd wythin my hert that I should not synne against the. 12 Praysed be thou O Lorde, O teache me thy statutes. 13 With my lippes wil I be tellyng out all the iudgmentes of thy mouth. 14 I haue as greate delyte in the way of thy the testimonies, as in al maner of ryches. 15 I wyl exercise my selfe in thy commaundementes, and haue respect vnto thy fotepathe 16 My delite shalbe in thy statutes, I wyll not forget thy wordes. 17 Gimel. O do well vnto thy seruant, that I maye lyue and kepe thy wordes. 18 Open thou myne eyes, and so shall I spy out wonderous thynges in thy lawe. 19 I am a straunger vpon earth, O hide not thy commaundementes fro me. 20 My soule breaketh out, for the very feruent desire that I haue alwaie vnto the iudgementes. 21 Thou rebukest the proud, cursed are they that departe from thy commaundementes. 22 O turne fro me shame and rebuke, for I kepe thy testimonies. 23 Princes also syt and speake against me but thy seruaunt is occupied in thy statutes. 24 In thy testomonyes is my delite, they are my councelers. 25 Deleth. My soule cleaueth to the dust, O quicken thou me accordyng to thy word. 26 I knowledged my waies, and thou herdest me, O teach me then thy statutes. 27 Make me to vnderstand the waye of thy commaundementes, and so shall I talcke of thy wonderous workes. 28 My soule melteth awaye for verye heuynesse, O set me vp accordyng vnto thy word 29 Take fro me the waye of lyeng, and graunte me thy lawe. 30 I haue chosen the way of truth, thy iudgementes haue I layed before me. 31 I stycke vnto thy testimonies, O Lorde confound me not. 32 I wyll runne the waye of thy commaundementes, when thou haste comforted my herte. 33 He. Teach me O lord the way of thy statutes and I shall kepe it vnto the ende. 34 O geue me vnderstandyng, & I shall kepe thy lawe, yea I shal kepe it wyth my whole herte. 35 Leade me in the pathe of thy commaundmentes, for that is my desyre, 36 Enclyne myne herte vnto thy testymonies, and not to couetousnes. 37 O turne awaye myne eyes, leste they behold vanite, and quycken me in thy way. 38 O stablish thy word in thy seruaunt, that I may feare the. 39 Take awaie the rebuke that I am afraied of, for thy iudgmentes are amyable. 40 Beholde, my delyte is in thy commaundementes, O quicken me in thy ryghtuousnesse. 41 Vau. Let thy louynge mercy come vnto me, O Lorde, and thy sauynge health accordynge vnto thy worde. 42 That I may geue answere vnto my blasphemers, for my trust is thy word. 43 O take not the worde of treuth vtterly out of my my mouthe, for my hope is in thy iudgementes. 44 So shall I alwaye kepe thy lawe, yea for euer and euer. 45 And I wyll walcke at lybertye, for I seke thy commaundementes. 46 I wyll speake of thy testimonyes euen before kynges, and wyll not be ashamed. 47 My delyte shalbe in thy commaundementes whych I loue. 48 My handes also wyll I lyft vp vnto thy commaundementes which I loue, and my talkinge shalbe of thy statutes. 49 Zain. O thyncke vpon thy seruaunt as concernynge thy worde, wherin thou haste caused me to put my trust. 50 For it is my comfort in my trouble, yea thy word quyckeneth me. 51 The proude haue me greatly in derysyon yet shryncke not I from thy law. 52 I remember thyne euerlasting iudgementes O Lorde, and am comforted. 53 I am horrible afraied for the vngodly, that forsake thy law. 54 Thy statutes are my songes in the house of my pylgremage. 55 I thyncke vpon thy name, O Lorde, in the nyghte esason, and kepe thy lawe. 56 It is mine owne, for I kepe thy commaundementes. 57 Heth Thou art my porcion, O lord, I am purposed to kepe thy law. 58 I make myne humble petycyon in thy presence wyth my whole herte, O be mercyfull vnto me accordynge vnto thy word. 59 I cal myne owne wayes to remembrance, and turne my fete into thy testimonies. 60 I make haste, and prolonge not the time, to kepe thy commaundementes. 61 The congregacyons of the vngodly haue robbed me, but I forget not thy law. 62 At midnight stand I vp, to geue thanckes vnto the, for the iudgmentes of thy ryghtuousnesse. 63 I am a companyon of all them that feare the, and kepe thy commaundementes. 64 The earth, O Lord, is ful of thy mercy. O teach me thy statutes. 65 Teh. O Lord, thou hast dealt frendly wyth thy seruaunt, according vnto thy word. 66 O learne me thy kyndnesse, nourtoure and knowlege, for I beleue thy commaundementes. 67 Before I was troubled, I wente wronge but now I kepe thy word. 68 Thou art good & frendly, O teach me the statutes. 69 The proud ymagyn lyes vpon me, but I kepe thy commaundementes with my whole herte. 70 Their herte is as fat as brawne, but my delyte is in thy law. 71 It is good for me that I haue bene in trouble, that I may learne thy statutes. 72 The law of thy mouth is dearer vnto me, then thousandes of golde and siluer. 