Bible verses about "gratitude" | Coverdale

Ruth 1:8

8 she sayde vnto both hir sonnes wyues: Go yor waye, & turne backe ether of you to hir mothers house: the LORDE shewe mercy vpon you, as ye haue done on the yt are deed & on me.

Psalms 25:6

6 Call to remembraunce, O LORDE, thy tender mercyes & thy louinge kyndnesses, which haue bene euer of olde.

Psalms 28:7

7 Praysed be ye LORDE, for he hath herde the voyce of my humble peticio.

Ecclesiastes 6:9

9 The sight of the eyes is better, then that the soule shulde so departe awaye. Howbeit this is also a vayne thinge and a disquietnesse of mynde.

2 Peter 2:9

9 The LORDE knoweth how to delyuer the godly out of tentacion, and how to reserue the vniust vnto the daye of iudgment for to be punyshed:

Psalms 40:9-10

9 I wil preach of yi rightuousnesse in the greate congregacion: Lo, I wil not refrayne my lippes, o LORDE, & that thou knowest. 10 I do not hyde yi rightuousnes in my hert, my talkynge is of thy treuth and sauynge health: I kepe not thy louynge mercy and faithfulnesse backe from the greate congregacion.

John 3:16

16 For God so loued the worlde, that he gaue his onely sonne, that who so euer beleueth in hi, shulde not perishe, but haue euerlastinge life.

1 Kings 8:66

66 And on the eight daye he let the people go. And they blessed the kynge, and wente vnto their tentes reioysinge and with a mery hert, because of all the good that the LORDE had done vnto Dauid his seruaunt, & to his people of Israel.

Psalms 136:1-26

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 O geue thakes vnto the God of all goddes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 3 O thanke the LORDE of all lordes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Which only doth greate wonders, for his mercy endureth for euer. 5 Which by his wysdome made the heauens, for his mercy endureth for euer. 6 Which layed out the earth aboue the waters, for his mercy endureth for euer. 7 Which hath made greate lightes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 8 The Sonne to rule the daye, for his mercy endureth for euer. 9 The Moone and the starres to gouerne the night, for his mercy endureth for euer. 10 Which smote Egipte with their firstborne, for his mercy endureth for euer. 11 And brought out Israel from amonge them, for his mercy endureth for euer. 12 With a mightie hade and a stretched out arme, for his mercy endureth for euer. 13 Which deuyded the reed see in to partes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 14 And made Israel to go thorow ye myddest of it, for his mercy endureth for euer 15 But as for Pharao and his hoost, he ouerthrewe them in the reed see, for his mercy endureth for euer. 16 Which led his people thorow the wyldernesse, for his mercy endureth for euer. 17 Which smote greate kynges, for his mercy endureth for euer. 18 Yee and slewe mightie kynges, for his mercy endureth for euer. 19 Sihon kynge of the Amorites, for his mercy endureth for euer. 20 And Og the kynge of Basan, for his mercy endureth for euer. 21 And gaue a waye their londe for an heretage, for his mercy endureth for euer. 22 Euen for an heretage vnto Israel his seruaunt, for his mercy endureth for euer. 23 Which remebreth vs, whe we are in trouble, for his mercy endureth for euer. 24 Which geueth foode vnto all flesh, for his mercy endureth for euer. 25 O geue thankes vnto the God of heauen, for his mercy endureth for euer. 26 (Omitted Text)

Matthew 11:25

25 At ye same tyme Iesus answered, and sayde: I prayse the (O father and LORDE of heauen and earth) that thou hast hid these thinges from the wyse and prudent, and opened the vnto babes.

Deuteronomy 28:47

47 because thou hast not serued ye LORDE thy God with a ioyfull and good hert, whan thou haddest abundaunce of all thinges.

