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Jeremiah 6:15

15 Were they ashamed when they hadd commytted abhomynacyon? Trulye nay they be past shame? And therfore they shall fall amonge the slayne, & in the houre when I shall vyset them, they shall be brought downe, sayeth the Lorde.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

16 For the Lorde hym selfe shall descende from heauen with a showte & the voyce of the Archangell and trompe of God. And the deed in Christe shall aryse fyrst:

Revelation 17:1-18

1 And ther came one of the seuen Angels, whyche had the seuen vyalles: and talked wyth me, sayenge vnto me: come, I wyll shewe vnto the, the iudgement of the great whore that sytteth vpon many waters, 2 wyth whome haue commytted fornicacion the kynges of the erthe, and the inhabyters of the erth are droncken wyth the wyne of hir fornicacion. 3 And the sprete caryed me awaye in to the wyldernes. And I sawe a woman syt vpon a rose colored beast, full of names of blasphemye, whyche had seuen heades and ten hornes. 4 And the woman was arayed in purple and rose coloure, and decked wyth golde, precious stone, and pearles, and had a cup of golde in her hande, full of abhominacions and fylthynes of her fornicacion. 5 And in her forheade was a name written, a mystery, gret Babylon the mother of whordom and abominacions of the erth. 6 And I sawe the wyfe droncken wyth the bloude of saynctes, and with the bloude of the wytnesses of Iesu. And when I sawe her: I wondred with great meruayle. 7 And the Angell sayde vnto me: wherfore maruaylest thou? I wyll shewe the the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that beryth her, which hath seuen heades and ten hornes. 8 The beast that thon seest, was, and is not, and shall ascende out of the bottomlesse pyt, and shall go into perdicion, & they that dwel on the erth shall wondre (whose names are not written in the boke of lyfe from the begynnynge of the worlde) when they behold the beast that was and is not. 9 And here is a mynde that hath wysdome. The seuen heades are seuen mountaynes, on which the woman sytteth, 10 they are also seuen kynges. Fyue are fallen, and one is, and another is not yet come. And when he commeth, he must continew a shorte space. 11 And the beast that was, & is not, is euen the eyght and is one of the seuen, and shall go into destruccion. 12 And the ten hornes which thou sawest are ten kynges which haue receaued no kingdom as yet, but shall receaue power as kynges at one houre wyth the beast. 13 These haue one mynde, and shall geue their power and strength vnto the beast. 14 These shall fyght with the lambe, & the lambe shall ouercome them. For he is Lorde of lordes, and kynge of kynges, and they that are on his side, are called, and chosen, and faythfull. 15 And he sayde vnto me: the waters whych thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are people, and folke, & nacions, and tonges. 16 And the ten hornes, which thou sawest vpon the beast, are they that shall hate the whore, & shall make her desolate and naked, & shall eate her flesshe, & burne her wyth fyre. 17 For God hath put in theyr hertes to fulfyll his wyll, & to do wyth one consent, for to geue their kyngdome vnto the beast, vntyll the wordes of God be fulfylled. 18 And the woman which thou sawest, is the great cytye, whiche raygneth ouer the kynges of the erth.

Psalms 51:10

10 Make me a cleane hert (O God) and renue a ryght sprete wythin me.

Isaiah 6:5

5 Then I sayde, O wo is me For I am lost in asmoch as I am a man of vncleane lyppes, & dwell amonge people that hath vncleane lyppes also: for myne eyes haue sene the Kynge and Lorde of Hoostes.

John 3:16-17

16 For God so loue the worlde, that, he gaue is only begotten sonne, that whosoeuer beleueth in him, shulde not perisshe, but haue euerlastyng lyfe. 17 For God sent not his sonne into the worlde, to condempne the worlde but that the world through him myght be saued.

Jeremiah 6:16

16 Thus sayeth the Lord: go into the streates, consydre & make inquisicyon for the olde waye: and yf it be the good and ryght waye, then go therin, that ye maye fynde rest for youre soules. But they saye: we wyll not walcke therin,

Matthew 24:14

14 And this Gospell of the kyngdome shalbe preached in all the worlde, for a wytnes vnto all nacyons, and then shall the ende come.

