Bible verses about resurrection | Coverdale

Bible verses about "resurrection" | Coverdale

Ezekiel 37:1-14

1 The honde of the LORDE came vpon me, & caried me out in the sprete of the LORDE, & let me downe in a playne felde, that laye full of bones, 2 & he led me rounde aboute by them: & beholde, the bones that laye vpon the felde, were very many, & maruelous drye also. 3 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man: thinkest thou these bones maye lyue agayne? I answered: O LORDE God, thou knowest. 4 And he sayde vnto me: Prophecy thou vpon these bones, & speake vnto them: Ye drye bones, heare the worde of the LORDE. 5 Thus saieth the LORDE God vnto these bones: Beholde, I will put breth in to you, that ye maye lyue: 6 I wil geue you synowes, & make flesh growe vpon you, & couer you ouer with skynne: & so geue you breth, that ye maye lyue, and knowe, that I am the LORDE. 7 So I prophecied, as he had comaunded me. And as I was prophecienge, there came a noyse and a greate mocion, so that the bones ranne euery one to another. 8 Now whe I had loked, beholde, they had synowes, and flesh grewe vpon them: and aboue they were couered with skynne, but there was no breth in them. 9 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, prophecie thou towarde the wynde: prophecy, and speake to the wynde: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Come (o thou ayre) from the foure wyndes, & blowe vpon these slayne, that they maye be restored to life. 10 So I prophecied, as he had commaunded me: Then came the breth tnto them, and they receaued life, and stode vp vpon their fete, a maruelous greate sorte. 11 Morouer, he sayde vnto me: Thou sonne of man, these bones are the whole house of Israel. Beholde, they saye: oure bones are dryed vp, oure hope is gone, we are clene cut of. 12 Therfore prophecie thou, & speake vnto them. Thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, I wil open youre graues (o my people) & take you out of youre sepulcres, & bringe you in to the londe of Israel agayne. 13 So shall ye knowe yt I am the LORDE, when I open youre graues, & bringe you out of them. 14 My sprete also wil I put in you, & ye shal lyue: I wil set you agayne in youre owne londe, and ye shal knowe, that I am the LORDE, which haue sayde it, and fulfilled it in dede.

Matthew 12:40

40 For as Ionas was thre dayes and thre nightes in the Whalles bely, so shal the sonne of ma be thre dayes and thre nightes in the hert of the earth.

John 5:21

21 For as the father rayseth vp the deed, and maketh them lyue, eue so the sonne also maketh lyuynge whom he wyll.

John 5:29

29 and shal go forth, they that haue done good, vnto the resurreccion of life: but they that haue done euell, vnto the resurreccion of damnacion.

John 11:23-25

23 Iesus sayde vnto her: Thy brother shal ryse agayne. 24 Martha sayde vnto hi: I knowe, yt he shal ryse agayne in the resurreccion at ye last daye. 25 Iesus saide vnto her: I am the resurreccion & the life He yt beleueth on me, shal lyue, though he were deed allready:

Romans 4:16-21

16 Therfore was the promes made thorow fayth, that it myght come off fauoure, wherby the promesse myghte be made sure vnto all the sede: not onely vnto him which is off the lawe, but also vnto him that is of the faith of Abraha which is the father of vs all. 17 As it is wrytten: I haue made the a father of many Heythe before God, whom thou hast beleued: which quyckeneth the deed, and calleth it which is not, that it maye be. 18 And he beleued vpo hope, where nothinge was to hope, that he shulde be a father of many Heythen. Acordinge as it was sayde vnto him: 19 Euen so shal thy sede be. And he was not faynte in faith, nether cosidred his awne body, which was deed allready, whyle he was almost an hundreth yeare olde, nether the deed wombe of Sara. 20 For he douted not in the promes of God thorow vnbeleue, but was stroge in faith, and gaue God the prayse: 21 & was sure, that loke what God promyseth, he is able to make it good.

