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Revelation 20:4

4 And I sawe seates, and they sat vpon them, & iudgement was geuen vnto them: and I sawe the soules of them that were beheaded for the wytnes of Iesu, and for the worde of God: & which had not worshipped the beast, nether his ymage, nether had taken his marke vpon their forheades, or in their handes: and they lyued, and raygned with Christ a .M. yere:

Revelation 2:1-29

1 Unto the messenger of the congregacyon of Ephesus wryte: these thynges sayth he, that holdeth the seuen starres in hys ryght hande, and that walketh in the myddes of the seuen golden candelstickes. 2 I knowe thy workes, and thy labour, & thy pacience, and how thou cannest not forbeare them whych are euyll: and hast examined them whych saye they are Apostles, and are not: & hast founde them lyars, 3 & hast suffred. And hast pacience: and for my names sake hast labored, and hast not faynted. 4 Neuerthelesse, I haue sum what agaynst the, because thou haste lefte thy fyrst loue. 5 Remember therfore from whence thou art fallen, & repent, and do the fyrst worckes. Or elles I wyll come vnto the shortly, & wyll remoue thy candelsticke out of his place, except thou repent. 6 But this thou hast, because thou hatest the dedes of the Nycolaitans, which dedes I also hate. 7 Lett hym that hath eares, heare what the sprete sayth vnto the congregacyons. To hym that ouercommeth, wyll I geue to eate of the tre of lyfe, which is in the myddes of the Paradyse of God. 8 And vnto the angell of the congregacyon of Smyrna wryte: These thynges sayth he that is fyrst, & the laste, which was deed, and is alyue. 9 I know thy workes & tribulacyon and pouerte, but thou art ryche. And I knowe the blasphemy of them, whych call them selues Iewes & are not: but are the congregacyon of Sathan. 10 Feare none of those thynges, which thou shalt suffre. Beholde, the deuyll shall caste some of you into preson, to tempte you, & ye shall haue tribulacyon ten dayes. Be faythfull vnto the deeth, and I wyll geue the a croune of lyfe. 11 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what the sprete sayth to the congregacyons. He that ouercommeth, shall not be hurt of the seconde deeth. 12 And to the messenger of the congregacyon in Pergamos wryte: This sayth he, which hath the sharpe swearde with two edges: 13 I knowe thy workes, & where thou dwellest, euen where Sathanas seat is, and thou kepest my name, & hast not denyed my fayth. And in my dayes Antipas was a faythfull wytnes of myne, whych was slayne amonge you, where Sathan dwelleth. 14 But I haue a fewe thynges agaynst the: because thou hast there, them that mayntayne the doctrine of Balam which taught in Balake, to put occasyon of synne before the chyldren of Israel, that they shulde eate of meate dedycat vnto ydoles, and commyt fornycacyon. 15 Euen so hast thou them that mayntayne the doctryne of the Nycolaitans, which thynge I hate. 16 But be conuerted, or elles I wyll come vnto the shortly, and wyll fight agaynst them with the swearde of my mouth. 17 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what the sprete sayth vnto the congregacyons. To hym that ouercommeth, wyll I geue to eate Manna that is hyd, & wyll geue hym a whyte stone, & in the stone a newe name wrytten, which no man knoweth, sauynge he that receaueth it. 18 And vnto the messenger of the congregacyon of Thyatira wryte. Thys sayth the sonne of God, which hath eyes lyke vnto a flamme of fyre, & hys fete are lyke brasse: 19 I knowe thy workes, & thy loue, seruyce, and fayth; and thy pacience, & thy dedes, which are mo at the last then at the fyrst. 20 Notwith standynge I haue a feaw thynges agaynst the, because thou sufferest that woman Iesabell, which called her selfe a Prophetise, to teache & to deceaue my seruauntes, to make them commyt fornycacyon, & to eate meates offered vp vnto ydoles. 21 And I gaue her space to repent of her fornycacyon, & she repented not. 22 Beholde, I wyll cast her into a beed: & them that commyt fornycacyon with her into gret aduersytie, excepte they turne from their deades. 23 And I wyll kyll her chyldren with deeth. And all the congregacyons shall knowe, that I am he which searcheth the reynes & hertes. And I wyll geue vnto euery one of you acordynge vnto hys workes. 24 Unto you I saye, and vnto other of them of Thyatira, as many as haue not this lernyng & which haue not knowen the depnes of Sathan (as they saye) I wyll put vpon you none other burthen, 25 but that which ye haue already. Holde fast tyll I come, 26 & whosoeuer ouercommeth & kepeth my workes vnto the ende, to hym wyll I geue power ouer nacyons, 27 & he shall rule them wt a rodde of yron: & as the vessels of a potter, shall they be broken to sheuers. Euen as I receaued of my father, 28 so wyll I geue hym the mornynge starre. 29 Let hym that hath eares, heare, what the sprete sayth to the congregacyons.

