Bible verses about morning prayer | Matthew

Bible verses about "morning prayer" | Matthew

Numbers 23:23

23 for there is no sorcerer, in Iacob, nor sothsayer in Israell. When the tyme cometh, it wyll be sayed of Iacob and of Israell, what God hath wrought.

Psalms 19:14

14 Yea the words of my mouth and the meditacion of my herte shalbe acceptable vnto the, O Lorde, my helper and my redemer.

Mark 12:29

29 Iesus aunswered hym: the fyrst of al the commaundementes is. Heare Israel: The Lorde God is one Lorde.

Galatians 3:13-14

13 But Christ hath delyuered vs from the curse of the lawe, and was made accursed for vs. For it is wrytten: cursed is euery one that hangeth on tre, 14 that the blessyng of Abraham myghte come on the Gentyles thorowe Iesus Christ and that we myght receyue the promes of the spyryte thorow fayth.

Numbers 19:1-22

1 And the Lord spake vnto Moses and Aaron saynge: 2 this is the ordinaunce of the lawe whiche the Lorde commaundeth sayinge, speake vnto the chyldren of Israell and let them take the a redde kowe wythout spotte wherin is no blemish and whyche neuer bare yocke vpon hyr. 3 And ye shal gyue hyr vnto Eliazar the priest and he shall bryng hyr wythout the host and cause hyr to be slayne before hym. 4 And Eliazar the Prieste shall take of hyr bloud vpon his finger, & sprynkle it strayght toward the tabernacle of witnes .vij. times. And he shall cause the kowe to be burnt in hys syght: 5 both skinne flesh and bloud, with the doung also. 6 And let the priest take Cedar wodd, and Isope and purple cloth, and cast it vpon the kowe as she burneth. 7 And let the priest wash hys clothes and bath his flesh in water, & then come into the host, & the prieste shalbe vncleane vnto the euen. 8 And he that burneth hyr, shall wash hys clothes in water & bath hys flesh also in water and be vncleane vntil euen. 9 And one that is cleane shall goo and take vp the ashes of the kowe, and put them wythout the host in a cleane place, where they shall be kepte to make sprinkelynge water for the multitude of the children of Israel: for it is a synoffering 10 And let hym that gathered the ashes of the kowe wash his clothes, & remaine vncleane vntyll euen. And thys shall be vnto the children of Israell and vnto the straunger that dwelleth amonge them, a maner for euer. 11 He that toucheth any dead person, shall be vncleane .vij. dayes. 12 And he shal purify him selfe wyth the ashes the thyrd daye and then he shall be cleane the seuenth day. And if he purify not hym selfe the thyrde daye, then the seueuth daye, he shal not be cleane. 13 Whosoeuer toucheth any person that dyeth & sprinkeleth not hym self, defileth the dwelling of the Lord: & therfore that soul shalbe roted out of Israel, bicause he hath not sprynkled the sprinkelynge water vpon hym he shal be vncleane, and hys vncleannesse shal raygne vpon hym. 14 This is the lawe of the man that dyeth in a tent: al that come into the tente and all that is in the tent, shalbe vnclene .vij. dayes. 15 And al the vessels that be open which haue no lid nor coueryng vpon them, are vncleane. 16 And whasoeuer toucheth one that is slayne wyth a swerde in the feldes, or a dead person, or a bone of a deade man, or a graue: shall be vncleane .vij. dayes. 17 And they shall take for an vncleane person of the burnt ashes of the synofferynge, & put runnynge water therto into a vessel, 18 And a cleane person shal take Isope & dippe it in the water, and sprinkle it vpon the tente & vpon al the vessels & on the soules that were there, & vpon hym that toucheth a bone or a slaine person or a dead body or a graue. 19 And the cleane person shal sprinkle vpon the vncleane the thyrde daye and the seuenth daye. And the seuenth day he shall purify him selfe and washe hys clothes and bathe hym selfe in water, and shalbe cleane at euen. 20 If any be vncleane & sprinkle not him selfe the same soule shalbe destroied from among the congregation: for he hath defiled the holy place of the Lorde & is not sprinkeled wyth sprynling water, therfore is he vncleane. And this shalbe a perpetual lawe vnto them. And he that sprynkeleth the sprinkelyng water, shal wash his clothes. 21 And he that toucheth the sprynklyng water shall be vncleane vntyll euen. 22 And whatsoeuer the vncleane person toucheth, shal be vncleane. And the soule that toucheth it shal be vncleane vntil the euen.

Luke 1:79

79 To geue lyght to them that sate in darcknes & in shadowe of death, and to guyde oure fete into the waye of peace.

Psalms 57:8

8 Awake, O my glorye, awake lute and harpe, I my selfe wil awake ryght early.

Psalms 63:1-11

1 A Psalme of Dauid, when he was in the wildernes of Iuda. O God, thou art my God: earlye wyll I seke the. My soule thrusteth for the, my flesh longeth after the in a baren and drye lande wher no water is. 2 Thus do I loke for the in thy Sanctuary, that I myght beholde thy power and glorye, 3 For thy louynge kyndnesse is bettrr then lyfe, my lyppes shall prayse the. 4 As longe as I lyue wyll I magnyfye the and lyft vp my handes in thy name. 5 My soule is satisfied euen as it were with mary and fatnesse, when my mouth prayseth the with ioyful lyps. 6 In my bedde wyll I remember the, and when I wake my talkynge shalbe of the. 7 For thou hast bene my helper, and vnder the shadow of thy wynges wyl I reioyse. 8 My soule hangeth vpon the, thy ryghte hande vpholdeth me. 9 They seke after my soule, but in vayne, for they shall go vnder the earth. 10 They shall fall into the swerd, and be a porcyon for foxes. 11 But the Kynge shall reioyse in God: all they that sweare by him, shalbe commended for the mouth of lyers shalbe stopped.