73 Iod. Thy hands haue made me and fashyoned me, O geue me vnderstandyng, that I may learne thy commaundementes. 74 They that feare the, wyll be glad when they se me, because I put my truste in thy worde. 75 I knowe, O Lorde, that thy iudgmentes are right, and that thou of very faithfulnes hast caused me to be troubled. 76 O let thy mercyful kyndnesse be my comforte, accordynge to the promes that thou hast made vnto thy seruaunt. 77 O let thy louyng mercies come vnto me, that I may lyue, for thy law is my delite. 78 Let the proud be confounded, which handle me so falslye. 79 But let such as feare the, and knowe the testimonies, be turned vnto me. 80 O let myne herte be vndefyled in thy statutes that I be not ashamed. 81 Caph. My soule longeth for thy sauynge health, for my trust is in thy word, 82 Myne eyes long sore for thy word, saing: O when wylt thou comforte me? 83 For I am become like a botel in the smoke, yet do not I forget thy statutes. 84 How many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? When wilt thou be auenged of myne aduersaryes? 85 The proude haue dygged pyttes for me, which are not after thy lawe. 86 All thy commaundementes are true, they persecute me falsely, O be thou my helpe. 87 They haue almooste made an ende of me vpon earth, but I forsake not thy commaundementes. 88 O quycken me after thy louynge kyndenes, and so shall I kepe the testimonyes of thy mouth. 89 Lamed. O Lorde, thy worde endureth for euer in heauen. 90 Thy trueth also remayneth from one generacion to another: thou hast layed the foundacion of the earth, and it abydeth. 91 They contynue this daye accordinge too thyne ordinaunce, for all thinges serue the. 92 If my delyte were not in thy lawe, I should perysh in my trouble. 93 I will neuer forget thy commaundementes, for with them thou quickenest me. 94 I am thyne, Oh helpe me, for I seke thy commaundementes. 95 The vngodly laye wayte for me too destroye me, but I considre thy testimonyes. 96 I se that all thynges come to an ende, but thy commaundement is exeeadyng broade. 97 Mem. O what loue haue I vnto thy law? all the daye longe is my talkyng of it. 98 Thou thorow thy commaundement hast made me wyser then myne enemyes, for it is euer by me. 99 I haue more vnderstandyng then all my teachers, for thy testimonies are my studye. 100 Yea, I am wyser then the aged, for I kepe thy commaundementes. 101 I refrayne my fete from euery euell waye, that I maye kepe thy woordes. 102 I shrynke not from thy iudgementes, for thou teachest me. 103 O howe swete are thy woordes vnto my throte? Yea, more then hony vnto my mouth. 104 Thorow thy commaundementes I gette vnderstandynge, therefore I hate all false wayes. 105 Nun. Thy woorde is a lanterne vnto my fete and a light vnto my pathes. 106 I haue sworne and am stedfastly purposed, to kepe the iudgementes of thy righteousnesse. 107 I am troubled aboue measure, quycken me, O Lord, according vnto thy worde. 108 Let the frewill offeringes of my mouthe please the, O Lorde, and teache me thy iudgementes. 109 My soule is alwaye in my hande, yet do not I forget thy lawe. 110 The vngodly haue layed a snare for me, but yet swarue not I from thy commaundmentes. 111 Thy testimonyes haue I claymed as myne heritage for euer: and why? thei are the very ioye of my herte. 112 I applye myne herte to fulfil thy statutes alwaye, euen vnto the ende. 113 Samech. I hate the vngodly, but thy law do I loue. 114 Thou art my defence & shylde, my truste is in thy woorde. 115 Away fro me ye wycked, I will kepe the commaundementes of my God. 116 O stablish me according vnto thy worde, that I maye lyue, & let me not be disapoynted of my hope. 117 Holde thou me vp, and I shall be safe: yea I shall euer be talkyng of thy statutes. 118 Thou treadest doune all them that departe from thy statutes, for they ymagin but disceate. 119 Thou puttest awaye all the vngodly of the earth lyke drosse, therfore I loue thy testymonies, 120 My flesh trembleth for feare of the, and I am afrayed of thy iudgementes. 121 Ain. I deale wt the thinge that is lawfull & ryght, O geue me not ouer vnto mine oppressours. 122 Be thou suertye for thy seruaunte too do hym good, that the proude do me no wronge. 123 Myne eyes are waysted awaye with lokyng for thy health, and for the worde of thy righteousnesse. 124 O deale with thy seruaunt according vnto thy louing mercy, & teach me thy statutes. 125 I am thy seruaunt, O graunte me vnderstanding, that I may know thy testimonies. 126 It is tyme for the (O Lord) to lay to thine hande, for they haue destroyed thy lawe. 127 For I loue thy commaundementes aboue golde and precious stone. 128 Therfore holde I streyght all thy commaundementes, and all false wayes I vtterly abhorre. 129 Phe. Thy testimonyes are wonderfull, therefore doth my soule kepe them. 130 When thy woorde goeth forthe, it geueth light & vnderstandyng, euen vnto babes. 