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Nehemiah 10:1-39

1 The sealers were: Nehemias (that is) Hathirsatha the sonne of Hachalia and Sedechias, 2 Seraia, Asaria, Ieremy, 3 Pashur, Amaria, Malchia, 4 Hattus, Sebania, Malluch, 5 Harim, Meremoth, Obadia, 6 Daniel, Sinthun, Baruch, 7 Mesullam, Abia, Meiamin, 8 Maasga, Bilgai and Semaia: these were prestes. 9 The Leuites were: Iesua ye sonne of Asania, Binui amonge the childre of Henadad, Cadmiel. 10 And their brethren: Sechania, Hodia, Celita, Plaia, Hauan, 11 Micha, Rehob, Hasabia, 12 Sachur, Serebia, Sebania, 13 Hodia, Bani and Beninu. 14 The heades of the people were: Pareos, Pahath Moab, Elam, Sathu, Bani, 15 Buni, Asgad, Sebai, 16 Adonia, Bigenai, Adiu, 17 Ater, Hezechias, Asur, 18 Hodia, Hasum, Bezai, 19 Hariph, Anathot, Neubai, 20 Magpias, Mesullam, Hesir, 21 Mesesabeel, Sadoc, Iaddua, 22 Platia, Hanan, Anaia, 23 Hoseia, Hanania, Hasub, 24 Halohes, Pilha, Sobek, 25 Rehum, Hasabna, Maeseia, 26 Ahia, Hanan, Anan, 27 Malluch, Harim and Baena. 28 And the other people, the prestes, Leuites, Porters, syngers. Nethinims, & all they that had separated them selues from ye people in the lodes vnto the lawe of God, with their wyues, sonnes and daughters, as many as coulde vnderstonde it, 29 and their lordes that had rule of them, receaued it for their brethren. And they came to sweare, and to bynde them selues with an ooth to walke in Gods lawe, which was geuen by Moses the seruaunt of God, that they wolde obserue and do acordinge vnto all the commaundementes, iudgmentes and statutes of the LORDE oure God: 30 and that we wolde not geue oure doughters vnto the people in the lode, nether to take their doughters for oure sonnes. 31 And yf ye people of the lode broughte ware on the Sabbath, and all maner of vytayles to sell, that we wolde not take it of them on the Sabbath and on the holy dayes. And that we wolde let the seueth yeare be fre concernynge all maner of charge. 32 And we layed a statute vpon oure selues, to geue yearly ye thirde parte of a Sycle to the mynistracion in the house of oure God, 33 namely to the shewbred, to the daylie meatofferynge, to the daylie burntofferynge of ye Sabbathes, of the new mones and feast dayes, and to the thinges that were sanctified, and to the synofferynges, to reconcyle Israel with all, and to all the busynes in ye house of oure God. 34 And we cast the lot amonge the prestes, Leuites and the people, for offerynge of ye wod, to be brought vnto ye house of or God from yeare to yeare, after the houses of oure fathers, that it might be brent at tymes appoynted, vpon the altare of the LORDE oure God, as it is wrytten in the lawe: 35 and yearly to brynge the firstlinges of or londe, & the firstlinges of oure frutes of all trees, yeare by yeare, vnto ye house of the LORDE: 36 and the firstlinges of oure sonnes, and of oure catell, as it is wrytten in the lawe: and the firstlinges of oure oxen and of oure shepe, that we shulde brynge all this to the house of oure God vnto the prestes that mynister in the house of oure God: 37 and that we shulde brynge the firstlinges of oure dowe, and of oure Heueofferinges, and the frutes of all maner trees, of wyne also and of oyle, vnto the prestes to the chestes of the house of oure God. And the tithes of or lode vnto the Leuites, yt the Leuites might haue the tithes in all the cities of oure mynistracion. 38 And the prest the sonne of Aaron shal wt the Leuites haue also of the tithes of ye Leuites, so that the Leuites shal brynge vp the tithes of their tithes vnto the house of oure God to the chest in ye treasure house. 39 For the children of Israel and the children of Leui shall brynge vp the Heueofferynges of the corne, wyne and oyle vnto the chestes, there are the vessels of the Sanctuary, & the prestes yt mynister, and the porters & syngers, yt we forsake not the house of oure God.