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the beginnynge GOD created heauen and erth. 2 The erth was voyde and empty, and darcknesse was vpon the depe, and the spirite of God moued vpon the water. 3 Than God sayd: let there be light: & there was lyght. 4 And God sawe the lyght that it was good: & deuyded the lyght from the darcknesse, 5 & called the lyght the daye, & the darcknesse the nyght: and so of the euenyng & mornyng was made the fyrst daye. 6 And God sayde: let there be a fyrmament betwene the waters, & let it deuyde the waters a sonder. 7 Than God made the fyrmament, and parted the waters whyche were vnder the fyrmament, from the waters that were aboue the fyrmament: And it was so. 8 And God called the fyrmament Heauen. And so of the euenynge and mornyng was made the seconde daye. 9 And God sayde: let the waters that are vnder heauen gather them selues vnto one place, that the drye lande may appere. And it came so to passe. 10 And GOD called the drye lande the erth, and the gatheryng together of waters called he the sea. And God sawe that it was good. 11 And God sayde: let the erth brynge forth herbe and grasse that sowe seed, and fruteful trees, that bere frute euery one in his kynde, hauyng their seed in them selues vpon the erth. And it came so to passe. 12 And the erth brought forth herbe and grasse sowing seed euery one in hys kynde, and trees berynge frute, and hauynge theyr seed in themselues, euery one in hys kynde. And God sawe that it was good, 13 and then of the euenyng and mornyng was made the thyrde daye. 14 Than sayde God: let there be lightes in the fyrmament of heauen, to deuyde the day from the nyght, that they may be vnto sygnes, seasons, dayes and yeares. 15 And let them be lyghtes in the fyrmament of heauen, to shyne vpon the erth: And so it was. 16 And God made two greate lyghtes: A greater lyght to rule the daye, and a lesse lyght to rule the nyght: and he made sterres also. 17 And God put them in the fyrmament of heauen to shyne vpon the erth, 18 and to rule the daye and the nyght: and to deuyde the lyght from darcknesse. And God sawe that it was good: 19 & so of the euenyng & mornyng was made the fourth day. 20 And God said: let the water bryng forth creatures that moue and haue lyfe, & foules for to flye ouer the erth vnder the fyrmament of heauen. 21 And God created greate whalles and al maner of creatures that lyue & moue, whych the waters brought forth in their kyndes, & all maner of fethered foules in theyr kyndes. And God sawe that it was good: 22 & God blessed them sayinge: Growe and multyplie and fyll the waters of the seas: and let the foules multyplye vpon the erth. 23 And so of the euening & morning was made the fyfth day. 24 And God sayd: let the erth brynge forth lyuynge creatures in their kyndes: catell and wormes & beastes of the erth in their kyndes, & so it came to passe. 25 And God made the beastes of the erth in their kyndes, and catell in their kyndes, & al maner wormes of the erth in their kyndes: & God saw that it was good. 26 And God sayde: let vs make man in oure similitude & after our lycknesse: that he may haue rule ouer the fysh of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, & ouer catell, and ouer all the erth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on the erth. 27 And God created man after hys likenes, after the lycknesse of god created he hym: male & female created he them. 28 And God blessed them, & God sayde vnto them: Growe and multiplye & fyl the erth, & subdue it, & haue dominion ouer the fyshes of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, and ouer al the beastes that moue on the erth. 29 And God sayde: see, I haue geuen you al herbes that sowe seed, whyche are on all the erth, & all maner trees that haue frute in them and sowe seed: to be meate for you 30 and for al beastes of the erth, and vnto all foules of the ayre, and vnto all that crepeth on the erth, where in is lyfe, that they maye haue all maner herbes and grasse for to eate, and euen so it was. 31 And God behelde all that he had made, and loo, they were exceadinge good: & so of the euenynge and mornyng was made the syxte daye.

Psalms 91:5-7

5 So that thou shalt not nede to be afrayed for any bugges by night, nor for the arrowe that flyeth by daye. 6 For the pestilence that crepeth in the darkenesse, nor for the sikenesse that destroyeth in the noone daye. 7 A thousande shall fall beside the, and ten thousande at thy righthande, but it shall not come nye the.

Psalms 119:105

105 Nun. Thy woorde is a lanterne vnto my fete and a light vnto my pathes.

Mark 1:35

35 And in the mornyng very early, Iesus arose and went oute into a solytarye place, & there prayed.

Psalms 90:14

14 O satisfie vs with thy mercy, & that sone, so shall we reioyse and be glad all the dayes of our lyfe.

Psalms 5:3

3 Heare my voyce by tymes (O Lorde) for early in the mornyng wyll I get me vnto the, yea and that with diligence.

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