1 Corinthians 15:35-57

35 But some man mighte saye: How shal the deed aryse? And with what maner off body shal they come? 36 Thou foole, yt which thou sowest is not quyckened, excepte it dye. 37 And what sowest thou? thou sowest not ye body that shalbe, but a bare corne, namely of wheate, or of some other. 38 But God geueth it a body as he wil, and vnto euery one of ye sedes his owne body. 39 All flesshe is not one maner of flesshe, but there is one maner flesshe of men, another of beastes, another of fisshes, another of byrdes. 40 And there are heauenly bodies, and there are earthy bodies: but the heauenly haue one glory, and ye earthy another. 41 The Sonne hath one clearnes, the Moone hath another clearnesse, and the starres haue another clearnesse, for one starre excelleth another in clearnesse: 42 Euen so the resurreccion of the deed. It is sowne in corrupcion,and shal ryse in vncorrupcion: 43 It is sowne in dishonoure, & shal ryse in glory:It is sowne in weaknesse, and shal ryse in power: It is sowne a naturall body, & shal ryse a spirituall body. 44 Yf there be a naturall body, there is a spirituall body also. 45 As it is wrytten: The first man Adam was made in to a naturall life, and the last Ada in to a spiritual life. 46 Howbeit the spirituall body is not the first, but ye naturall, and then the spirituall. 47 The first man is of the earth, earthy: ye seconde ma is fro heaue, heauely. 48 As the earthy is, soch are they also that are earthy: and as ye heauenly is, soch are they also yt are heauenly. 49 And as we haue borne the ymage of the earthy, so shal we beare the ymage of the heauenly also. 50 This I saye brethren, that flesh & bloude can not inheret ye kyngdome of God: nether shal corrupcion inheret vncorrupcion. 51 Beholde, I saye vnto you a mystery: We shal not all slepe, but we shall all be chaunged, 52 and that sodenly and in the twinklynge of an eye, at the tyme of the last trompe. For the trompe shal blowe, and the deed shal ryse vncorruptible, and we shalbe chaunged. 53 For this corruptible must put on vncorrupcion, and this mortall must put on immortalite. 54 But whan this corruptible shal put on vncorrupcion, and this mortall shal put on immortalite, the shal the worde be fulfylled that is wrytte: 55 Death is swalowed vp in victory. Death, where is thy stynge? Hell, where is yi victory? 56 The stynge of death is synne: The strength of synne is the lawe. 57 But thankes be vnto God, which hath geue vs the victory thorow oure LORDE Iesus Christ.

Isaiah 26:19

19 But as for thy dead men and ours, that be departed, they are in life and resurrection. They lie in the earth, they wake, & haue ioye: for yi dew is a dew of life & light. But ye place of the malicious Tyrauntes is falle awaye.

Mark 16:1-20

1 And whan the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, & Mary Iames, and Salome, bought spyces, yt they might come, & anoynte hi. 2 And they came to the sepulcre vpo a daye of ye Sabbathes very early, wha ye Sonne arose, 3 & sayde one to another: Who shal rolle vs ye stone fro ye dore of the sepulcre? 4 And whan they loked, they sawe, that the stone was rolled awaye: for it was a very greate one. 5 And they wente in to the sepulcre, and on the right hande they sawe a yonge man syttinge, which had a longe whyte garmet vpon him, and they were abasshed. 6 But he sayde vnto the: Be not ye afrayed, ye seke Iesus of Nazareth which was crucified: he is rysen, he is not here. Beholde, ye place, where they layed him. 7 But go ye youre waye, and tell his disciples and Peter, that he wil go before you in to Galile, there shal ye se him as he sayde vnto you. 8 And they wente forth in all the haist, and fled from the sepulcre: for there was a tremblynge & feare come vpon them, nether sayde they eny thinge to eny man, for they were afrayed. 9 But Iesus, whan he was rysen vp early vpo the first daye of the Sabbathes, he appeared first vnto Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast out seuen deuels. 10 And she wete and tolde the that were with him, as they mourned and wepte. 11 And whan they herde that he lyued, and had appeared vnto her, they beleued it not. 12 After warde as two of the were walkynge, he shewed himself vnder another figure, whan they were goynge vpon the felde. 13 And they wente, and tolde the other: these they beleued not also. 14 At the last, as the eleuen sat at the table, he shewed himself vnto them, and rebuked their vnbeleue, and ye hardnesse of their hert, because they beleued not the which had sene him rysen. 15 And he sayde vnto them: Go ye youre waye in to all the worlde, and preach the gospell vnto all creatures. 16 Who so beleueth and is baptysed, shalbe saued: but who so beleueth not, shalbe damned. 17 As for the tokens, which shal folowe the that beleue, these are they: In my name shal they cast out deuyls: Speake with new tunges: 18 Dryue awaye serpetes: And yf they drynke eny deedly thinge, it shal not hurte them: They shal laye their handes vpo the sicke, and they shal recouer. 19 And the LORDE, after that he had spoken vnto them, was taken vp in to heauen, and sytteth at the right hade of God. 20 And they wente out, and preached euery where. And the LORDE wrought with them, and confirmed the worde with tokens folowynge.

