Bible verses about beauty of the earth | Matthew

Bible verses about "beauty of the earth" | Matthew

Colossians 1:20

20 and by hym to reconcile all thinge vnto him selfe, and to set at peace by him thorowe the bloude of his crosse, both thinges in heauen, and thinges in earth.

Psalms 50:2

2 Out of Sion apeareth the glorious beuty of God.

Genesis 2:1-25

1 Thus was heauen and erth fynyshed with all their apparel, 2 and in the seuenth day God ended hys worke whiche he had made, & rested in the seuenth day from al his workes which he had made. 3 And God blessed the seuenth daye, & sanctified it, for in it he rested from al his workes which he had created and made. 4 These are the generacions of heauen and erth when they were created, in the tyme when the Lord God created heauen & erth 5 and all the shrubbes of the felde before they were in the erth. And al the herbes of the felde before they sprange, for the Lord God had yet sent no rayne vpon the erth, nether was there yet any man to tylle the erth. 6 But there arose a myste out of the ground, & watered all the face of the erth: 7 Then the Lord God shope man, euen of the mould of the erth, & brethed into his face the breth of lyfe. So man was made a lyuyng soule. 8 The Lorde God also planted a garden in Eden from the beginning, and there he sette man whom he had formed. 9 And the Lord god made to sprynge out of the erth, all maner trees bewtyfull to the syght and pleasant to eate, and the tree of lyfe in the myddes of the garden: and also the tree of knowledge of good and euell. 10 And there sprange a ryuer out of Eden to water the garden, & thence deuyded it self, & grewe in to foure pryncypall waters. 11 The name of the one is Phison, he it is that compasseth all the lande of Heuyla, 12 where golde groweth. And the golde of that contre is precyous, ther is found Bedellyon, and a stone called Onix. 13 The name of the second ryuer is Gihon, whych compasseth al the lande of Iude. 14 And the name of the thyrde ryuer is Hydekell, whyche runneth on the easte syde of the Assyrians. And the fourth ryuer is Euphrates. 15 And the Lord God toke Adam, & put him in the garden of Eden, to dresse it & to kepe it. 16 And the Lord God commaunded Adam saying: Of all the trees of the garden se thou eate: 17 But of the tree of knowledge of good & bad se that thou eate not: For euen the same daye thou eatest of it thou shalt dye the dethe. 18 And the Lorde God sayde: It is not good that man should be alone, I wyll make hym an helper to beare hym company. 19 And after that the Lorde God had made of the erth al maner beastes of the felde, and all maner foules of the ayre, he brought them vnto Adam to se what he wolde call them. And as Adam called al maner lyuyng beastes, euen so are their names. 20 And Adam gaue names vnto al maner catell, and vnto the foules of the ayre and vnto all maner beastes of the felde. But ther was no helpe founde vnto Adam to beare hym company. 21 Then the Lord god cast a slomber on Adam, and he slepte. And then he toke out one of his ribbes, & in stede ther of he filled vp the place wt flesh. 22 And the lord God made of the ribbe whych he toke out of Adam a woman: and brought her vnto Adam. 23 Then sayde Adam: This is once bone of my bones, & flesh of my flesh. This shal be called woman: because she was take of the man. 24 For this cause shal a man leue father & mother, & cleue vnto hys wyfe, & they shal be one flesh. 25 And they were ether of them naked, bothe Adam & his wyfe, and were not ashamed.

Genesis 1:26-28

26 And God sayde: let vs make man in oure similitude & after our lycknesse: that he may haue rule ouer the fysh of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, & ouer catell, and ouer all the erth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on the erth. 27 And God created man after hys likenes, after the lycknesse of god created he hym: male & female created he them. 28 And God blessed them, & God sayde vnto them: Growe and multiplye & fyl the erth, & subdue it, & haue dominion ouer the fyshes of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, and ouer al the beastes that moue on the erth.