Matthew 11:28

28 Come vnto me all ye that laboure and are laden, and I wil ease you.

Matthew 20:1-16

1 The kyngdome of heauen is like vnto an housholder, which wete out early in the mornynge, to hyre labourers in to his vyniarde. 2 And wha he had agreed with the labourers for a peny a daye, he sent the in to his vynyarde. 3 And aboute ye thirde houre he wente out, and sawe other stondinge ydle in the market place, 4 and sayde vnto them: Go ye also in to my vynyarde, & what so euer is right, I wil geue it you. And they wete their waye. 5 Agayne, he wete out aboute the sixte and nyenth houre, and dyd likewyse, 6 And aboute the eleuenth houre he wete out, and founde other stodynge ydle, and sayde vnto them: Why stonde ye here all the daye ydle? 7 They sayde vnto him: because no man hath hyred us. He saide vnto the: Go ye also in to my vinyarde, and loke what is right, ye shal haue it. 8 Now whan euen was come, the lorde of the vynyarde sayde vnto his stewarde: Call the labourers, and geue them their hyre, begynnynge from the last vnto ye first. 9 Then they that were hyred aboute the eleuenth houre, came and receaued euery man a peny. 10 But whan the first came, they supposed that they shulde receaue more: and they also receaued euery man a peny. 11 And whan they had receaued it, they murmured agaynst the housholder, 12 and sayde: These last haue wrought but one houre, and thou hast made the equall vnto us, which haue borne the burthen and heate of the daye. 13 He answered and sayde vnto one of them: frende, I do ye no wronge: diddest not thou agree with me for a peny? 14 Take that thine is, and go thy waye. I wil geue vnto this last also, like as vnto the. 15 Or haue I not power, to do as me listeth with myne owne? Is thine eye euell, because I am good? 16 So the last shalbe the first, & the first the last. For many are called, but few are chosen.

Luke 12:32-34

32 Feare not thou litle flocke, for it is youre fathers pleasure to geue you the kyngdome. 33 Sell that ye haue, and geue almesse. Make you bagges, which waxe not olde: euen a treasure that neuer fayleth in heauen, where no thefe commeth, and no moth corruppeth: 34 for where youre treasure is, there wil youre hert be also.

2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15

1 I do you to wit (brethren) the grace of God, which is geue in the congregacions of Macedonia. 2 For their reioysinge was most abundaunt, whan they were tryed by moch trouble: & though they were exceadinge poore, yet haue they geue exceadinge richely, and that in synglenesse. 3 For to their power (I beare recorde) yee and beyonde their power, they were wyllinge of their awne acorde, 4 and prayed vs with greate instauce, that we wolde receaue their benefite and fellishippe of the hadreachinge that is done for the sayntes: 5 And not as we loked for, but gaue ouer them selues first to the LODRE, and afterwarde vnto vs by ye wyl of God, 6 so that we coulde not but desyre Titus, that like as he had begonne afore he wolde euen so accomplish the same beniuolence amonge you. 7 Now as ye are riche in all poyntes, in faith and in worde, and in knowlege, and in all diligence, and in youre loue towarde vs, euen so se that ye be plenteous also in this benyuolece. 8 This I saye not as commaudynge, but seynge, other are so diligent, I proue youre loue also, whether it be perfecte or no. 9 For ye knowe the liberalite of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, which though he be riche, yet for youre sakes he became poore, yt ye thorow his pouerte mighte be made riche. 10 And my councell herin I geue, for this is profitable for you, which haue begonne a yeare a goo,not onely to do, but also to wyll. 11 But now perfourme the dede also, that like as there is a ready mynde to wil, there maye be a ready mynde also to perfourme the dede of that which ye haue. 12 For yf there be a wyllinge mynde, it is accepted acordinge to that a man hath, not acordinge to that he hath not. 13 This is not done to the intent, that other shulde haue ease, and ye cobraunce, 14 but that it be a lyke. Let youre abundaunce sucker their lacke in this tyme off derth, that their abundaunce also herafter maye supplee youre lacke, 15 that there maye be equalite. As it is wrytten: He yt gathered moch, had not the more: and he that gathered litle, wanted nothinge. 16 Thakes be vnto God, which put in the hert of Titus, the same diligence towarde you. 17 For he accepted the request in dede, yee he was rather so well wyllynge, that of his awne acorde, he came vnto you. 18 We haue sent with him that brother, whose prayse is in the Gospell thorow out all the congregacions. 19 Not onely that, but he is chosen also of the congregacions, to be a felowe with vs in oure iourney, for this benyuolence that is mynistred by vs vnto the prayse of the LORDE, and to stere vp youre prompte mynde, 20 and to bewarre, lest eny ma reporte euell of vs because of this plenteousnes, which is mynistred by vs: 21 and therfore make we prouision for honest thinges, not onely before the LORDE, but also before men. 22 We haue sent with them also a brother of oures, whom we haue oft proued diliget in many thinges, but now moch more diligent. 23 And this haue we done in greate hope towarde you, whether it be for Titus sake (which is my felowe and helper amonge you) or for oure brethre (which are Apostles of the cogregacions, & the prayse of Christ.) 24 Shewe now the profe off youre loue and off oure boastinge of you, vnto these, and opely in the sighte of the cogregacions.