John 9:1-41

1 And as Iesus passed by, he sawe a man, which was blynde from hys byrth. 2 And his discyples asked him sayinge: Master, who dyd synne, this man, or hys father and mother, that he was borne blynd? 3 Iesus answered: Nether hath this man sinned, nor yet his father and mother: but that the worckes of God shulde be shewed in hym. 4 I must, worcke the worckes of hym that sent me, whyle it is daye. The nyght commeth, when no man can worcke. 5 As longe as I am in the worlde. I am the lyght of the worlde. 6 Assone as he had thus spoken, he spat on the ground, and made claye of the spetle, and rubbed the claye on the eyes of the blynde, 7 & sayd vnto him: Go, wesshe the in the pole of Siloe, which (by interpretacion) is asmoche to saye as, sent. He went his waye therfore, and wasshed, & came agayne, seinge: 8 So the neyghboures and they that had sene him before (how that he was a begger) said: is not this he that sat and begged? 9 Some sayd: this is he. Agayne, other sayd he is lyke hym. He hym selfe sayde: I am euen he. 10 Therfore sayde they vnto hym: Howe are thyne eyes opened? 11 He answered and sayde: The man that is called Iesus, made claye, and anoynted myne eyes, and sayd vnto me: Go to the pole Siloe, and wasshe. And whan I went & wesshed, I receaued my syght. 12 Then sayd they vnto him: where is he? He sayde: I cannot tell. 13 They brought to the pharises, hym that a lytell before was blynde: 14 and it was the Sabboth daye, when Iesus made the claye, and opened hys eyes. 15 Then agayne the pharises also asked hym, howe he had receaued his syght. He sayd vnto them: he put claye vpon myne eyes, and I wasshed, and do se. 16 Therfore sayd some of the pharises: thys man is not of God, because he kepeth not the Saboth daye. Other sayde: howe can a man that is a synner, do such myracles? And ther was a stryfe amonge them. 17 They spake vnto the blynde man agayne: What sayst thou of him, because he hath opened thyne eyes? He sayd: He is a prophete. 18 But the Iewes dyd not beleue of the man (how that he had bene blynde, and receaued hys syght) vntyll they called the father and mother of him that had receaued hys syght. 19 And they asked them, saying: Is thys youre sonne, whom ye saye was borne blynde? How doth he now se then? 20 His father and mother answered them, and sayde: we knowe, that thys is oure sonne, and that he was borne blynde: 21 but by what meanes he nowe seeth, we cannot tell. Or who hath opened his eyes, cannot we tell He is olde ynough, aske him, let hym answere for hym selfe. 22 Suche wordes spake hys father and mother, because they feared the Iewes. For the Iewes had conspyred all ready, that yf eny man dyd confesse that he was Christ, he shulde be excommunicat out of the synagoge. 23 Therfore sayd hys father and mother: he is olde ynough, aske him. 24 Then agayne called they the man that was blynde, and sayd vnto hym: Geue God the prayse: we knowe that thys man is a synner. 25 He answered therfore, and sayde: Whyther he be a synner or no, I cannot tell. One thynge I am sure of: that where as I was blynde, nowe I se. 26 Then sayde they to hym agayne: What dyd he to the? How opened he thyne eyes? 27 He answered them: I tolde you yer whyle, and ye dyd not heare. Wherfore wold ye heare it agayne? Wyll ye also be his disciples? 28 Then rated they hym, & sayd: Be thou hys disciple. We are Moses disciples. 29 We are sure, that God spake vnto Moses. As for this felowe, we knowe not from whence he is. 30 The man answered, and sayde vnto them: this is a maruelous thing, that ye wote not from whence he is, and yet he hath opened myne eyes. 31 For we be sure, that God heareth not synners. But yf eny man be a worshipper of God, and obedient vnto his wyl, him heareth he. 32 Sence the world began was it not hearde, that eny man opened the eyes of one that was borne blynde. 33 If thys man were not of God, he coulde haue done nothing. 34 They answered, and sayd vnto hym: thou art al together borne in synne, and dost thou teach vs? And they cast him out. 35 Iesus heard that they had excommunicate hym: and when he had founde hym, he sayde vnto hym: doest thou beleue on the sonne of God? 36 He answered and sayd: Who is it Lord that I myght beleue on him? 37 And Iesus said vnto him: Thou hast sene him, and he it is that talketh with the. 38 And he sayd: Lord, I beleue, and he worshipped hym. 39 And Iesus sayd vnto him: I am come vnto iudgement into this worlde: that they which se not, myght se: and that they which se, might be made blynde. 40 And some of the pharises which were with him, hearde these wordes, and sayd vnto him: are we blynde also? 41 Iesus sayd vnto them: If ye were blynde, ye shulde haue no synne. But now ye saye: we se, therfore your synne remayneth.

