Bible verses about illness | Geneva

Bible verses about "illness" | Geneva

John 3:16

16 For God so loued the worlde, that hee hath giuen his onely begotten Sonne, that whosoeuer beleeueth in him, should not perish, but haue euerlasting life.

Proverbs 12:1-28

1 He that loueth instruction, loueth knowledge: but he that hateth correction, is a foole. 2 A good man getteth fauour of the Lord: but the man of wicked immaginations will hee condemne. 3 A man cannot be established by wickednesse: but the roote of the righteous shall not be mooued. 4 A vertuous woman is the crowne of her husband: but she that maketh him ashamed, is as corruption in his bones. 5 The thoughtes of the iust are right: but the counsels of the wicked are deceitfull. 6 The talking of the wicked is to lye in waite for blood: but the mouth of the righteous will deliuer them. 7 God ouerthroweth the wicked, and they are not: but the house of the righteous shall stand. 8 A man shall be commended for his wisedome: but the froward of heart shalbe despised. 9 He that is despised, and is his owne seruant, is better then he that boasteth himselfe and lacketh bread. 10 A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the mercies of the wicked are cruell. 11 He that tilleth his lande, shalbe satisfied with bread: but he that followeth the idle, is destitute of vnderstanding. 12 The wicked desireth the net of euils: but the roote of the righteous giueth fruite. 13 The euill man is snared by the wickednesse of his lips, but the iust shall come out of aduersitie. 14 A man shalbe satiate with good things by the fruite of his mouth, and the recompence of a mans hands shall God giue vnto him. 15 The way of a foole is right in his owne eyes: but he that heareth counsell, is wise. 16 A foole in a day shall be knowen by his anger: but he that couereth shame, is wise. 17 He that speaketh trueth, will shewe righteousnes: but a false witnes vseth deceite. 18 There is that speaketh wordes like the prickings of a sworde: but the tongue of wise men is health. 19 The lip of trueth shall be stable for euer: but a lying tongue varieth incontinently. 20 Deceite is in the heart of them that imagine euill: but to the counsellers of peace shall be ioye. 21 There shall none iniquitie come to the iust: but the wicked are full of euill. 22 The lying lips are an abomination to the Lord: but they that deale truely are his delite. 23 A wise man concealeth knowledge: but the heart of the fooles publisheth foolishnes. 24 The hand of the diligent shall beare rule: but the idle shalbe vnder tribute. 25 Heauines in the heart of man doeth bring it downe: but a good worde reioyceth it. 26 The righteous is more excellent then his neighbour: but the way of the wicked will deceiue them. 27 The deceitfull man rosteth not, that hee tooke in hunting: but the riches of the diligent man are precious. 28 Life is in the way of righteousnesse, and in that path way there is no death.

Luke 15:7

7 I say vnto you, that likewise ioy shall be in heauen for one sinner that conuerteth, more then for ninetie and nine iust men, which neede none amendment of life.

1 Peter 1:7

7 That the triall of your faith, being much more precious then golde that perisheth (though it be tried with fire) might bee founde vnto your praise, and honour and glorie at the appearing of Iesus Christ:

Isaiah 26:3

3 By an assured purpose wilt thou preserue perfite peace, because they trusted in thee.

Romans 8:1

1 Now then there is no condemnation to them that are in Christ Iesus, which walke not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

Psalms 73:24-27

24 Thou wilt guide me by thy counsell, and afterward receiue me to glory. 25 Whom haue I in heauen but thee? and I haue desired none in the earth with thee. 26 My flesh fayleth and mine heart also: but God is the strength of mine heart, and my portion for euer. 27 For loe, they that withdrawe themselues from thee, shall perish: thou destroyest all them that goe a whoring from thee.

Psalms 89:8

8 O Lord God of hostes, who is like vnto thee, which art a mightie Lord, and thy trueth is about thee?

1 Corinthians 6:19

19 Knowe yee not, that your body is the temple of the holy Ghost, which is in you, whom ye haue of God? and yee are not your owne.

Psalms 29:11

11 The Lord shall giue strength vnto his people: the Lord shall blesse his people with peace.

Philippians 4:19

19 And my God shall fulfill all your necessities through his riches with glorie in Iesus Christ.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Knowe yee not, that your body is the temple of the holy Ghost, which is in you, whom ye haue of God? and yee are not your owne. 20 For yee are bought for a price: therefore glorifie God in your bodie, and in your spirit: for they are Gods.

1 Corinthians 1:18

18 For that preaching of the crosse is to them that perish, foolishnesse: but vnto vs, which are saued, it is the power of God.

John 16:33

33 These thinges haue I spoken vnto you, that in me ye might haue peace: in the world ye shall haue affliction, but be of good comfort: I haue ouercome the world.

Psalms 41:2-4

2 The Lord will keepe him, and preserue him aliue: he shalbe blessed vpon the earth, and thou wilt not deliuer him vnto the will of his enemies. 3 The Lord wil strengthen him vpon ye bed of sorow: thou hast turned al his bed in his sicknes. 4 Therefore I saide, Lord haue mercie vpon me: heale my soule, for I haue sinned against thee.

2 Corinthians 12:9

9 And he said vnto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my power is made perfect through weakenesse. Very gladly therefore will I reioyce rather in mine infirmities, that the power of Christ may dwell in me.

Psalms 34:17-20

17 The righteous crie, and the Lord heareth them, and deliuereth them out of all their troubles. 18 The Lord is neere vnto them that are of a contrite heart, and will saue such as be afflicted in Spirite. 19 Great are the troubles of the righteous: but the Lord deliuereth him out of them all. 20 He keepeth all his bones: not one of them is broken.

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