Philippians 3:11

11 yff by eny meanes I mighte attayne to the resurreccion from the deed.

Revelation 20:13

13 and the see gaue vp her deed, which were in her, and deeth and hell delyuered vp the deed, which were in them: and they were iudged euery man accordynge to his dedes.

Acts 17:18

18 But certayne Philosophers of ye Epicurees and Stoikes disputed with him. And some sayde: What will this babler saye? But some sayde: He semeth to be a tidinges brynger of new goddes (That was, because he had preached vnto the the Gospell of Iesus, & of the resurreccion.)

John 6:44

44 No man can come vnto me, excepte the father which hath sent me, drawe him. And I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.

2 Corinthians 4:14

14 for we knowe that he, which raysed vp ye LORDE Iesus, shal rayse vs vp also by ye meanes of Iesus, and shal set vs with you.

1 Corinthians 15:20

20 But now is Christ rysen from the deed, and is become ye first frutes of them that slepe.

1 Peter 1:3-4

3 Blessed be God and the father of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, which acordinge to his greate mercy hath begotten vs agayne vnto a lyuely hope by the resurreccion of Iesus Christ from the deed, 4 to an vncorruptible and vndefyled inheritaunce, which neuer shal fade awaye, but is reserued in heauen for you

Matthew 27:52

52 and the graues opened, and many bodies of the sayntes that slepte, arose,

Acts 17:32

32 Whan they herde of the resurreccion of the deed, some mocked. But some sayde: We wyl heare the agayne of this matter.

Acts 23:6

6 But whan Paul knewe that the one parte was Saduces, and the other parte Pharises, he cried out in ye councell: Ye men and brethren, I am a Pharise, and the sonne of a Pharise, Of hope and resurreccion of the deed am I iudged.

John 6:54

54 Who so eateth my flesh, and drynketh my bloude, hath euerlastinge life: and I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.

John 12:47-48

47 And he that heareth my wordes and beleueth not, I iudge him not, for I am not come to iudge the worlde, but to saue the worlde. 48 He that refuseth me, and receaueth not my wordes, hath one allready that iudgeth him. The worde that I haue spoken, that shall iudge him at the last daye,

John 14:19

19 It is yet a litle whyle, the shal the worlde se me nomore, but ye shal se me: for I lyue, and ye shal lyue also.

John 6:39

39 This is ye will of the father, which hath sent me, that of all that he hath geue me, I shulde lose nothinge, but shulde rayse it vp agayne at the last daye.