Psalms 118:1-29

1 O Geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let Israel now confesse, yt his mercy endureth for euer. 3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Yee let the now that feare the LORDE, confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 5 I called vpon the LORDE in trouble, and the LORDE herde me at large. 6 The LORDE is my helper, I wil not feare what man doeth vnto me. 7 The LORDE is my helper, & I shal se my desyre vpon myne enemies. 8 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidece in prynces. 10 All Heithen compased me rounde aboute, but in the name of the LORDE wil I destroye the. 11 They kepte me in on euery syde, but in the name of the LORDE, I wil destroye them. 12 They came aboute me like bees, & were as hote as the fyre in the thornes, but in the name of the LORDE I wil destroye them. 13 They thrust at me, that I might fall, but the LORDE was my helpe. 14 The LORDE is my stregth, & my songe, & is become my saluacion. 15 The voyce of ioye & myrth is in the dwellynges of ye rightuous, for ye right hande of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 16 The right hande of the LORDE hath the preemynence, the right hade of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 17 I wil not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the LORDE. 18 The LORDE hath chastened & correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death. 19 Open me the gates of rightuousnes, yt I maye go in there thorow, & geue thakes vnto the LORDE. 20 This is the dore of the LORDE, the rightuous shall entre in thorow it. 21 I thanke the, yt thou hast herde me, & art become my saluacio. 22 The same stone which the buylders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner. 23 This was the LORDES doinge, & it is maruelous in or eyes. 24 This is the daye which the LORDE hath made, let vs reioyse and be glad in it. 25 Helpe now o LORDE, o LORDE sende vs now prosperite. 26 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORDE, we wish you good lucke, ye that be of the house of the LORDE. 27 God is the LORDE, & hath shewed vs light: O garnish the solempne feast with grene braunches, eue vnto the hornes of ye aulter. 28 Thou art my God, & I wil thanke the: thou art my God, and I wil prayse the. 29 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, & his mercy endureth for euer.

Nehemiah 11:19

19 And ye porters Acub and Calman, and their brethren yt kepte the portes, were an hundreth and two and seuentye.

Malachi 3:1

1 Beholde, I wil sende my messaunger, which shal prepare the waye before me: and the LORDE whom ye wolde haue, shal soone come to his temple, yee euen the messaunger of the couenaunt whom ye longe for. Beholde, he commeth, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes.

Colossians 1:1-29

1 Paul an Apostle of Iesu Christ by the will of God, and brother Timotheus. 2 To ye sayntes which are at Colossa and brethren that beleue in Christ. Grace be with you and peace from God oure father & fro the LORDE Iesus Christ. 3 We geue thankes vnto God and the father of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, prayenge allwayes for you 4 (sence we herde of youre faith in Christ Iesu, and of youre loue to all sayntes) 5 for ye hopes sake which is layed vp in stoare for you in heauen: of the which ye haue herde before by the worde of trueth in the Gospell, 6 which is come vnto you, eue as it is into all the worlde: and is frutefull, as it is in you, sence ye daye yt ye herde and knewe the grace of God in ye trueth, 7 as ye learned of Epaphras oure deare felowe seruaunt, which is a faithfull mynister of Christ for you, 8 which also declared vnto vs youre loue in the sprete. 9 For this cause we also, sence the daye yt we herde of it, ceasse not to praye for you, & desyre that ye mighte be fulfylled with the knowlege of his will, in all wyssdome and spirituall vnderstondinge, 10 that ye mighte walke worthy off the LORDE, to please him in all thinges, and to be frutefull in all good workes, and growe in the knowlege of God: 11 & to be strengthed wt all power acordinge to the mighte of his glory, to all pacience and longsufferynge with ioyfulnes, 12 and geue thankes vnto the father, which hath made vs mete for the enheritaunce of sayntes in lighte. 13 Which hath delyuered vs fro the power of darknesse, & translated vs in to the kyngdome of his deare sonne 14 ( in whom we haue redempcion thorow his bloude, namely, the forgeuenes of synnes.) 15 Which is the ymage of the inuisyble God, first begotte before all creatures. 16 For by him were all thinges created, that are in heauen and earth, thinges vysible and thinges inuysible, whether they be maiesties or lordshippes, ether rules or powers: All thinges are created by him and in him, 17 and he is before all thinges, and in him all thinges haue their beynge. 18 And he is the heade of the body, namely, of the cogregacion: he is the begynnynge and first begotten from the deed, that in all thinges he mighte haue the preemynence. 19 For it pleased the father, that in him shulde dwell all fulnesse, 20 and that by him all thinges shulde be reconciled vnto himselfe, whether they be thinges vpon earth or in heauen, that thorow the bloude on his crosse he mighte make peace euen thorow his owne selfe. 21 And you (which were in tymes past straungers and enemies, because youre myndes were set in euell workes) hath he now reconcyled 22 in the body of his flesh thorow death, to make you holy, and vnblameable & with out faute in his awne sighte, 23 yf ye contynue grounded and stablished in the faith, and be not moued awaye from ye hope of the Gospell, wherof ye haue herde: which is preached amonge all creatures yt are vnder heauen, wherof I Paul am made a mynister. 24 Now ioye I in my sufferynges, which I suffre for you, and fulfill that which is behynde of the passions of Christ in my flesh, for his bodyes sake, which is the congregacion, 25 wherof I am made a mynister, acordinge to ye Godly office of preachinge, which is geuen vnto me amonge you, that I shulde richely preach the worde of God, 26 namely, that mystery which hath bene hyd sence the worlde beganne, and sence the begynnynge of tymes: but now is opened vnto his sayntes, 27 to whom God wolde make knowne the glorious riches of this mistery amoge ye Heythen: which (riches) is Christ in you, eue he that is the hope of glory, 28 who we preach, and warne all men, and teach all men in all wyssdome, to make euery man parfecte in Christ Iesu: 29 Wherin I also laboure, and stryue acordinge to the workynge of him which worketh mightely in me.

