Bible verses about "disagreements" | IGNT

John 8:32

  32 G2532 και AND G1097 (G5695) γνωσεσθε YE SHALL KNOW G3588 την THE G225 αληθειαν TRUTH, G2532 και AND G3588 η THE G225 αληθεια TRUTH G1659 (G5692) ελευθερωσει SHALL SET FREE G5209 υμας YOU.

Ephesians 4:1-3

  1 G3870 (G5719) παρακαλω I EXHORT G3767 ουν THEREFORE G5209 υμας YOU, G1473 εγω I G3588 ο THE G1198 δεσμιος PRISONER G1722 εν IN "THE" G2962 κυριω LORD, G516 αξιως WORTHILY G4043 (G5658) περιπατησαι TO WALK G3588 της OF THE G2821 κλησεως CALLING G3739 ης WHEREWITH G2564 (G5681) εκληθητε YE WERE CALLED,
  2 G3326 μετα WITH G3956 πασης ALL G5012 ταπεινοφροσυνης HUMILITY G2532 και AND G4236 πραοτητος MEEKNESS, G3326 μετα WITH G3115 μακροθυμιας LONGSUFFERING, G430 (G5740) ανεχομενοι BEARING WITH G240 αλληλων ONE ANOTHER G1722 εν IN G26 αγαπη LOVE;
  3 G4704 (G5723) σπουδαζοντες BEING DILIGENT G5083 (G5721) τηρειν TO KEEP G3588 την THE G1775 ενοτητα UNITY G3588 του OF THE G4151 πνευματος SPIRIT G1722 εν IN G3588 τω THE G4886 συνδεσμω   G3588 της BOND G1515 ειρηνης OF PEACE.

2 Peter 2:9

  9 G1492 (G5758) οιδεν KNOWS "THE" G2962 κυριος LORD " HOW THE " G2152 ευσεβεις PIOUS G1537 εκ OUT OF G3986 πειρασμου TEMPTATION G4506 (G5738) ρυεσθαι TO DELIVER, G94 αδικους   G1161 δε AND "THE" UNRIGHTEOUS G1519 εις TO G2250 ημεραν A DAY G2920 κρισεως OF JUDGMENT G2849 (G5746) κολαζομενους TO BE PUNISHED G5083 (G5721) τηρειν TO KEEP;

1 Corinthians 6:1-8

  1 G5111 (G5719) τολμα DARE G5100 τις ANYONE G5216 υμων OF YOU, G4229 πραγμα A MATTER G2192 (G5723) εχων HAVING G4314 προς AGAINST G3588 τον THE G2087 ετερον OTHER, G2919 (G5745) κρινεσθαι GO TO LAW G1909 επι BEFORE G3588 των THE G94 αδικων UNRIGHTEOUS, G2532 και AND G3780 ουχι NOT G1909 επι BEFORE G3588 των THE G40 αγιων SAINTS?
  2 G3756 ουκ NOT G1492 (G5758) οιδατε KNOW G3754 οτι YE THAT G3588 οι THE G40 αγιοι SAINTS G3588 τον THE G2889 κοσμον WORLD G2919 (G5692) κρινουσιν WILL JUDGE? G2532 και AND G1487 ει IF G1722 εν BY G5213 υμιν YOU G2919 (G5743) κρινεται IS JUDGED G3588 ο THE G2889 κοσμος WORLD, G370 αναξιοι UNWORTHY G2075 (G5748) εστε ARE YE G2922 κριτηριων OF JUDGMENTS G1646 ελαχιστων THE SMALLEST?
  3 G3756 ουκ NOT G1492 (G5758) οιδατε KNOW YE G3754 οτι THAT G32 αγγελους ANGELS G2919 (G5692) κρινουμεν WE SHALL JUDGE? G3385 μητι   G1065 γε MUCH MORE THAN G982 βιωτικα THINGS OF THIS LIFE?
  4 G982 βιωτικα   G3303 μεν THINGS OF THIS LIFE G3767 ουν THEN G2922 κριτηρια JUDGMENT " AS TO " G1437 εαν IF G2192 (G5725) εχητε YE HAVE, G3588 τους WHO G1848 (G5772) εξουθενημενους ARE LEAST ESTEEMED G1722 εν IN G3588 τη THE G1577 εκκλησια ASSEMBLY, G5128 τουτους THOSE G2523 (G5719) καθιζετε SET YE UP.
  5 G4314 προς FOR G1791 εντροπην SHAME G5213 υμιν TO YOU G3004 (G5719) λεγω I SPEAK. G3779 ουτως THUS G3756 ουκ   G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS THERE NOT G1722 εν AMONG G5213 υμιν YOU G4680 σοφος A WISE "MAN" G3761 ουδε NOT EVEN G1520 εις ONE, G3739 ος WHO G1410 (G5695) δυνησεται SHALL BE ABLE G1252 (G5658) διακριναι TO DECIDE G303 ανα   G3319 μεσον   G3588 του BETWEEN G80 αδελφου BROTHER G846 αυτου HIS " AND BROTHER "?
  6 G235 αλλα BUT G80 αδελφος BROTHER G3326 μετα WITH G80 αδελφου BROTHER G2919 (G5743) κρινεται GOES TO LAW, G2532 και AND G5124 τουτο THIS G1909 επι BEFORE G571 απιστων UNBELIEVERS!
  7 G2235 ηδη ALREADY G3303 μεν INDEED G3767 ουν THEREFORE G3654 ολως ALTOGETHER G2275 ηττημα A DEFAULT G1722 εν AMONG G5213 υμιν YOU G2076 (G5748) εστιν IS, G3754 οτι THAT G2917 κριματα LAW SUITS G2192 (G5719) εχετε YE HAVE G3326 μεθ AMONG G1438 εαυτων YOURSELVES. G1302 διατι WHY G3780 ουχι NOT G3123 μαλλον RATHER G91 (G5743) αδικεισθε SUFFER WRONG? G1302 διατι WHY G3780 ουχι NOT G3123 μαλλον RATHER G650 (G5743) αποστερεισθε BE DEFRAUDED?
  8 G235 αλλα BUT G5210 υμεις YE G91 (G5719) αδικειτε DO WRONG G2532 και AND G650 (G5719) αποστερειτε DEFRAUD, G2532 και AND G5023 ταυτα THESE THINGS " TO YOUR " G80 αδελφους BRETHREN.