Ephesians 5:14-21

14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest, and stonde vp from deeth, and Chryst shall geue the lyght. 15 Take hede therfore howe ye walke circumspectly: not as vnwyse, but as wyse men. 16 Wynnynge occasyon, because the dayes are euyll. 17 Wherfore, be ye not vnwyse, but vnderstande what the wyll of the Lorde is, 18 and be not droncke with wyne wherin is excesse: but be fylled with the sprete, 19 speakynge vnto youre selues in psalmes and hymnes, and spretuall songes, synginge and makyng melodie to the Lorde in youre hertes, 20 gyuynge thankes allwayes for all thynges, vnto God the father in the name of oure Lorde Iesus Chryst, 21 submittynge youre selues one to another in the feare of God.

Isaiah 55:6-7

6 Seke the Lorde, whyle he may be founde, and call vpon hym whyle he is nye. 7 Let the vngodly man forsake his owne wayes, & the vnryghtuous hys owne ymagynacyons, and turne agayne vnto the Lorde: so shall he be mercyfull vnto hym: and to oure God, for he is very ready to forgeue.

Acts 3:19-21

19 Let it repente you therfore, and conuerte, that youre synnes maye be done awaye when the tyme of refresshynge commeth, which we shall haue of the presence of the Lorde, 20 and when God shal sende him, which before was preached vnto you, that is to with Iesus Christ, 21 which must receaue heauen vntyll the tyme that all thynges, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all hys holy Prophetes sence the worlde began, be restored agayne.

Ephesians 5:14-25

14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest, and stonde vp from deeth, and Chryst shall geue the lyght. 15 Take hede therfore howe ye walke circumspectly: not as vnwyse, but as wyse men. 16 Wynnynge occasyon, because the dayes are euyll. 17 Wherfore, be ye not vnwyse, but vnderstande what the wyll of the Lorde is, 18 and be not droncke with wyne wherin is excesse: but be fylled with the sprete, 19 speakynge vnto youre selues in psalmes and hymnes, and spretuall songes, synginge and makyng melodie to the Lorde in youre hertes, 20 gyuynge thankes allwayes for all thynges, vnto God the father in the name of oure Lorde Iesus Chryst, 21 submittynge youre selues one to another in the feare of God. 22 Ye wemen, submit youre selues vnto youre awne husbandes, as vnto the Lorde. 23 For the husbande is the wyues heed, euen as Chryst is the heed of the congregacyon, and the same is he that ministreth saluacion vnto the body. 24 Therfore, as the congregacyon is in subieccyon to Chryst, lykewyse let the wyues also be in subieccyon to theyr husbandes in all thinges. 25 Ye husbandes, loue youre wyues, euen as Chryst also loued the congregacyon, and gaue hym selfe for it,

Psalms 22:27

27 All the endes of the worlde shall remembre them selues, & be turned vnto the Lorde, & all the kynreds of the nacions, shall worshyppe before him.

Matthew 6:33

33 But rather seke ye fyrst the kyngdome of God, and the ryghteousnesse therof, and al these thinges shalbe ministred vnto you.

Isaiah 64:1-4

1 O that thou woldest cleue the heauen in sonder, & come downe: that the mountaynes myght melte awaye at thy presence, 2 lyke as at an hote fyre: & that the malicyous myght boyle, as the water doth vpon the fyre: Wherby thy name myght be knowne amonge thyne enemyes, & that the Gentyls myght tremble before the. 3 When thou wroughtest wonderous straunge worckes, we loked not for them. Thou cammest downe and the hylles melt at thy presence. 4 For sence the begynnynge of the worlde it hath not bene hearde or perceaued, nether hath any eye sene another God besyde the: which dost so moche for them, that put their trust in the.

Psalms 19:7

7 The lawe of the Lord is an vndefylled lawe conuerting the soule. The testimony of the Lorde is sure, and geueth wisdome vnto the symple.

Ephesians 5:14

14 Wherfore he sayth: awake thou that slepest, and stonde vp from deeth, and Chryst shall geue the lyght.

Habakkuk 3:2

2 O Lorde, when I herde speake of the, I was afrayed. The worcke that thou hast taken in hande, shalt thou perfourme in his tyme, O Lord & when thy tyme commeth, thou shalt declare it. In thy very wrath thou thinckest vpon mercy.

2 Timothy 4:3-4

3 For the tyme will come, when they shall not suffer wholsome doctryne: but after their awne lustes shall they (whose eares ytche) gett them an heepe of teachers, 4 and shall withdrawe their eares from the trueth, and shalbe turned vnto fables.