James 5:1-20

1 Goo to now ye riche men. Wepe, and howle on yor wretchednes that shal come vpon you. 2 Youre riches is corrupte, youre garmetes are motheaten. 3 Youre golde & yor siluer are cancred, & the rust of them shalbe a witnes vnto you, & shal eate youre flesshe, as it were fyre. Ye haue heaped treasure togedder in yor last dayes: 4 Beholde, the hyre of the labourers which haue reped downe youre feldes (which hyer is of you kept backe by fraude) cryeth: and the cryes of the which haue reped, are entred in to the eares of the LORDE Sabaoth. 5 Ye haue liued in pleasure on the earth and in wantannes. Ye haue norysshed youre hertes, as in a daye of slaughter. 6 Ye haue codempned and haue killed the iust, and he hath not resisted you. 7 Be pacient therfore brethren, vnto the comynge of the LORDE. Beholde, the hussbade man wayteth for the precious frute of ye earth, and hath longe pacience there vpon, vntill he receaue the erly and the latter rayne. 8 Be ye also pacient therfore, and settle youre hertes, for the commynge of the LORDE draweth nye. 9 Grodge not one agaynst another brethren, lest ye be damned. Beholde, the iudge stondeth before the dore. 10 Take (my brethren) the prophetes for an ensample of sufferynge aduersitie, and of longe pacience, which spake in the name of the LORDE. 11 Beholde we counte them happy which endure. Ye haue hearde of ye paciece of Iob, and haue knowen what ende the LORDE made. For the LORDE is very pitifull and mercifull. 12 But aboue all thinges my brethre, sweare not, nether by heaue, nether by earth, nether by eny other othe. Let youre ye be ye, and yor naye naye: lest ye faule in to ypocricy. 13 Yf eny of you be euell vexed, let hi praye. Yf eny of you be mery, let him singe Psalmes. 14 Yf eny be deseased amonge you, let him call for the elders of the congregacion, & let the praye ouer him, and anoynte him with oyle in the name of the LORDE: 15 and ye prayer of faith shal saue the sicke, and the LORDE shal rayse him vp: and yf he haue comitted synnes, they shalbe forgeuen him. 16 Knowlege youre fautes one to another: and praye one for another, that ye maye be healed. The prayer of a righteous man auayleth moche, yf it be feruet. 17 Helias was a ma mortall euen as we are, and he prayed in his prayer, that it might not rayne: & it rayned not on the earth by the space of thre yeares and sixe monethes. 18 And he prayed agayne, and ye heaue gaue rayne, & ye earth brought forth her frute. 19 Brethren, yf eny of you erre fro the trueth and another conuert him, 20 let ye same knowe that he which conuerted the synner from goynge astraye out off his waye, shal saue a soule fro death, and shal hyde the multitude of synnes.

