Bible verses about "universe" | Coverdale

Job 26:10

10 He hath copased the waters wt certayne boundes, vntill the daye & night come to an ende.

Psalms 14:1

1 The foolish bodyes saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. They are corrupte, ad become abhominable in their doynges, there is not one yt doth good.

Job 26:7

7 He stretcheth out ye north ouer the emptie, & hageth ye earth vpo nothinge.

Isaiah 46:10

10 In the begynnynge of a thinge, I shewe the ende therof: and I tel before, thinges that are not yet come to passe. With one worde is my deuyce accomplished, & fulfilleth all my pleasure.

Romans 3:1-9:33

1 What furtheraunce then haue the Iewes? Or what avauntageth circucision? 2 Surely very moch. First Vnto them was commytted what God spake. 3 But where as some of them dyd not beleue theron, what then? Shulde their vnbeleue make the promes of God of none effecte? 4 God forbyd. Let it rather be thus, that God is true, and all me lyers. As it is wrytten: That thou mayest be iustified in thy sayenges, and shuldest ouercome, wha thou art iudged. 5 But yf it be so, that oure vnrighteousnes prayseth ye righteousnes of God, what shal we saye? Is God then vnrighteous, that he is angrie therfore? (I speake thus after the maner off men) 6 God forbyd. How mighte God the iudge ye worlde? 7 For yf the trueth of God be thorow my lye the more excellent vnto his prayse, why shulde I the be iudged yet as a synner? 8 & not rather to do thus (as we are euell spoken of, and as some reporte, that we shulde saye) Let vs do euell, yt good maye come therof. Whose danacio is inste. 9 What saye we then? Are we better then they? No, in no wyse: for we haue proued afore, yt both the Iewes and Grekes are all vnder synne. 10 As it is wrytte: There is none righteous, no not one. 11 There is none yt vnderstondeth, there is none that seketh after God. 12 They are all gone out of the waye, they are alltogether become vnprofitable: there is none that doeth good, no not one. 13 Their throte is an open sepulcre, with their tunges they haue disceaued, the poyson off Aspes is vnder their lippes. 14 Their mouth is full of cursynge and bytternesse. 15 Their fete are swifte to shed bloude. 16 Destruccion & wrechidnes are in their wayes, 17 and ye waye of peace haue they not knowne. 18 There is no feare of God before their eyes. 19 But we knowe, yt, what soeuer the lawe sayeth, it sayeth it vnto them which are vnder the lawe, yt euery mouthe maye be stopped, & yt all the worlde maye be detter vnto God, 20 because yt by ye dedes of the lawe no flesh maye be iustified in his sighte. For by the lawe commeth but the knowlege of synne. 21 But now without addinge to of ye lawe is the righteousnes which avayleth before God, declared, hauynge witnesse of ye lawe and the prophetes: 22 but I speake of ye righteousnes before God, which cometh by the faith on Iesus Christ, vnto all, and vpo all them that beleue.For here is no difference. 23 For they are all synners, and wate the prayse that God shulde haue of the, 24 but without deseruynge are they made righteous eue by his grace, thorow the redempcion that is done by Christ Iesu, 25 whom God hath set forth for a Mercyseate thorow faith in his bloude, to shewe the righteousnes which avayleth before him, in that he forgeueth the synnes, which were done before vnder the sufferaunce of God, which he suffred, 26 that at this tyme he mighte shewe ye righteousnes which avayleth before him: yt he onely mighte be righteous, & the righteous maker of him which is of the faith on Iesus. 27 Where is now then thy reioysinge? It is excluded. By what lawe? By the lawe of workes? Nay, but by the lawe of faith. 28 We holde therfore that a man is iustified by faith, without the workes of the lawe. 29 Or is God the God of the Iewes onely? Is he not also the God of the Heythen? Yes verely the God of the Heythen also, 30 for so moch as he is the God onely that iustifieth the circumcision which is of faith, and the vncircucision thorow faith. 31 Destroye we then the lawe thorow faith? God forbyd. But we mantayne the lawe.