Acts 2:1-47

1 When the fyftye dayes were come to an ende, they were all with one accorde together in one place. 2 And sodenly ther came a sounde from heauen, as it had bene the commynge of a myghty wynde, and it fylled all the house where they sate. 3 And there appered vnto them clouen tonges, lyke as they had bene of fyer, and it sate vpon eache one of them: 4 and they were all fylled with the holy goost, and beganne to speake with other tonges, euen as the same sprete gaue them vtteraunce. 5 Ther were dwellyng at Ierusalem, Iewes, deuoute men, out of euery nacyon of them that are vnder heauen. 6 When thys was noysed aboute, the multitude came together, & were astonnyed, because that euery man hearde them speake with his awne langage. 7 They wondred all, and marueyled, sayinge among them selues: beholde, are not all these which speake, of Galile? 8 And how heare we euery man his awne tong, wherin we were borne? 9 Parthians, and Medes and Elamytes, and the inhabiters of Mesopotamia, and of Iury, and of Capadocia, of Ponthus and Asia, 10 Phrygia, and Pamphilia, of Egypte, and of the partyes of Lybia which is besyd? Syren, and straungers of Rome, Iewes & Proselites. 11 Grekes and Arabians: we haue herd them speake in oure awne tonges the greate worckes of God. 12 They were all amased, and wondred sayinge one to another: what meaneth this? 13 Other mocked, sayinge: these men are full of new wyne. 14 But Peter stepped forth with the eleuen, and lyft vp his voyce, and sayde vnto them: Ye men of Iewrye, and all ye that dwell at Ierusalem: be this knowen vnto you, & with youre eares heare my wordes. 15 For these are not droncken, as ye suppose, seynge it is but the thyrde houre of the daye. 16 But this it that which was spoken by the Prophete Iohel: 17 And it shalbe in the last dayes, sayth God: of my sprete I wyll poore out vpon all flesshe. And youre sonnes & youre daughters shall prophesy, and youre yonge men shall se vysyons, and youre olde men shall dreame dreames. 18 And on my seruauntes, & on my hande maydens I wyll poore out of my sprete in those dayes, and they shall prophesye. 19 And I wyll shewe wonders in heauen aboue, and tokens in the erth beneth, bloud and fyre and the vapour of smoke. 20 The sunne shalbe turned into darcknes, & the moone into bloude, before that great and notable daye of the Lorde come. 21 And it shall come to passe, that whosoeuer shall call on the name of the Lorde, shalbe saued. 22 Ye men of Israel, heare these wordes: Iesus of Nazareth a man aproued of God amonge you with myracles, wonders and sygnes, which God dyd by hym in the myddes of you (as ye youre selues knowe) 23 hym haue ye taken by the handes of vnryghtewes persones, after he was delyuered by the determinat counsell & foreknowledge of God, & haue crucifyed and slayne him: 24 whom God hath raysed vp, & loosed the sorowes of deeth, because it was vnpossible, that he shulde be holden of it. 25 For Dauid speaketh of him. A fore hande I sawe God alwayes before me: for he is on my ryght hande, that I shulde not be moued. 26 Therfore dyd my hert reioyce, & my tonge was glad. Moreouer also my flesshe shall rest in hope, 27 because thou wilt not leaue my soule in hell, nether wilt thou suffre thine holye to se corrupcion. 28 Thou hast shewed me the wayes of lyfe, thou shalt make me full of ioye with thy countenaunce. 29 Ye men and brethren, let me frely speake vnto you of the patriarke Dauid: For he is both deed and buryed, and hys sepulchre remayneth with vs vnto this daye. 30 Therfore, seinge he was a Prophet, and knewe that God had sworne with an othe to him, that Christ (as concerninge the flessh) shulde come of the frute of his loynes, and on hys seat, 31 he knowyng this before, spake of the resurreccyon of Chryst, that his soule shulde not be left in hell: nether hys flesshe shulde se corrupcyon. 32 This Iesus hath God raysed vp, wherof we all are witnesses. 33 Sence now that he by the ryght hande of God exalted is, and hath receaued of the father the promyse of the holy Goost, he hath sheed forth thys which ye now se and heare. 34 For Dauid is not ascendyd into heuen: but he sayeth: The Lord sayde to my Lorde: syt thou on my ryght hand, 35 vntyll I make thy fooes thy fote stole. 36 So therfore, let all the house of Israel knowe for a suerty, that God hath made that same Iesus (whom ye haue crucified) Lorde and Chryst. 37 When they hearde this, they were pricked in their hertes, and sayd vnto Peter, & vnto the other Apostles: Ye men & brethren what shall we do? 38 Peter sayde vnto them: repent of youre synnes, and be baptysed euery one of you in the name of Iesus Chryst for the remission of synnes, and ye shall receaue the gyfte of the holy goost. 39 For the promyse was made vnto you and to youre chyldren, and to all that are a farre of, euen as many as the Lorde oure God shall call. 40 And with many other wordes bare he witnes, and exhorted them, sayinge: Saue youre selues from this vntowarde generacion. 41 Then they that gladly receaued his preachinge, were baptised: and the same daye, ther were added vnto them aboute thre thousande soules. 42 And they continued in the Apostles doctrine and felowshyp, & in breakynge of bread, and in prayers. 43 And feare came ouer euery soule. And many wondres & signes were shewed by the Apostles. 44 And all that beleued, kept them selues together, & had all thynges commen, 45 and solde their possessions and goodes, and parted them to all men, as euery man had nede. 46 And they continued dayly with one accorde in the temple, & brake bread from house to house, & dyd eate their meate together, wt gladnes & singlenes of hert, 47 praysinge God, and had fauour with all the people. And the Lorde added to the congregacion dayly, soch as shulde be saued.