Genesis 1:1

1 In the beginnynge GOD created heauen and erth.

Isaiah 65:17

17 For lo, I shall make a newe heauen, and a newe earthe. And as for the olde, they shall neuer be thought vpon, nor kept in minde:

Psalms 24:1

1 A Psalme of Dauid. The earth is the Lordes, & all that therin is: the compase of the world, & al that dwell therein.

Psalms 33:5

5 He loueth mercy and iudgement, the earth is full of the goodnesse of the Lorde.

Psalms 104:1-35

1 Prayse the Lorde O my soule: O Lord my God, thou art become excedinge glorious, thou arte clothed with maiesty and honoure. 2 Thou deckest thy self with light, as it were with a garment, thou spredest out the heauen lyke a curtayne. 3 Thou voltest it aboue with waters, thou makest the cloudes thy charet, & goest vpon the wynges of the wynde. 4 Thou makest thyne aungels sprites, and thy ministers flammes of fyre. 5 Thou hast layed the earth vpon her foundacion, that it neuer moueth at any tyme. 6 Thou couerest it with the depe lyke as wt a garmente, so that the waters stande aboue the hylles. 7 But at thy rebuke they fle, at the voyce of thy thonder they are afrayed. 8 (Then are the hylles sene alofte, and the valleis beneth in their place which thou hast appoynted for them.) 9 Thou hast set them their boundes, which they maye not passe, that they turne not agayne to couer the earth. 10 Thou causest the welles to sprynge vp amonge the valleys, and the waters to runne amonge the hylles. 11 That all beastes of the felde maye haue drynke, & that the wilde asses maye quenche their thyrste. 12 Aboue vpon the hylles haue the foules of the ayre their habitacion, and singe amonge the braunches. 13 Thou waterest the hilles from aboue, the earth is filled wt the frutes of thy workes. 14 Thou bringest forth grasse for the cattell, and grene herbes for the seruice of men. Thou bringest fode out of the earth: 15 wyne to make glad the herte of man, oyle to make hym a chearfull countenaunce and bread to strength mans herte. 16 The trees of the Lord are ful of sappe, euen the trees of Libamis whiche he hathe planted. 17 There make the byrdes their nestes, & the fyrre hylles are a dwellyng for the storke. 18 The hilles are a refuge for the wilde goates, & so are the stony rockes for the conyes. 19 Thou hast appoynted the moone for certayne seasons, the sunne knoweth hys going doune. 20 Thou makest darkenesse, that it maye be night, wherin all the beastes of the forest do moue. 21 Yea, and the yonge lyons which roare after their praye, and seke their meate at God. 22 But when the sunne aryseth, they get them awaye together, and lye them doune in their dennes. 23 Then goeth man forth to hys worke, and to tyll hys lande vntyll the euenynge. 24 O Lord, how manifolde are thy workes, right wisely hast thou made them al: yea, the earth is full of thy ryches. 25 So is this great & wyde sea also, wherein are thynges creping innumerable, both smal and great beastes. 26 There go the shippes ouer, and there is the Leuiathan, whom thou hast made, to take hys pastyme therein. 27 They wayte all vpon the, that thou mayest geue them meate in due season. 28 When thou geuest it them, they gather it: when thou openest thyne hande, they are filled with good. 29 But when thou hydest thy face, they are sorowfull: if thou takest awaye their breth, they dye, & are turned agayne to their dust. 30 Agayne, when thou lettest thy brethe goo forth, they are made, and so thou renuest the face of the earth. 31 The glorious maiesty of the Lorde endureth for euer, & the Lorde reioyseth in hys workes. 32 The earth trembleth at the loke of hym, he doethe but touche the hylles and they smoke. 33 I wyll synge vnto the Lorde as longe as I lyue, I will prayse my God whyle I haue my beyng. 34 O that my wordes might please hym, for my ioye is in the Lorde. 35 As for synners, they shalbe consumed out of the earth, and the vngodlye shall come to an ende: but prayse thou the Lorde, O my soule. Prayse the euerlastynge.

Romans 1:20

20 So that his inuisible thinges, that is to saye, hys eternall power and Godhead, are vnderstand & sene by the workes from the creation of the worlde. So that they are wythout excuse,

Genesis 1:31

31 And God behelde all that he had made, and loo, they were exceadinge good: & so of the euenynge and mornyng was made the syxte daye.

Colossians 1:16-17

16 For by hym were all thynges created, thinges that are in heauen, and thinges that are in earth: thinges visible and thinges inuisible, whether they be maiestye or Lordeshyp, eyther rule or power. Al thynges are created by hym and in hym, 17 and he is before all thinges, and in hym all thinges haue theyr beynge.

Psalms 19:1

1 To the chaunter, a Psalm of Dauid. The very heauens declare the glory of God, and the very firmament sheweth his handy worcke.

John 1:3

3 All thynges were made by it and without it was made nothynge that was made.

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