Revelation 17:1-18

1 And ther came one of the seuen Angels, whyche had the seuen vyalles: and talked wyth me, sayenge vnto me: come, I wyll shewe vnto the, the iudgement of the great whore that sytteth vpon many waters, 2 wyth whome haue commytted fornicacion the kynges of the erthe, and the inhabyters of the erth are droncken wyth the wyne of hir fornicacion. 3 And the sprete caryed me awaye in to the wyldernes. And I sawe a woman syt vpon a rose colored beast, full of names of blasphemye, whyche had seuen heades and ten hornes. 4 And the woman was arayed in purple and rose coloure, and decked wyth golde, precious stone, and pearles, and had a cup of golde in her hande, full of abhominacions and fylthynes of her fornicacion. 5 And in her forheade was a name written, a mystery, gret Babylon the mother of whordom and abominacions of the erth. 6 And I sawe the wyfe droncken wyth the bloude of saynctes, and with the bloude of the wytnesses of Iesu. And when I sawe her: I wondred with great meruayle. 7 And the Angell sayde vnto me: wherfore maruaylest thou? I wyll shewe the the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that beryth her, which hath seuen heades and ten hornes. 8 The beast that thon seest, was, and is not, and shall ascende out of the bottomlesse pyt, and shall go into perdicion, & they that dwel on the erth shall wondre (whose names are not written in the boke of lyfe from the begynnynge of the worlde) when they behold the beast that was and is not. 9 And here is a mynde that hath wysdome. The seuen heades are seuen mountaynes, on which the woman sytteth, 10 they are also seuen kynges. Fyue are fallen, and one is, and another is not yet come. And when he commeth, he must continew a shorte space. 11 And the beast that was, & is not, is euen the eyght and is one of the seuen, and shall go into destruccion. 12 And the ten hornes which thou sawest are ten kynges which haue receaued no kingdom as yet, but shall receaue power as kynges at one houre wyth the beast. 13 These haue one mynde, and shall geue their power and strength vnto the beast. 14 These shall fyght with the lambe, & the lambe shall ouercome them. For he is Lorde of lordes, and kynge of kynges, and they that are on his side, are called, and chosen, and faythfull. 15 And he sayde vnto me: the waters whych thou sawest, where the whore sitteth, are people, and folke, & nacions, and tonges. 16 And the ten hornes, which thou sawest vpon the beast, are they that shall hate the whore, & shall make her desolate and naked, & shall eate her flesshe, & burne her wyth fyre. 17 For God hath put in theyr hertes to fulfyll his wyll, & to do wyth one consent, for to geue their kyngdome vnto the beast, vntyll the wordes of God be fulfylled. 18 And the woman which thou sawest, is the great cytye, whiche raygneth ouer the kynges of the erth.

Philippians 4:13

13 I can do all thinges thorowe Christ which strengtheneth me.

Revelation 6:9-10

9 And when he had opened the fyft seale, I saw vnder the aultre the soules of them that were kylled for the worde of God, & for the testymony whych they had, 10 & they cryed with a lowde voyce, sayinge: How longe taryest thou Lord, holy & true, to iudge & to auenge oure bloud on them that dwel on the erth?

Romans 8:31-35

31 What shall we then saye to these thinges? yf God be on oure syde, who can be agaynst vs? 32 which spared not hys awne sonne, but gaue him for vs all: how can it be, that with hym he shulde not geue vs all thynges also? 33 Who shall laye eny thynge to the charge of Goddes chosen; it is God that iustyfyeth: 34 who is he that can condempne? it is Chryst which dyed, yee, rather which is rysen agayne, which is also on the ryght hande of God, and maketh intercessyon for us. 35 Who shall seperate vs from the loue of God? shall tribulacyon? or angusshe? or persecucyon? other honger? ether nakednesse? ether parell? ether swearde?

1 Peter 4:14-16

14 If ye be rayled vpon for the name of Christ, happie are ye. For the glory and the sprete of God resteth vpon you. On their parte he is euyll spoken of: but on youre parte he is glorifyed. 15 Se that none of you be punysshed as a murtherer, or as a thefe, or an euyll doar, or as a busybody in other mens matters. 16 If eny man suffre as a Christen man, let him not be ashamed: but let him glorifye God on this behalfe.

2 Timothy 3:12

12 Yee, and all they that wyll lyue godly in Christ Iesu shall suffre persecutyon.

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