2 Timothy 3:1-5

1 Thys knowe, that in the last dayes shall come parelous tymes. 2 For men shalbe louers of theyr awne selues, coueteous, boasters, proude, cursed speakers, dysobedient to fathers and mothers, vnthankfull, vngodly, 3 vnkynde, trucebreakers, falseaccusars, riatours, fearce, despisers of them which are good, 4 traytours, heady, hye mynded, gredy vpon volupteousnes more then the louers of God, 5 hauynge a symilitude of godlynesse, but haue denyed the power therof: and soch abhorre.

Ezekiel 37:1-14

1 The hande of the Lorde came vpon me and caried me out in the sprete of the Lorde, and let me downe in a playne felde, that laye ful of bones, 2 and he led me rounde about by them: and beholde, the bones that laye vpon the felde, were very many, and maruelous drye also. 3 Then sayd he vnto me. Thou sonne of man: thinkest thou these bones maye lyue agayne? I answered O Lorde God, thou knowest. 4 And he sayde vnto me. Prophecy thou vpon these bones, and speake vnto them. Ye drye bones, heare the worde of the Lord. 5 Thus sayeth the Lorde God vnto these bones: Beholde, I wyll put breth into you, that ye may lyue: 6 I will geue yow synowes, and make fleshe growe vpon you, and couer you ouer with skinne: and so geue you breth, that ye may lyue, & knowe, that I am the Lorde. 7 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me. And as I was prophecyinge, there came a noyse & a great mocyon, so that the bones ranne euery one to another. 8 Now when I had loked, beholde, they had synowes, and fleshe grewe vpon them: and aboue they were couered with skynne, but there was no breth in them. 9 Then sayde he vnto me. Thou sonne of man, prophecye thou towarde the wynde: prophecy: and speake to the wynde. Thus sayeth the Lord God. Come (O thou ayre) from the foure wyndes, & blowe vpon these slayne that they may be restored to lyfe. 10 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me: then came the breth into them, and they receaued lyfe, and stode vp vpon their fete, a maruelous greate sorte. 11 Moreouer, he sayde vnto me: Thou sonne of man, these bones are the whole house of Israell. Beholde, they saye: Oure bones dried vp, oure hope is gone, we are clene cut of. 12 Therfore prophecie thou, and speake vnto them: thus saieth the Lord God. Beholde, I will open your graues (O my people) and take you out of your sepulcres, & brynge you into the lande of Israel agayne. 13 So shall ye knowe that I am the Lorde, when I open your graues, and bringe you out of them. 14 My sprete also will I put in you, and ye shall lyue: I will set you agayne in your awne lande, and ye shall knowe, that I am the Lord, which haue sayde it, and fulfilled it in dede.

James 4:8

8 Drawe nye to God, and he will drawe nye to you. Clense your handes ye siners, & pourge your hertes ye waueryng mynded.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 and yf they that are of my people, amonge whom my name is called vpon, do humble them selues, and make intercessyon, and seke my presence, and turne from their wycked wayes, then will I heare from heauen, and be mercyfull to their synne, & wyll heale their lande.

Isaiah 57:15

15 For thus sayeth the hye & excellent, euen he that dwelleth in euerlastyngnesse, whose name is the holy one: I dwell hye aboue and in the sanctuary, and wyth hym also, that is of a contrite and humble sprete do I dwell: that I maye heale a troubled mynde, and a contrite herte.

Psalms 85:6

6 Wylt thou not turne agayne & quycken vs, that thy people maye reioyse in the?

Psalms 80:19

19 Turne vs agayne, O Lorde God of Hostes, shewe the lyght of thy countenaunce, & we shalbe whole.

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