2 Corinthians 9:1-15

1 Of the handreachinge vnto ye sayntes, it is no nede for me to wryte vnto you: 2 for I knowe youre redynesse of mynde, wherof I boast my selfe amonge them of Macedonia, and saye: Achaia was ready a yeare agoo. And youre feruentnesse hath prouoked many. 3 Neuertheles yet haue we sent these brethren, lest oure reioysinge ouer you shulde be in vayne in this behalfe, that ye mighte be ready, as I haue reported of you: 4 lest whan they of Macedonia come with me, and fynde you vnprepared, we (I wyl not saye ye) shulde be ashamed in this presumpcion of boostinge. 5 Wherfore I thoughte it necessary to exhorte the brethren, to come before hande vnto you, for to prepare this blessynge promysed afore, that it mighte be ready, so that it be a blessynge, and not a defraudynge. 6 This I thynke: that he which soweth litle, shal reape litle also: and he yt soweth plenteously,shal likewyse reape plenteously, 7 euery one acordynge as he hath purposed in his hert, not grudgingly, or of compulsion. For God loueth a chearfull geuer. 8 God is able to make you riche in all grace, yt ye in all thinges hauynge sufficiet to the vttemost, maye be riche to all maner of good workes. 9 As it is wrytte: He hath sparsed abrode & geue to ye poore, his righteousnes remayneth for euer. 10 He that geueth sede vnto the sower, shal mynistre bred also for fode, and shal multiplye youre sede, and increase the frutes of yor righteousnes, 11 that in all thinges ye maye be made riche vnto all singlenesse, which causeth thorow vs, thankesgeuynge vnto God. 12 For the hadreachinge of this colleccion not onely suppleeth the nede off the sayntes, but also is abudaunt herin, that for this laudable mynistracion many mighte geue thakes vnto God, 13 and prayse God for yor obedient professynge of the Gospell of Christ, & for yor synglenesse in distributynge vnto the, and to all men, 14 and in their prayer for you, which longe after you, for the abundaunt grace of God in you. 15 Thankes be vnto God for his vnoutspeakeable gifte.

Philippians 4:13

13 I can do all thinges thorow Christ, which stregtheth me.

Psalms 66:1-20

1 O be ioyfull in God (all ye lodes) synge prayses vnto the honor of his name make his prayse to be glorious. 2 Saye vnto God: O how wonderfull are thy workes? thorow the greatnesse of thy power shal thine enemies be confouded. 3 O yt all the worlde wolde worshipe the, synge of the and prayse thy name. 4 Sela. O come hither and beholde the workes of God, which is so wonderfull in his doinges amonge the children of men. 5 He turned the see in to drye lode, so that they wente thorow the water on fote: therfore wil we reioyse in him. 6 He ruleth with his power for euer, his eyes beholde the people: the rennagates shal not be able to exalte them selues. 7 Sela. O magnifie or God (ye people) make ye voyce off his prayse to be herde. 8 Which holdeth or soule in life, and suffreth not oure fete to slippe. 9 For thou (o God) hast proued vs, thou hast tried vs like as syluer is tried. 10 Thou hast brought vs in to captiuyte, and layed trouble vpon or loynes. 11 Thou hast suffred men to ryde ouer or heades, 12 we wete thorow fyre and water, butt thou hast brought vs out, and refreshed vs. 13 Therfore will I go into thy house wt bretofferinges, to paye the my vowes, 14 which I promised wt my lippes, and spake with my mouth, when I was in trouble. 15 I wil offre vnto the fatte brentsacrifices with the smoke of rames, I will offre bullockes and goates. 16 Sela. O come hither and herke (all ye that feare God) I wil tell you, what he hath done for my soule. 17 I called vnto hi wt my mouth and gaue him prayses with my tuge. 18 (Yff I enclyne vnto wickednes with my herte, ye LORDE wil not heare me.) 19 Therfore God hath herde me, ad considred the voyce off my prayer. 20 Praysed be God, which hath not cast out my prayer, ner turned his mercy fro me.