Romans 4:1-9:33

1 What shal we saye the, that Abraha or father as pertayninge to ye flesh dyd fynde? 2 This we saye: Yf Abraham were made righteous thorow workes, then hath he wherin to reioyse, but not before God. 3 But what sayeth ye scripture? Abraha belened God, & yt was counted vnto him for righteousnes. 4 Vnto hi yt goeth aboute wt workes, is the rewarde not rekened of fauoure, but of dutye: 5 owbeit vnto him, yt goeth not aboute with workes, but beleueth on him yt iustifieth the vngodly, is his faith counted for righteousnes. 6 Euen as Dauid sayeth also, that blessednes is onely that mans, vnto who God counteth righteousnes without addinge to of workes, where he sayeth: 7 Blessed are they, whose vnrighteousnesses are forgeuen, and whose synnes are couered. 8 Blessed is the man, vnto whom the LORDE imputeth no synne. 9 Now this blessednes, goeth it ouer the circucision, or ouer the vncircumcision? We must nedes graunte, yt Abrahas faith was couted vnto hi for righteousnes. 10 How was it the rekened vnto him? In the circucision, or in the vncircumcision? Doutles not in the circucision, but in the vncircumcision. 11 As for the toke of circucision he receaued it for a seale off the righteousnes off faith, which he had yet in ye vncircusion, yt he shulde be a father of all the yt beleue, beinge in ye vncircucisio, yt it might be couted vnto the also for righteousnes: 12 & that he might be a father of circumcision, not onely of the that are of ye circumcision, but of them also that walke in the fotesteppes of the faith, which was in the vncircumcision of oure father Abraham. 13 For the promes (that he shulde be ye heyre of the worlde) was not made vnto Abraham or to his sede thorow the lawe, but thorow the righteousnes of faith. 14 For yf they which are of the lawe be heyres, the is faith vayne, and the promes of none effecte, 15 for so moch as the lawe causeth but wrath. For where the lawe is not, there is also no transgression. 16 Therfore was the promes made thorow fayth, that it myght come off fauoure, wherby the promesse myghte be made sure vnto all the sede: not onely vnto him which is off the lawe, but also vnto him that is of the faith of Abraha which is the father of vs all. 17 As it is wrytten: I haue made the a father of many Heythe before God, whom thou hast beleued: which quyckeneth the deed, and calleth it which is not, that it maye be. 18 And he beleued vpo hope, where nothinge was to hope, that he shulde be a father of many Heythen. Acordinge as it was sayde vnto him: 19 Euen so shal thy sede be. And he was not faynte in faith, nether cosidred his awne body, which was deed allready, whyle he was almost an hundreth yeare olde, nether the deed wombe of Sara. 20 For he douted not in the promes of God thorow vnbeleue, but was stroge in faith, and gaue God the prayse: 21 & was sure, that loke what God promyseth, he is able to make it good. 22 And therfore was it rekened vnto him for righteousnes. 23 But this is not wrytte onely for his sake, yt it was counted vnto him, 24 but also for oure sakes: vnto who it shalbe counted, yf we beleue on him, that raysed vp oure LORDE Iesus from the deed. 25 Which was geuen for oure synnes, and raysed vp for oure righteousnesse sake.