Malachi 3:1-18

1 Beholde, I wil sende my messaunger, which shal prepare the waye before me: and the LORDE whom ye wolde haue, shal soone come to his temple, yee euen the messaunger of the couenaunt whom ye longe for. Beholde, he commeth, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes. 2 But who maye abyde the daye of his commynge? Who shalbe able to endure, when he appeareth? For he is like a goldsmythes fyre, ad like wasshers sope. 3 He shall syt him downe to trye and to clense ye syluer, he shal pourge the children of Leui, and purifie them like as golde and syluer: that they maye brynge meatofferinges vnto the LORDE in rightuousnes. 4 Then shall the offeringe of Iuda and Ierusalem be acceptable vnto the LORDE, like as from the begynninge & in the yeares afore tyme. 5 I will come & punysh you, & I myself wil be a swift wytnes agaynst the witches, agaynst the aduouterers, agaynst false swearers: yee ad agaynst those, that wrogeously kepe backe the hyrelynges dewty: which vexe the wyddowes & the fatherlesse, & oppresse the straunger, and feare not me, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes. 6 For I am the LORDE yt chaunge not, & ye (o children of Iacob) wil not leaue of: 7 ye are gone awaye fro myne ordinauces, & sens ye tyme of youre forefathers haue ye not kepte them. Turne you now vnto me, and I wil turne me vnto you, sayeth the LORDE of hoostes. Ye saye: Wherin shal we turne? 8 Shulde a man vse falsede and disceate with God, as ye vse falsede and disceate with me? Yet ye saye: wherin vse we disceate with the? In Tythes and heaue offerynges. 9 Therfore are ye cursed with penury, because ye dyssemble with me, all the sorte of you. 10 Brynge euery Tythe in to my barne, yt there maye be meat in myne house: and proue me withall (sayeth the LORDE of hoostes) yf I wil not open the wyndowes of heauen vnto you, and poure you out a blessinge with plenteousnesse. 11 Yee I shal reproue the consumer for youre sakes, so that he shall not eate vp the frute of youre grounde, nether shal ye vynyarde be baren in the felde, sayeth ye LORDE of hoostes: 12 In so moch that all people shal saye, that ye be blessed, for ye shall be a pleasaunt lode, sayeth the LORDE off hoostes. 13 Ye speake hard wordes agaynst me, sayeth the LORDE. And yet ye saye: What haue we spoken agaynst the? 14 Ye haue sayed: It is but lost laboure, to serue God: What profit haue we for kepynge his commaundementes, and for walkinge humbly before the LORDE off hoostes? 15 Therfore maye we saye, that the proude are happie, and that they which deale with vngodlynesse, are set vp: for they tempte God, and yet escape. 16 But they that feare God, saye thus one to another: The LORDE cosidreth and heareth it. Yee it is before him a memoriall boke written for soch as feare the LORDE, and remembre his name. 17 And in the daye that I wil make (saieth ye LORDE of hoostes) they shalbe myne owne possession: and I will fauoure them, like as a man fauoureth his owne sonne, that doth him seruyce. 18 Turne you therfore, and considre what difference is betwixte the rightuous and vngodly: betwixte him that serueth God, ad him that serueth him not.

Isaiah 62:6-10

6 I wil set watchme vpo thy walles (o Ierusalem) which shall nether ceasse daye nor night, to preach ye LORDE. And ye also shall not kepe him close, 7 nor leaue to speake of hi, vntill Ierusale be set vp, & made the prayse of the worlde. 8 The LORDE hath sworne by his right honde & by his stronge arme, that fro hence forth he wil not geue thy corne to be meate for thine enemies, ner yi wyne (wheri thou hast laboured) to be drynke for ye straungers. 9 But they that haue gathered in the corne, shal eate it, & geue thankes to the LORDE: & they that haue borne in the wyne, shall drynke it in the court of my Sanctuary. 10 Stode back, & departe a sunder, ye yt stonde vnder ye gate, make rowme ye people, repayre the strete, & take awaye ye stones, & set out a toke for the people.

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