Bible verses about adulterers | IHOT

Bible verses about "adulterers" | IHOT

Proverbs 6:32

  32 H5003 נאף whoso committeth adultery H802 אשׁה with a woman H2638 חסר lacketh H3820 לב understanding: H7843 משׁחית it destroyeth H5315 נפשׁו his own soul. H1931 הוא he H6213 יעשׂנה׃ doeth

Leviticus 21:9

  9 H1323 ובת And the daughter H376 אישׁ of any H3548 כהן priest, H3588 כי if H2490 תחל she profane herself H2181 לזנות by playing the whore, H853 את   H1 אביה her father: H1931 היא she H2490 מחללת profaneth H784 באשׁ with fire. H8313 תשׂרף׃ she shall be burnt

Deuteronomy 22:21

  21 H3318 והוציאו Then they shall bring out H853 את   H5291 הנער the damsel H413 אל to H6607 פתח the door H1004 בית house, H1 אביה of her father's H5619 וסקלוה shall stone H376 אנשׁי and the men H5892 עירה of her city H68 באבנים her with stones H4191 ומתה that she die: H3588 כי because H6213 עשׂתה she hath wrought H5039 נבלה folly H3478 בישׂראל in Israel, H2181 לזנות to play the whore H1004 בית house: H1 אביה in her father's H1197 ובערת so shalt thou put evil away H7451 הרע so shalt thou put evil away H7130 מקרבך׃ from among

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