Romans 5:1-9:33

1 Because therfore that we are iustified by faith, we haue peace with God thorow oure LORDE Iesus Christ 2 by who also we haue an intraunce in faith vnto this grace, wherin we stonde, & reioyse in the hope of ye glorye for to come, which God shal geue. 3 Not onely yt, but we reioyse also i troubles, for so moch as we knowe, yt trouble bryngeth paciece, 4 paciece bryngeth experiece, experiece bryngeth hope: 5 As for hope, is letteth vs not come to cofusion, because the loue of God is shed abrode in oure hertes, by the holy goost which is geuen vnto vs. 6 For whan we were yet weake acordinge to the tyme, Christ dyed for vs vngodly. 7 Now dyeth there scace eny man for the righteous sake: Peraduenture for a good man durst one dye. 8 Therfore doth God set forth his loue towarde vs, in yt Christ dyed for vs,whan we were yet synners: 9 Moch more then shal we be saued from wrath by him seynge we are now made righteous thorow his bloude. 10 For yf we were recocyled vnto God by ye death of his sone, wha we were yet enemies: moch more shal we be saued by him, now yt we are reconcyled. 11 Not onely that, but we reioyse also in God thorow oure LORDE Iesus Christ, by whom we haue now receaued the attonement. 12 Wherfore as by one man synned entred in to the worlde, and death by ye meanes off synne: 13 euen so wente death also ouer all men, in so moch as they all haue synned. For synne was in ye worlde vnto the lawe: but where no lawe is, there is not synne regarded. 14 Neuertheles death reigned from Adam vnto Moses, euen ouer them also that synned not with like trangression as dyd Adam, which is ye ymage of him yt was to come. 15 But it is not with the gifte as with the synne: for yf thorow the synne of one many be deed, yet moch more plenteously came the grace and gifte of God vpon many by the fauoure that belonged vnto one man Iesus Christ. 16 And the gifte is not onely ouer one synne, as death came thorow one synne of one that synned. For the iudgment came of one synne vnto condempnacion, but the gifte to iustifye fro many synnes. 17 For yf by ye synne of one, death raigned by the meanes of one, moch more shal they which receaue the abudaunce of grace and of the gifte vnto righteousnes, raigne in life by ye meanes of one Iesus Christ. 18 Likewyse the as by the synne of one, condemnacion came on all men, euen so also by the righteousness of one, came the iustififienge off life vpon all men. 19 For as by the disobedience of one, many became synners, euen so by the obedience of one shal many be made righteous. 20 But the lawe in the meane tyme entred, that synne shulde increace. Neuertheles where abundaunce of synne was, there was yet more plenteousnes of grace: 21 that, like as synne had reigned vnto death, eue so mighte grace reigne also thorow righteousnes to euerlastinge life by the meanes of Iesus Christ.

Romans 6:1-9:33

1 What shal we saye then? Shal we contynue in synne, that there maye be abundaunce of grace? 2 God forbyd. How shal we lyue in synne, yt are deed from it? 3 Knowe ye not, that all we which are baptysed into Iesu Christ, are baptysed in to his death? 4 Therfore are we buried wt him by baptyme in to death, that, like as Christ was raysed vp from the deed by the glory of the father, euen so we also shulde walke in a new life. 5 For yf we be grafted wt him vnto like death, then shal we be like the resurreccion also: 6 For so moch as we knowe, that oure olde man is crucified with him, that the synfull body mighte ceasse, that hence forth we shulde serue synne no more. 7 For he that is deed, is made righteous fro synne 8 But yf we be deed with Christ, we beleue, that we shal lyue also with him, 9 and are sure, that Christ raysed from the deed, dyeth nomore: Death shal haue nomore power ouer him. 10 For as touchinge that he dyed, he dyed cocernynge synne once: but as touchinge that he lyueth, he lyueth vnto God. 11 Likewyse ye also, counte youre selues to be euen deed concernynge synne, and to lyue vnto God thorow Iesus Christ oure LORDE. 12 Let not synne reigne therfore in youre mortall bodye, that ye shulde obeye vnto the lustes of it. 13 ether geue ye ouer youre membres vnto synne to be wapens of vnrighteousnes, but geue ouer youre selues vnto God, as they that off deed are become lyuynge, and youre membres vnto God to be wapes off righteousnes. 14 For synne shal not haue power ouer you, in so moch as ye are not vnder the lawe, but vnder grace. 15 How then? Shal we synne, because we are not vnder ye lawe, but vnder grace? God forbyd. 16 Knowe ye not, that loke vnto who ye geue ouer youre selues as seruauntes to obeye, his seruauntes ye are to whom ye obey, whether it be of synne vnto death, or of obediece vnto righteousnes? 17 But God be thanked, that though ye haue bene the seruauntes of synne, ye are now yet obedient of herte to the ensample off the doctryne, whervnto ye are commytted. 18 For now that ye are made fre from synue, ye are become the seruauntes of righteousnes. 19 I wil speake grosly, because of the weaknes of youre flesh. Like as ye haue geuen ouer youre membres to the seruyce of vnclennesse, from one wickednesse to another: Eue so now also geue ouer youre membres to the seruyce of righteousnesse, that they maye be holy. 20 For whan ye were the seruauntes of synne, ye were lowse from righteousnes. 21 What frute had ye at that tyme in those thinges, wherof ye are now ashamed? For the ende of soch thinges is death. 22 But now that ye be fre from synne, and are become the seruauntes of God, ye haue youre frute that ye shulde be holy: but the ende is euerlastinge life. 23 For death is the rewarde of synne, but the gifte of God is euerlastinge life.