Psalms 107:1-2

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let them geue thakes whom the LORDE hath redemed, & delyuered from the hande of the enemie.

Philippians 1:1-30

1 Paul and Timotheus the seruauntes of Iesu Christ. Vnto all the sayntes in Iesu Christ, which are at Philippos, with the Bisshoppes and mynisters. 2 Grace be with you and peace from God oure father, and from the LORDE Iesus Christ. 3 I thanke my God, as oft as I remebre you 4 (which I allwayes do in all my prayers for you all, and praye with gladnesse) 5 because of youre fellishippe which ye haue in the Gospell from the first daye vnto now, 6 and am surely certified of this, yt he which hath begonne that good worke in you, shal go forth with it vntyll ye daye of Iesus Christ: 7 as it becommeth me to iudge of you all, because I haue you in my hert, as those that are partakers with me of grace in my bondes, in defendinge and stablyshinge of the Gospell. 8 For God is my recorde, how I loge after you all euen fro the very hert rote in Iesus Christ. 9 And for the same I praye, yt yor loue maye increace more & more in all maner of knowlege and in all experience, 10 yt ye maye proue what is best, that ye maye be pure, & soch as hurte no mans conscience, vnto the daye of Christ: 11 fylled with the frutes of righteousnes, which come by Iesus Christ vnto the glorye and prayse of God. 12 I wolde ye vnderstode brethren, that my busynes is happened vnto the greater furtheraunce of the Gospell, 13 so that my bondes in Christ are manifest thorow out all ye iudgmet hall, and in all other places: 14 In so moch that many brethren in the LORDE, are boldened thorow my bodes, and darre more largely speake the worde without feare. 15 Some (no doute) preach Christ of enuye and stryfe, but some of good wil. 16 The one parte preacheth Christ off stryfe and not purely, supposynge to adde more aduersite vnto my bondes. 17 The other parte of loue, for they knowe that I lye here for the defence of the Gospell. 18 What then? So that Christ be preached all maner of wayes (whether it be done by occasion or of true meaninge) I reioyce therin, and wil reioyce. 19 For I knowe that the same shal chaunce to my saluacion, thorow youre prayer and mynistrynge of the sprete of Iesu Christ, 20 as I loke for and hope, that in nothinge I shalbe ashamed: but yt with all cofidence (as allwayes in tymes past, eue so now) Christ shalbe magnified in my body whether it be thorow life or thorow death. 21 For Christ is to me life, & death is to me auautage. 22 But in as moch as to lyue in ye flesh is frutefull to me for the worke, I wote not what 23 I shal chose, for both these thinges lye harde vpon me. I desyre to be lowsed, & to be with Christ, which thinge were moch better (for me) 24 but to abyde in the flesh is more nedefull for you. 25 And this am I sure of, that I shal abyde, and contynue with you all, for the furtheraunce and ioye of youre faith, 26 that ye maye abundauntly reioyse in Christ Iesu thorow me, by my comynge to you agayne. 27 Onely let youre conuersacion be as it becommeth the Gospell of Christ, that whether I come & se you, or els be absent, I maye yet heare of you that ye cotynue in one sprete and one soule, labourynge (as we do) to mayntayne the faith of the Gospell, 28 and in nothinge fearinge youre aduersaries, which is to them a token off perdicion, but vnto you of saluacion, and that of God. 29 For vnto you it is geuen, not onely that ye shulde beleue on Christ, but also suffre for his sake, 30 and to haue euen the same fighte, which ye haue sene in me, and now heare of me.