131 I open my mouth and draw in my breath, for I desyre thy commaundementes. 132 O loke thou vpon me, & be mercifull, as thou vsest to do vnto those that loue thy name. 133 Ordre my goinges after thy woorde that no wickednesse raygne in me. 134 O delyuer me from the wrongeous dealinges of men, and so shall I kepe thy commaundementes. 135 Shewe the light of thy countenaunce vnto thy seruaunt, and learne me thy statutes. 136 Myne eyes gusshe out with water, because men kepe not thy lawe. 137 Zade. Ryghteous art thou, O Lorde, and true is thy judgement. 138 Thy testimonyes that thou hast commaunded are exceadyng, righteous and true. 139 My zeale hath euen consumed me, because myne enemyes haue forgotten thy wordes. 140 Thy worde is tryed to the vttermost, and thy seruaunt loueth it. 141 I am small and of no reputacion, yet do not I forget thy commaundementes. 142 Thy righteousnesse is an euerlastyng righteousnes, and thy lawe is true. 143 Trouble and heuynesse haue taken holde vpon me, yet is my delite in thy commaundementes. 144 The righteousnes of thy testimonyes is euerlastyng, O graunt me vnderstandinge, and I shall lyue. 145 Koph. I call with my whole herte, heare me, O Lorde, I will kepe thy statutes. 146 Yea, euen vpon the do I call, helpe me, & I shall kepe thy testimonies. 147 Early in the mornyng do I crye vnto the, for in thy worde is my trust. 148 Myne eyes preuente the night watches, that I might be occupyed in thy wordes. 149 Heare my voyce, O Lorde, accordynge vnto thy louyng kyndnesse, quycken me accordyng as thou art wont. 150 They drawe nye that of malyce persecute me, and are farre from thy lawe. 151 Be thou nye at hande also, O Lorde, for thy promyses are faythfull. 152 As concernynge thy testimonies, I haue knowen euer sens the beginnuing, that thou hast grounded them for euer. 153 Res. O considre myne aduersite, & deliuer me, for I do not forget thy lawe. 154 Manteyn thou my cause and defende me, quycken me according vnto thy worde. 155 Health is farre from the vngodly, for thei regarde not thy statutes. 156 Great is thy mercy, O Lorde, quicken me as thou art wont. 157 Many there are that trouble me, & persecute me, yet do not I swarue from thy testimonies. 158 It greueth me, when I se, that the transgressours kepe not thy law. 159 Considre, O Lorde, how I loue thy commaundementes, O quycken me with thy louyng kyndnesse. 160 Thy worde is true from euerlastyng, all the iudgementes of thy righteousnesse endure for euer more. 161 Sin. The princes persecute me withoute cause, but my herte standeth in awe of thy woordes. 162 I am as gladde of thy worde, as one that fyndeth great spoyles. 163 As for lyes, I hate and abhorre them, but thy law do I loue. 164 Seuen times a daye do I prayse the, because of thy righteous iudgementes. 165 Great is the peace that they haue whych loue thy law, and they are not offended at it. 166 Lord, I loke for thy sauynge healthe, and do after thy commaundementes. 167 My soule kepeth thy testimonies, and loueth them exceadingly. 168 I kepe thy commaundementes and testimonies, for all my wayes are before the. 169 Thau. Let my complaynte come before the, O Lorde, geue me vnderstanding, accordynge vnto thy worde. 170 Oh let my supplicacion come before the, deliuer me according to thy promes. 171 My lyppes shall speake of thy prayse, seyng thou hast taught me thy statutes. 172 Yea, my tonge shall synge of thy worde, for all thy commaundementes are right. 173 Let thine hande helpe me, for I haue chosen thy commaundementes. 174 I longe for thy sauyng health, O Lorde, and in thy law is my delyte. 175 Oh let my soule lyue and prayse the, that thy iudgementes maye helpe me. 176 I go astraye, lyke a shepe that is lost: Oh seke thy seruaunt, for I do not forget thy commaundementes.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

1 Thys vnderstand, that in the last dayes shall come perylous tymes. 2 For the men shall be louers of theyr owne selues coueteous, bosters, proude, cursed speakers, dysobedyent to father and mother, vnthankefull, vnholye, 3 vnkynde, truce breakers, stubborne false accusars, ryatours, fierce despysers of them whiche are good, 4 traytours, headye, hye mynded, gredy vpon voluptuousnes more then the louers of God, 5 hauynge a simylytude of Godly lyuynge, but haue denyed the power thereof: and suche abhorre.

Proverbs 4:23

23 Kepe thyne herte wyth all dilygence, for there vpon hangeth lyfe.

Joshua 1:9

9 Beholde, I haue sayde vnto the, be strong and bolde: neyther feare, nor dreade. For the Lorde thy God is with the whether soeuer thou goest.

Romans 8:28

28 For we knowe that all thynges worke for the beste vnto them that loue God, whyche also are called of purpose.

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