Romans 7:1-9:33

1 Knowe ye not brethren (for I speake vnto them that knowe the lawe) how that ye lawe hath power vpon a man as longe as he lyueth? 2 For the woman yt is in subieccion to the man, is bounde vnto the lawe whyle the man lyueth: but yf the man dye, then is she lowsed from the lawe that concerneth the man. 3 Yf she be now with another man, whyle the man lyueth, she shal be called a wedlocke breaker. But yf the man be deed, then is she fre from the lawe, so that she is no wedlocke breaker, yf she be with another man. 4 Euen so my brethren, ye also are deed vnto the lawe by the body of Christ, that ye shulde be with another (namely wt him which is raysed vp from the deed) that we shulde brynge forth frute vnto God. 5 For whan we were in the flesh, the synfull lustes (which were stered vp by the lawe) were mightie in oure membres to brynge forth frute vnto death. 6 But now are we lowsed from the lawe, and deed vnto it, that helde vs captyue, so that we shulde serue in a new conuersacion of the sprete, and not in the olde conuersacion of the letter. 7 What shal we saye then? Is the lawe synne? God forbyd: Neuertheles I knewe not synne, but by ye lawe. For I had knowne nothinge of lust, yf the lawe had not sayde: Thou shalt not lust. 8 But then toke synne occasion at the commaundement, and stered vp in me all maner of lust. For without the lawe synne was deed. 9 As for me, I lyued some tyme without lawe. Howbeit whan the commaundement came, synne reuyued, but I was deed. 10 And the very same commaundement that was geuen me vnto life, was founde to be vnto me on occasion of death. 11 For synne toke occasion at the comaundement, and disceaued me, and slewe me by the same commaundement. 12 The lawe in dede is holy, and the commaundement holy, iust and good. 13 Is that then which is good, become death vnto me? God forbyd. But synne, that it mighte appeare how yt it is synne, hath wroughte me death thorow good: that synne mighte be out of measure synfull by the commaundement. 14 For we knowe, that the lawe is spirituall, but I am carnall, solde vnder synne: 15 because I knowe not what I do. For I do not yt I will, but what I hate, yt do I. 16 Yf I do now that which I wil not, the graunte I, that the lawe is good. 17 So then it is not I that do it, but synne that dwelleth in me: 18 for I knowe that in me (yt is, in my flesh) there dwelleth no good thinge.To wyll is present wt me, but to perfourme yt which is good, 19 I fynde not. For ye good that I wyll, do I not: but the euell which I wil not, that do I. 20 Yf I do now that I wil not, then is it not I that do it, but synne that dwelleth in me. 21 Thus fynde I now by the lawe, yt whan I wyl do good, euell is present with me. 22 For I delite in the lawe of God after the inwarde man: 23 but I se another lawe in my membres, which stryueth agaynst ye lawe of my mynde, and taketh me presoner in ye lawe of synne, which is in my membres. 24 O wretched man that I am, who shal delyuer me from the body of this death? 25 I thanke God thorow Iesus Christ oure LORDE. So then wt the mynde I serue ye lawe of God, but with the flesh the lawe of synne.

