Bible verses about eternity | Geneva

Bible verses about "eternity" | Geneva

Genesis 2:17

17 But of the tree of knowledge of good and euill, thou shalt not eate of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof, thou shalt die the death.

Psalms 145:1-21

1 A Psalme of David of Praise. O my God and King, I will extold thee, and will blesse thy Name for euer and euer. 2 I will blesse thee dayly, and prayse thy Name for euer and euer. 3 Great is the Lord, and most worthy to be praysed, and his greatnes is incomprehensible. 4 Generation shall praise thy works vnto generation, and declare thy power. 5 I wil meditate of the beautie of thy glorious maiestie, and thy wonderfull workes, 6 And they shall speake of the power of thy fearefull actes, and I will declare thy greatnes. 7 They shall breake out into the mention of thy great goodnes, and shall sing aloude of thy righteousnesse. 8 The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great mercie. 9 The Lord is good to all, and his mercies are ouer all his workes. 10 All thy workes prayse thee, O Lord, and thy Saints blesse thee. 11 They shewe the glory of thy kingdome, and speake of thy power, 12 To cause his power to be knowen to the sonnes of men, and the glorious renoume of his kingdome. 13 Thy kingdome is an euerlasting kingdome, and thy dominion endureth throughout all ages. 14 The Lord vpholdeth all that fall, and lifteth vp all that are ready to fall. 15 The eyes of all waite vpon thee, and thou giuest them their meate in due season. 16 Thou openest thine hand, and fillest all things liuing of thy good pleasure. 17 The Lord is righteous in all his wayes, and holy in all his workes. 18 The Lord is neere vnto all that call vpon him: yea, to all that call vpon him in trueth. 19 He wil fulfill the desire of them that feare him: he also wil heare their cry, and wil saue them. 20 The Lord preserueth all them that loue him: but he will destroy all the wicked. 21 My mouth shall speake the prayse of the Lord, and all flesh shall blesse his holy Name for euer and euer.

Jeremiah 10:10

10 But the Lord is the God of trueth: he is the liuing God, and an euerlasting King: at his anger the earth shall tremble, and the nations cannot abide his wrath.

John 5:29

29 And they shall come foorth, that haue done good, vnto ye resurrection of life: but they that haue done euil, vnto the resurrection of condemnation.

Galatians 6:8

8 For hee that soweth to his flesh, shall of the flesh reape corruption: but hee that soweth to the spirit, shall of the spirit reape life euerlasting.

2 Thessalonians 2:15

15 Therefore, brethren, stand fast and keepe the instructions, which ye haue bene taught, either by worde, or by our Epistle.

John 1:12

12 But as many as receiued him, to them he gaue prerogatiue to be the sonnes of God, euen to them that beleeue in his Name.

Matthew 25:46

46 And these shall goe into euerlasting paine, and the righteous into life eternall.

Romans 6:23

23 For the wages of sinne is death: but the gift of God is eternall life, through Iesus Christ our Lord.

Ecclesiastes 3:11

11 He hath made euery thing beautifull in his time: also he hath set the worlde in their heart, yet can not man finde out the worke that God hath wrought from the beginning euen to the end.

John 6:50-71

50 This is that breade, which commeth downe from heauen, that hee which eateth of it, shoulde not die. 51 I am that liuing breade, which came downe from heauen: if any man eate of this breade, hee shall liue for euer: and the bread that I will giue, is my flesh, which I will giue for the life of the world. 52 Then the Iewes stroue among themselues, saying, Howe can this man giue vs his flesh to eate? 53 Then Iesus saide vnto them, Verely, verely I say vnto you, Except yee eate the flesh of the Sonne of man, and drinke his blood, yee haue no life in you. 54 Whosoeuer eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, hath eternall life, and I will raise him vp at the last day. 55 For my flesh is meat in deede, and my blood is drinke in deede. 56 Hee that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him. 57 As that liuing Father hath sent me, so liue I by the Father, and he that eateth me, euen he shall liue by me. 58 This is that bread which came downe from heauen: not as your fathers haue eaten Manna, and are deade. Hee that eateth of this bread, shall liue for euer. 59 These things spake he in the Synagogue, as he taught in Capernaum. 60 Many therefore of his disciples (when they heard this) sayde, This is an hard saying: who can heare it? 61 But Iesus knowing in himselfe, that his disciples murmured at this, saide vnto them, Doeth this offend you? 62 What then if yee should see that Sonne of man ascend vp where he was before? 63 It is the spirite that quickeneth: the flesh profiteth nothing: the woordes that I speake vnto you, are spirite and life. 64 But there are some of you that beleeue not: for Iesus knewe from the beginning, which they were that beleeued not, and who shoulde betray him. 65 And hee saide, Therefore saide I vnto you, that no man can come vnto mee, except it be giuen vnto him of my Father. 66 From that time, many of his disciples went backe, and walked no more with him. 67 Then sayde Iesus to the twelue, Will yee also goe away? 68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Master, to whome shall we goe? thou hast the wordes of eternall life: 69 And we beleeue and knowe that thou art that Christ that Sonne of the liuing God. 70 Iesus answered them, Haue not I chosen you twelue, and one of you is a deuill? 71 Now he spake it of Iudas Iscariot the sonne of Simon: for hee it was that shoulde betraie him, though he was one of the twelue.

Hebrews 9:27

27 And as it is appointed vnto men that they shall once die, and after that commeth the iudgement:

Isaiah 57:15

15 For thus sayth he that is hie and excellent, he that inhabiteth the eternitie, whose Name is the Holy one, I dwell in the high and holy place: with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirite to reuiue the spirite of the humble, and to giue life to them that are of a contrite heart.

Philippians 1:23

23 For I am distressed betweene both, desiring to be loosed and to be with Christ, which is best of all.

2 Thessalonians 1:9

9 Which shall be punished with euerlasting perdition, from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power,

John 5:24

24 Verely, verely I say vnto you, he that heareth my worde, and beleeueth him that sent me, hath euerlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation, but hath passed from death vnto life.

Psalms 90:2

2 Before the mountaines were made, and before thou hadst formed the earth, and the world, euen from euerlasting to euerlasting thou art our God.

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