Psalms 50:14

14 Offre vnto God prayse and thankesgeuynge, and paye thy vowes vnto the most hyest.

Colossians 2:6-7

6 As ye haue therfore receaued Christ Iesu the LORDE, euen so walke in him, 7 and be roted & buylded in him, and be stedfast in faith, as ye haue learned: & be plenteous in the same in geuynge thankes.

2 Corinthians 2:14

14 Yet thankes be vnto God, which all waye geueth vs the victory in Christ, and openeth ye fauoure of his knowlege by vs in euery place.

Psalms 103:1-5

1 Prayse the LORDE (o my soule) & all that is within me prayse his holy name. 2 Prayse the LORDE o my soule, & forget not all his benefites. 3 Which forgeueth all thy synnes, and healeth all thy infirmities. 4 Which saueth thy life from destruccion, and crowneth the with mercy & louynge kyndnesse. 5 Which satisfieth thy desyre with good thinges, makynge the yonge and lusty as an Aegle.

Psalms 92:1

1 It is a good thinge to geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and to synge prayses vnto yi name, o most hyest.

Psalms 105:1

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and call vpon his name: tell the people what thinges he hath done.

1 Corinthians 4:7-9

7 For who preferreth the? What hast thou that thou hast not receaued? Yf thou hast receaued it, why makest thou the thy boost, as though thou haddest not receaued it? 8 Now ye are full, now ye are made riche, ye raigne without vs, and wolde God ye dyd raigne, that we might raigne with you. 9 Me thynketh that God hath set forth vs Apostles for the lowest off all, euen as those that are appoynted vnto death. For we are a gasynge stocke vnto ye worlde and to the angels, and vnto men.

Lamentations 3:23

23 His faithfulnes is greate, and renueth it self as the mornynge.

Colossians 3:16

16 Let ye worde of Christ dwell in you plenteously in all wyssdome. Teach and exhorte youre awne selues with psalmes and ymnes, and spirituall songes which haue fauoure with them, synginge in youre hertes to the LORDE.

1 Timothy 2:1

1 I exhorte therfore, yt aboue all thinges, prayers, supplicacions, intercessions and geuynge of thakes be had for all men

Psalms 118:1-18

1 O Geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let Israel now confesse, yt his mercy endureth for euer. 3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Yee let the now that feare the LORDE, confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 5 I called vpon the LORDE in trouble, and the LORDE herde me at large. 6 The LORDE is my helper, I wil not feare what man doeth vnto me. 7 The LORDE is my helper, & I shal se my desyre vpon myne enemies. 8 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidece in prynces. 10 All Heithen compased me rounde aboute, but in the name of the LORDE wil I destroye the. 11 They kepte me in on euery syde, but in the name of the LORDE, I wil destroye them. 12 They came aboute me like bees, & were as hote as the fyre in the thornes, but in the name of the LORDE I wil destroye them. 13 They thrust at me, that I might fall, but the LORDE was my helpe. 14 The LORDE is my stregth, & my songe, & is become my saluacion. 15 The voyce of ioye & myrth is in the dwellynges of ye rightuous, for ye right hande of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 16 The right hande of the LORDE hath the preemynence, the right hade of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 17 I wil not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the LORDE. 18 The LORDE hath chastened & correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death.

Luke 17:11-19

11 And it fortuned, whan he toke his iourney towarde Ierusalem, he wente thorow the myddest of Samaria and Galile. 12 And as he came in to a towne, there met him ten leporous men, which stode afarre of, 13 and lift vp their voyce, and sayde: Iesu master, haue mercy vpon vs. 14 And whan he sawe them, he sayde vnto the: Go, and shewe youre selues vnto ye prestes. And it came to passe, as they wente, they were clensed. 15 And one of them wha he sawe that he was clensed, he turned backe agayne, and praysed God with loude voyce, 16 and fell downe on his face at his fete, and gaue him thankes. And the same was a Samaritane. 17 Iesus answered and saide: Are there not ten clensed? But where are those nyne? 18 There were els none founde, that turned agayne, and gaue God the prayse, saue onely this strauger. 19 And he sayde vnto him: Aryse, go thy waye, thy faith hath made ye whole.