Romans 8:1-9:33

1 Then is there now no damnacion vnto the that are in Christ Iesu, which walke not after the flesh, but after ye sprete. 2 For ye lawe of ye sprete (yt bryngeth life i Christ Iesu) hath made me fre fro the lawe of synne & death. 3 For what vnpossible was vnto ye lawe (in as moch as it was weake because of the flesh) yt perfourmed God, & sent his sonne in ye similitude of synfull flesh, 4 & by synne daned synne in ye flesh: that the righteousnes requyred of the lawe, mighte be fulfylled in vs, which walke not after the flesh, but after the sprete. 5 For they that are fleshly, are fleshly mynded: but they that are goostly, are goostly mynded. 6 To be fleshly mynded, is death: but to be goostly mynded, is life and peace. 7 For to be fleshly mynded is enemyte agaynst. God, syth it is not subdued vnto ye lawe of God, for it can not also. 8 As for the that are fleshlye, they can not please God. 9 Howbeit ye are not fleshly, but goostly, yf so be that the sprete of God dwell in you. But who so hath not the sprete of Christ, the same is not his. 10 Neuertheles yf Christ be in you, then is the body deed because of synne. But the sprete is life for righteousnes sake. 11 Wherfore yf the sprete of him, that raysed vp Iesus from the deed, dwell in you, then shal euen he also that raysed vp Christ from the deed, quycke youre mortal bodies, because yt his sprete dwelleth in you. 12 Therfore brethre we are now detters, not to the flesh, 13 to lyue after the flesh: for yf ye lyue after ye fleshe, ye must dye: but yf ye mortyfye the dedes of the body thorow the sprete, ye shal lyue. 14 For who so euer are led by the sprete of God, 15 are Gods childre: for ye haue not receaued the sprete of bondage to feare eny more, but ye haue receaued ye sprete of adopcion, wherby we crye: Abba, deare father. 16 The same sprete certifieth oure sprete, that we are the childre of God. 17 Yf we be childre, then are we heyres also, namely the heyres of God, and heyres annexed with Christ, yf so be that we suffer together, that we maye be also glorified together. 18 For I suppose, that the affliccions off this tyme, are not worthy of ye glorye, which shalbe shewed vpon vs. 19 For the feruent loginge of ye creature loketh for the appearinge of the children of God, 20 because the creature is subdued vnto vanyte agaynst hir will, but for his wyll that hath subdued her vpon hope. 21 For the creature also shal be fre from the bondage of corrupcion, vnto the glorious libertye of the childre of God. 22 For we knowe, that euery creature groneth, and trauayleth with vs in payne vnto the same tyme. 23 Not they only, but we oure selues also, which haue the first frutes of the sprete, grone within in oure selues for the childshippe, and loke for ye delyueraunce of oure bodye. 24 For we are saued i dede, howbeit i hope: but ye hope that is sene, is no hope: for how can a man hope for that which he seyeth? 25 But yf we hope for that which we se not, the do we thorow pacience abyde for it. 26 Likewyse the sprete also helpeth oure weaknesse: for we knowe not what we shulde desyre as we oughte: neuertheles ye sprete it selfe maketh intercession mightely for vs with vnoutspeakable gronynges. 27 Howbeit he yt searcheth the hert, knoweth what the mynde of the sprete is: for he maketh intercession for the sayntes acordinge to the pleasure of God. 28 But sure we are, that all thinges serue for the best vnto them that loue of God, which are called of purpose. 29 For those whom he knewe before, hath he ordeyned also before, yt they shulde be like fashioned vnto ye shappe of his sonne, yt he mighte be the first begotte amoge many brethre. 30 As for those whom he hath ordeyned before, them hath he called also: and whom he hath called, the hath he also made righteous: and whom he hath made righteous, them hath he glorified also. 31 What shal we saye then vnto these thinges? Yff God be on oure syde, who can be agaynst vs. 32 Which spared not his owne sonne, but hath geuen him for vs all: how shal he not with him geue vs all thinges also? 33 Who wyl laye enythinge to ye charge of Gods chosen? Here is God that maketh righteous, 34 who wil then condemne? Here is Christ that is deed, yee rather which is raysed vp agayne, which is also on ye righte hande of God, and maketh intercession for vs. 35 Who will separate vs from the loue of God? Trouble? or anguysh? or persecucio? or honger? or nakednesse? or parell? or swerde? 36 As it is wrytten: For thy sake are we kylled all the daye longe, we are counted as shepe appoynted to be slayne. 37 Neuerthelesse in all these thinges we ouercome farre, for his sake that loued vs. 38 For sure I am, that nether death ner life, nether angell, ner rule, nether power, nether thinges present, nether thinges to come, 39 nether heyth, ner loweth, nether eny other creature shalbe able to separate vs from the loue of God, which is in Christ Iesu oure LORDE.