1 Corinthians 1:13

  13 G3307 (G5769) μεμερισται HAS BEEN DIVIDED G3588 ο THE G5547 χριστος   G3361 μη CHRIST? G3972 παυλος PAUL G4717 (G5681) εσταυρωθη WAS CRUCIFIED G5228 υπερ FOR G5216 υμων YOU? G2228 η OR G1519 εις TO G3588 το THE G3686 ονομα NAME G3972 παυλου OF PAUL G907 (G5681) εβαπτισθητε WERE YE BAPTIZED?

Ephesians 4:31-5:2

  31 G3956 πασα ALL G4088 πικρια BITTERNESS, G2532 και AND G2372 θυμος INDIGNATION, G2532 και AND G3709 οργη WRATH, G2532 και AND G2906 κραυγη CLAMOUR, G2532 και AND G988 βλασφημια EVIL SPEAKING G142 (G5682) αρθητω LET BE REMOVED G575 αφ FROM G5216 υμων YOU, G4862 συν WITH G3956 παση ALL G2549 κακια MALICE;
  32 G1096 (G5737) γινεσθε   G1161 δε AND BE G1519 εις TO G240 αλληλους ONE ANOTHER G5543 χρηστοι KIND, G2155 ευσπλαγχνοι TENDER HEARTED, G5483 (G5740) χαριζομενοι FORGIVING G1438 εαυτοις EACH OTHER, G2531 καθως ACCORDING AS G2532 και   G3588 ο ALSO G2316 θεος GOD G1722 εν IN G5547 χριστω CHRIST G5483 (G5662) εχαρισατο FORGAVE G5213 υμιν YOU.

Ephesians 5:1-2

  1 G1096 (G5737) γινεσθε BE YE G3767 ουν THEREFORE G3402 μιμηται   G3588 του IMITATORS G2316 θεου OF GOD, G5613 ως AS G5043 τεκνα CHILDREN G27 αγαπητα BELOVED,
  2 G2532 και AND G4043 (G5720) περιπατειτε WALK G1722 εν IN G26 αγαπη LOVE, G2531 καθως EVEN AS G2532 και ALSO G3588 ο THE G5547 χριστος CHRIST G25 (G5656) ηγαπησεν LOVED G2248 ημας US, G2532 και AND G3860 (G5656) παρεδωκεν GAVE UP G1438 εαυτον HIMSELF G5228 υπερ FOR G2257 ημων US, G4376 προσφοραν AN OFFERING G2532 και AND G2378 θυσιαν   G3588 τω A SACRIFICE G2316 θεω TO GOD G1519 εις FOR G3744 οσμην AN ODOUR G2175 ευωδιας OF A SWEET SMELL.

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