1 Corinthians 15:12-32

12 But yf Christ be preached, that he is rysen from the deed, how saye then some amoge you, that there is no resurreccion of the deed? 13 Yf there be no resurreccio of the deed, then is Christ not rysen. 14 Yf Christ be not rysen, then is oure preachinge in vayne,and youre faith is also in vayne: 15 yee and we are founde false witnesses of God, because we haue testified agaynst God, that he hath raysed vp Christ, whom he hath not raysed vp, yf the deed ryse not agayne. 16 For yf the deed ryse not agayne, the is Christ also not rysen agayne. 17 But yf Christ be not rysen agayne, then is youre faith in vayne, and ye are yet in youre synnes: 18 they also that are falle a slepe in Christ, are perished. 19 Yf in this life onely we hope on Christ, then are we of all men the most miserable. 20 But now is Christ rysen from the deed, and is become ye first frutes of them that slepe. 21 For by one man commeth death, and by one man the resurreccion of the deed. 22 For as they all dye in Adam, so shal they all be made alyue in Christ, 23 but euery one in his order. The first is Christ, then they that beloge vnto Christ, whan he commeth. 24 Then the ende, wha he shal delyuer vp the kyngdome vnto God the father, whan he shal put downe all rule, and all superiorite, & power. 25 For he must raygne, tyll he haue put all his enemies vnder his fete. 26 The last enemye that shal be destroyed, is death, 27 for he hath put all thinges vnder his fete. But wha he sayeth, that all thinges are put vnder him, it is manifest that he is excepted, which put all thinges vnder him. 28 Whan all thinges shalbe subdued vnto him, then shal the sonne himselfe also be subiecte vnto him, which put all thinges vnder him, that God maye be all in all. 29 Or els what do they which are baptised ouer ye deed, yf the deed ryse not at all? Why are they then baptysed ouer the deed? 30 And why stonde we in ioperdy euery houre? 31 By oure reioysinge which I haue in Christ Iesu or LORDE, I dye daylie. 32 That I haue foughte with beestes at Ephesus after ye maner of men, what helpeth it me, yf the deed ryse not agayne? Let vs eate and drynke, for tomorow we shal dye.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

16 For the LORDE himselfe shal come downe fro heauen with a shoute and voyce of ye Archangell and with the trompe of God, and the deed in Christ shal aryse first:

Philippians 3:21

21 which shal chauge or vyle body, yt it maye be like fashioned vnto his glorious body, acordinge to ye workynge wherby he is able to subdue all thinges vnto himselfe.

Romans 8:11

11 Wherfore yf the sprete of him, that raysed vp Iesus from the deed, dwell in you, then shal euen he also that raysed vp Christ from the deed, quycke youre mortal bodies, because yt his sprete dwelleth in you.

1 Peter 3:18-22

18 For as moch as Christ hath once suffred for oure synnes, ye iust for the vniust, for to brynge vs to God: & was slayne after the flesh, but quyckened after the sprete. 19 In the which sprete he also wente, and preached vnto ye spretes that were in preson, 20 which in tyme past beleued not, whan God once a bode and suffred pacietly in the tyme of Noe, whyle the Arke was a preparynge: Wherin fewe (that is to saye eight soules) were saued by water. 21 Which signifieth baptyme yt now saueth vs: not ye puttinge awaye of the fylth of the flesh, but in yt a good cosciece cosenteth vnto God by ye resurreccion of Iesus Christ, 22 which is on the righte hande of God, and is gone in to heaue, angels, power and mighte subdued vnto him.

1 Corinthians 6:14

14 God hath raysed vp the LORDE, and shal rayse vs vp also by his power.

Daniel 12:2

2 Many of them that slepe in the dust of the earth, shal awake: some to euerlastinge life, some to perpetuall shame & reprofe.

Acts 24:15

15 and haue hope towardes God, that the same resurreccion of the deed (which they them selues loke for also) shalbe, both of the iust and vniust.

Romans 8:38-39

38 For sure I am, that nether death ner life, nether angell, ner rule, nether power, nether thinges present, nether thinges to come, 39 nether heyth, ner loweth, nether eny other creature shalbe able to separate vs from the loue of God, which is in Christ Iesu oure LORDE.

Romans 6:4

4 Therfore are we buried wt him by baptyme in to death, that, like as Christ was raysed vp from the deed by the glory of the father, euen so we also shulde walke in a new life.

Hebrews 11:19

19 For he considered, yt God was able to rayse vp agayne from the deed. Therfore receaued he him for an ensample.

Luke 14:14

14 then art thou blessed, for they can not recompece ye. But it shalbe recompensed the in the resurreccion of the righteous.

John 6:40

40 This is the wyl of him which hath sent me, that, who soeuer seyth the sonne and beleueth on him, haue euerlastinge life, and I shal rayse him vp at the last daye.

1 Thessalonians 4:14

14 For yf we beleue that Iesus dyed and rose agayne, euen so the also which slepe by Iesus, shal God brynge with him.

John 11:25

25 Iesus saide vnto her: I am the resurreccion & the life He yt beleueth on me, shal lyue, though he were deed allready:

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