Romans 9:1-33

1 I saye the trueth in Christ, and lye not (wherof my conscience beareth me witnesse in the holy goost) 2 that I haue greate heuynesse & contynuall sorowe in my hert. 3 I haue wysshed my selfe to be cursed from Christ for my brethren, that are my kynsmen after the flesh, 4 which are off Israel: vnto whom pertayneth the childshippe, and the glory, and the couenauntes and lawe, and the seruyce of God, and the promyses: 5 whose are also the fathers, off whom (after the flesh) commeth Christ, which is God ouer all, blessed for euer, Ame. 6 But I speake not these thinges, as though the worde of God were of none effecte: for they are not all Israelites, which are of Israel: 7 nether are they all children, because they are the sede of Abraham: but in Isaac shal the sede be called 8 vnto the, that is, They which are children after the flesh, are not the children of God, but the children of the promes are counted for the sede. 9 For this is a worde of the promes, where he sayeth: Aboute this tyme wyl I come, and Sara shal haue a sonne. 10 Howbeit it is not so with this onely, but also whan Rebecca was with childe by one (namely by oure father Isaac) 11 or euer the childre were borne, & had done nether good ner bad (that the purpose of God might stode acordinge to the eleccion, not by the deseruynge of workes, but by the grace of the caller) 12 it was sayde thus vnto her: The greater shal serue the lesse. 13 As it is wrytten: Iacob haue I loued, but Esau haue I hated. 14 What shal we saye then? Is God then vnrighteous? God forbyd. 15 For he sayeth vnto Moses: I shewe mercy, to whom I shewe mercy: and haue copassion, 16 on who I haue compassion. So lyeth it not then in eny mans wyll or runnynge, but in the mercy of God. 17 For the scripture sayeth vnto Pharao: For this cause haue I stered the vp, euen to shewe my power on the, that my name mighte be declared in all lodes. 18 Thus hath he mercy on whom he wyl: and whom he wyl, he hardeneth. 19 Thou wilt saye then vnto me: Why blameth he vs yet? For who can resiste his will? 20 O thou man, who art thou, that disputest with God? Sayeth the worke to his workman: Why hast thou made me on this fashion? 21 Hath not the potter power, out of one lompe of claye to make one vessell vnto honoure, and another vnto dishonoure? 22 Therfore whan God wolde shewe wrath, and to make his power knowne, he broughte forth with greate pacience the vessels off wrath, which are ordeyned to damnacion: 23 that he mighte declare the riches off his glorye on ye vessels of mercy, which he hath prepared vnto glorye, 24 whom he hath called (namely vs) not onely of the Iewes, but also of the Gentyles. 25 As he sayeth also by Osee: I wil call that my people, which is not my people: and my beloued, which is not ye beloued. 26 And it shal come to passe in ye place, where it was sayde vnto them: Ye are not my people, there shal they be called the children of the lyuynge God. 27 But Esay crieth ouer Israel: Though the nombre of the children of Israel be as the sonde of the see, yet shal there but a remnaunt be saued. 28 For there is the worde, that fynisheth and shorteneth in righteousnes: for a shorte worde shal God make vpon earth. 29 And as Esay sayde before: Excepte the LORDE of Sabbaoth had lefte vs sede, we shulde haue bene as Sodoma, and like vnto Gomorra. 30 What shal we saye then? This wil we saye: The Heythen which folowed not righteousnes, haue ouertaken righteousnes: but I speake of the righteousnes that commeth of faith. 31 Agayne, Israel folowed the lawe of righteousnes, and attayned not vnto the lawe of righteousnes. 32 Why so? Euen because they soughte it not out of faith, but as it were out of the deseruynge of workes. For they haue stombled at the stomblinge stone. 33 As it is wrytten: Beholde, I laye in Sion a stone to stoble at, and a rocke to be offended at: and who so euer beleueth on him, shal not be confounded.

2 Peter 3:10

10 Neuertheles the daye of the LORDE shal come euen as a thefe in the night: in the which (daye) the heauens shal perishe with a greate noyse, and the Elementes shal melte with heate, and the earth and ye workes that are therin, shal burne.

Genesis 6:4

4 There were giauntes also in the worlde at that tyme. For whan the children of God had lyen with the daughters of men, and begotten them children, ye same (children) became mightie in the worlde, and men of renowne.

Psalms 90:4

4 For a thousande yeares in thy sight are but as yesterdaye that is past, and like as it were a night watch.

Genesis 1:14

14 And God sayde: let there be lightes in ye firmament of heauen, to deuyde the daye fro the night, that they maye be vnto tokes, seasons, dayes, and yeares.

Isaiah 4:5

5 Morouer vpon all the dwellinges of the hill of Sion and vpon their whole congregacion, shal the LORDE prouyde a cloude and smoke by daye, and the shyninghe of a flammynge fyre by night, for all their glory shalbe preserued.

Genesis 1:26

26 And God sayde: let vs make man in or similitude after oure licknesse, that he maye haue rule ouer the fysh of the see, and ouer the foules vnder ye heauen, and ouer catell, and ouer all the earth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on ye earth.

