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Revelation 12:4

4 and hys tayle drue the thyrde parte of the starres and cast them to the erth. And the dragon stode before the woman whych was redy to be delyuered: for to deuoure her chylde as sone as it were borne.

2 Corinthians 12:2

2 d) Doutles, it is not expedient for me to boast, I wyll come to visyons and reuelacions of the Lord,

Genesis 1:2-3

2 The earth was voyde and emptye: and darcknes was vpon the face of the depe: and the sprete of God moued vpon the face of the waters. 3 And God sayde: let there be made lyght, and there was light made.

Isaiah 40:26

26 Lyft vp your eyes on hye, & consydre. who hath made those thinges, which come out by so great heapes? & he can call them all by their names. For there is nothing hid vnto the greatnesse of hys power, strength, & myght.

Revelation 8:12

12 And the fourth Angell blew, and the thyrde parte of the sunne was smytten, and the thirde parte of the mone, and the thyrde parte of starres: so that the thyrd part of them was darckned. And the daye was smytten, that the thyrde part of it shulde not shyne, & lykewyse the nyght.

Psalms 19:1

1 To the chaunter, a psalme of Dauid. The heauens declare the glory of God, and the firmament sheweth his handy worcke.

Genesis 1:1

1 In the begynnynge God created heauen and earthe.

Psalms 8:3-4

3 For I wyll consydre thy heauens, euen the worcke of thy fyngers: the moone & the starres whych thou hast ordeyned. 4 What is man, that thou art myndfull of hym? and the sonne of man, that thou visytest hym?

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