Psalms 118:28-29

28 Thou art my God, & I wil thanke the: thou art my God, and I wil prayse the. 29 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, & his mercy endureth for euer.

John 11:41

41 Then toke they awaye the stone, where the deed laye. Iesus lift vp his eyes, and sayde: Father, I thake ye, that thou hast herde me.

Ephesians 1:16-18

16 ceasse not to geue thankes for you, and make mencion of you in my prayers, 17 that ye God of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, the father of glory maye geue vnto you the sprete of wyssdome, and open vnto you the knowlege of himselfe, 18 and lighten the eyes of youre vnderstondinge, that ye maye knowe what is the hope of youre callynge, and what the riches of his glorious enheritaunce is vpon the sayntes,

Hebrews 13:15

15 Let vs therfore by him offre allwayes vnto God the sacrifice of prayse: that is to saye, the frute of those lippes which confesse his name.

Acts 24:3

3 (most mightie Felix)that alowe we euer and in all places with all thankes.

Psalms 100:1-5

1 O be ioyfull in God (all ye lodes) serue the LORDE wt gladnes, come before his presence wt ioye. 2 Be ye sure, yt the LORDE he is God: 3 It is he yt hath made vs, & not we oure selues: we are but his people, & the shepe of his pasture. 4 go youre waye in to his gates the with thankesgeuynge, & in to his courtes wt prayse: be thakfull vnto him, & speake good of his name. 5 For the LORDE is gracious, his mercy is euerlastinge, and his treuth endureth from generacion to generacion.

1 Corinthians 15:10

10 But by the grace of God I am that I am. And his grace in me hath not bene vayne, but I haue laboured more then they all: howbeit not I but the grace of God which is wt me.

Matthew 6:21

21 For where youre treasure is, there is youre herte also.

Psalms 50:23

23 Who so offreth me thakes and prayse, he honoureth me: & this is the waye, wherby I wil shewe him the sauynge health of God.

Ephesians 5:20

20 geuynge thankes alwayes for all thinges vnto God the father, in the name of oure LORDE Iesus Christ,

Psalms 107:1

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer.

Romans 8:28

28 But sure we are, that all thinges serue for the best vnto them that loue of God, which are called of purpose.

Colossians 3:15-20

15 And the peace of God rule in youre hertes, to the which (peace) ye are called also in one body: and se yt ye be thanfull. 16 Let ye worde of Christ dwell in you plenteously in all wyssdome. Teach and exhorte youre awne selues with psalmes and ymnes, and spirituall songes which haue fauoure with them, synginge in youre hertes to the LORDE. 17 And what soeuer ye do in worde or worke, do all in the name of the LORDE Iesu, and geue thankes vnto God the father by him. 18 Ye wyues, submytte youre selues vnto youre hussbandes, as it is comly in the LORDE. 19 Ye hussbandes, loue youre wyues, and be not bytter vnto them. 20 Ye children, obeye youre elders in all thinges, for that is well pleasynge vnto the LORDE.

Hebrews 12:28

28 Wherfore, seynge we receaue the vnmoueable kyngdome, we haue grace, wherby we maye serue God, & please him, with reuerence and godly feare.

Colossians 3:15

15 And the peace of God rule in youre hertes, to the which (peace) ye are called also in one body: and se yt ye be thanfull.

James 1:17

17 Euery good gifte, & euery parfait gift, is from aboue, and cometh downe from ye father of light, with whom is no variablenes, nether is he chaunged vnto darcknes.

Ephesians 1:16

16 ceasse not to geue thankes for you, and make mencion of you in my prayers,

Psalms 136:1

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

18 in all thinges be thankfull: for this is the wyll of God in Christ Iesu towarde you.

Colossians 3:17

17 And what soeuer ye do in worde or worke, do all in the name of the LORDE Iesu, and geue thankes vnto God the father by him.

Psalms 118:24

24 This is the daye which the LORDE hath made, let vs reioyse and be glad in it.

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