Genesis 1:2

2 and ye earth was voyde and emptie, and darcknes was vpon the depe, & ye sprete of God moued vpo the water.

Isaiah 40:22

22 That he sytteth vpon the Circle of the worlde, and that all the inhabitours of the worlde are in coparison of him, but as greshoppers: That he spredeth out the heaues as a coueringe, that he stretcheth them out, as. a tent to dwell in:

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In ye begynnynge God created heauen & earth: 2 and ye earth was voyde and emptie, and darcknes was vpon the depe, & ye sprete of God moued vpo the water. 3 And God sayde: let there be light, & there was light. 4 And God sawe the light that it was good. Then God deuyded ye light from the darcknes, 5 and called the light, Daye: and the darcknes, Night Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the first daye. 6 And God sayde: let there be a firmament betwene the waters, and let it deuyde ye waters a sunder. 7 Then God made ye firmamet, and parted the waters vnder the firmamet, from the waters aboue the firmament: And so it came to passe. 8 And God called ye firmament, Heauen. Then of the euenynge & mornynge was made the seconde daye. 9 And God sayde: let the waters vnder heauen gather theselues vnto one place, yt the drye londe maye appeare. And so it came to passe. 10 And God called ye drye londe, Earth: and the gatheringe together of waters called he, ye See. And God sawe yt it was good. 11 And God sayde: let ye earth bringe forth grene grasse and herbe, that beareth sede: & frutefull trees, that maye beare frute, euery one after his kynde, hauynge their owne sede in them selues vpon the earth. And so it came to passe. 12 And the earth brought forth grene grasse and herbe, yt beareth sede euery one after his kynde, & trees bearinge frute, & hauynge their owne sede in them selues, euery one after his kynde. And God sawe that it was good. 13 Then of the euenynge & mornynge was made the thirde daye. 14 And God sayde: let there be lightes in ye firmament of heauen, to deuyde the daye fro the night, that they maye be vnto tokes, seasons, dayes, and yeares. 15 And let them be lightes in ye firmament of heauen, to shyne vpon the earth: And so it came to passe. 16 And God made two greate lightes: one greater light to rule the daye, and a lesse light to rule the night, and (he made) starres also. 17 And God set them in the firmament of heauen, yt they might shyne vpo earth, 18 and to rule the daye and the night, and to deuyde the light from darcknes. And God sawe that it was good. 19 Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the fourth daye. 20 And God sayde: let the waters brynge forth creatures that moue and haue life, & foules for to flye aboue the earth vnder the firmamet of heauen. 21 And God created greate whalles, and all maner of creatures that lyue and moue, which the waters brought forth euery one after his kynde: and all maner of fethered foules, euery one after his kynde. And God sawe that it was good, 22 and blessed them, sayenge: Growe, and multiplie, and fyll the waters of the sees, and let the foules multiplie vpon the earth. 23 Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the fifth daye. 24 And God sayde: let ye earth brynge forth lyuynge soules, euery one after his kynde: catell, wormes & what as hath life vpon earth, euery one after his kynde. And so it came to passe. 25 And God made ye beastes of the earth euery one after his kynde, and catell after their kynde, and all maner wormes of the earth after their kynde. And God sawe that it was good. 26 And God sayde: let vs make man in or similitude after oure licknesse, that he maye haue rule ouer the fysh of the see, and ouer the foules vnder ye heauen, and ouer catell, and ouer all the earth, and ouer all wormes that crepe on ye earth. 27 And God created man after his licknesse: after ye licknesse of God created he him, male & female created he them. 28 And God blessed them, and sayde vnto them: Growe, and multiplie, and fyll the earth, and subdue it, & haue domynion ouer the fish of the see, and ouer the foules of the ayre, and ouer all the beastes that crepe vpo the earth. 29 And God sayde: lo, I haue geuen you all maner herbes that beare sede vpon the whole earth, and all maner frutefull trees that beare sede, to be meate for you. 30 And to all beastes of the earth, and to all foules vnder the heauen, and to euery worme that hath life (vpon earth) all maner grene herbes to eate. And so it came to passe. 31 And God behelde all yt he had made, and lo, they were exceadinge good. Then of the euenynge and mornynge was made the sixte daye.

Psalms 19:1

1 The very heaues declare the glory off God, ad the very firmamet sheweth his hadye worke.

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