Bible verses about fool | Coverdale

Bible verses about "fool" | Coverdale

Psalms 107:17

17 Foolish me were plaged for their offence, & because of their wickednesse.

Ecclesiastes 10:11-15

11 A babler of his tonge is no better, then a serpent that styngeth without hyssynge. 12 The wordes out of a wyse mans mouth are gracious, but the lippes of a foole wil destroye himself. 13 The begynnynge of his talkynge is foolishnes, and the last worde of his mouth is greate madnesse. 14 A foole is so full of wordes, that a man can not tell what ende he wyll make: who wyl then warne him to make a conclucion? 15 The laboure of ye foolish is greuous vnto the, while they knowe not how to go in to the cite.

Proverbs 17:12

12 It were better to come agaynst a she Bere robbed of hir whelpes, then agaynst a foole in his foolishnes.

Proverbs 15:7

7 A wyse mouth poureth out knowlege, but ye herte of the foolish doth not so.

Luke 12:16-20

16 And he tolde them a symilitude, and sayde: There was a riche man, whose felde had brought forth frutes plenteously, 17 and he thought in himself, and sayde: What shal I do? I haue nothinge wher in to gather my frutes. 18 And he sayde: This wil I do, I wil breake downe my barnes, & buylde greater, and therin wil I gather all myne increace, & my goodes, 19 & wil saye vnto my soule: Soule, thou hast moch goodes layed vp in stoare for many yeares, take now thine ease, eate, drinke, and be mery. 20 But God sayde vnto him: Thou foole, this night shal they requyre thy soule from the, and whose shal it be that thou hast prepared?

Psalms 53:1

1 The foolish bodies saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. Corrupte are they, and become abhominable in their wickednesses: there is not one, that doth good.

Proverbs 9:13-17

13 A foolish restlesse woman, full of wordes, and soch one as hath no knowlege, 14 sytteth in the dores of hir house vpo a stole aboue in the cite, 15 to call soch as go by and walke straight in their wayes. 16 Who so is ignoraunt (sayeth she) let him come hither, and to the vnwyse she sayeth: 17 stollen waters are swete, & the bred that is preuely eaten, hath a good taist.

Proverbs 13:20

20 He that goeth in the company of wyse men, shal be wyse: but who so is a copanyo of fooles, shal be hurte.

Proverbs 10:14

14 Wyse me laye vp knowlege, but ye mouth of ye foolish is nye destruccio.

Proverbs 14:29

29 Pacience is a token of wi?dome, but wrath and haistie displeasure is a token of foolishnesse.

Proverbs 23:9

9 Tel nothinge in to ye eares of a foole, for he wyl despyse the wy?dome of thy wordes.

Proverbs 14:1

1 A wyse woma vpholdeth hir house, but a foolish wife plucketh it downe.

Luke 12:20

20 But God sayde vnto him: Thou foole, this night shal they requyre thy soule from the, and whose shal it be that thou hast prepared?

1 Corinthians 1:27

27 but that foolish is before the worlde, hath God chosen, that he mighte cofounde the wyse: And that weake is before ye worlde, hath God chosen, yt he mighte confounde the mightye.

James 2:20-24

20 Wilt thou vnderstode o thou vayne man that faith with out dedes is deed: 21 Was not Abraham oure father iustified thorow workes when he offered Isaac his sonne vpon the aulter? 22 Thou seist how yt faith wrought with his dedes, and through ye dedes was the faith made perfect: 23 & the scripture was fulfilled which faith: Abraha beleued God and it was reputed vnto him for rightewesnes: and he was called ye frende of God. 24 Ye se then how that of dedes a man is iustified, and not of faith only

Titus 3:3

3 For we oure selues also were in tymes past, vnwyse, dishobedient, in erroure, seruynge lustes and dyuerse maners of voluptuousnes, lyuynge in maliciousnes and envye, full of hate, hatynge one another.

Proverbs 26:18-19

18 Like as one shuteth deadly arowes and dartes out of a preuy place, euen so doth a dyssembler with his neghboure, 19 And then sayeth he: I dyd it but in sporte.

Proverbs 1:22

22 O ye childre, how loge wil ye loue childyshnesse? how longe wil ye scorners delyte in scornynge, & ye vnwyse be enemies vnto knowlege?

Ecclesiastes 4:5

5 The foole foldeth his handes together, & eateth vp his owne flesh.

Proverbs 20:3

3 It is a mans honoure to kepe himself from strife, but they yt haue pleasure in braulinge, are fooles eueryone.

1 Peter 5:8

8 Be sober and watch, for yor aduersary ye deuell, walketh aboute as a roaringe lyon, sekynge whom he maye deuoure,

James 1:19-20

19 Wherfore deare brethren, let euery man be swifte to heare, slowe to speake, and slowe to wrath. 20 For the wrath of ma worketh not that which is righteous before God.

Proverbs 15:2

2 A wyse tonge commendeth knowlege, a foolish mouth blabbeth out nothinge but foolishnesse.

Proverbs 10:8

8 A wyse man wil receaue warnynge, but a foole wil sooner be smytten in the face.

Proverbs 15:14

14 A wyse herte wil seke after knowlege, but ye mouth of fooles medleth with foolishnesse.

Romans 12:2

2 And fashion not youre selues like vnto this worlde, but be chaunged thorow the renewynge off yor mynde, yt ye maye proue, what thinge that good, yt acceptable, & perfecte wil of God is.

Proverbs 14:15

15 An ignoraut body beleueth all thinges, but who so hath vnderstondinge, loketh well to his goinges.

Ecclesiastes 7:9

9 Be not haistely angrie in yi mynde, for wrath resteth in the bosome of a foole.

Psalms 14:1

1 The foolish bodyes saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. They are corrupte, ad become abhominable in their doynges, there is not one yt doth good.

Proverbs 15:20

20 A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete body shameth his mother. 21 A foole reioyseth in foolish thinges, but a wyse man loketh well to his owne goinges.

Proverbs 14:16

16 A wyse man, feareth, and departeth from euell, but a foole goeth on presumptuously.

Proverbs 17:28

28 Yee a very foole (when he holdeth his tonge) is counted wyse, and to haue vnderstodinge, when he shutteth his lippes.

Proverbs 12:16

16 A foole vttereth his wrath in all the haist, but a discrete man forgeueth wronge.

Proverbs 3:35

35 The wyse shal haue honor in possession, but shame is the promocio that fooles shal haue.

Proverbs 14:7-9

7 Se yt thou medle not with a foole, & do as though thou haddest no knowlege. 8 The wy?dome of him that hath vnderstondinge is, to take hede vnto his waye, but the foolishnesse of the vnwyse disceaueth. 9 Fooles make but a sporte of synne, but there is fauourable loue amoge the rightuous.

Proverbs 18:7

7 A fooles mouth is his owne destruccion, and his lippes are ye snare for his owne soule.

Titus 3:1-11

1 Warne them that they submytte them selues vnto Prynces and to the hyer auctorite, to obey the officers, to be ready vnto all good workes, 2 that they speake euell of no man, that they be no stryuers, but soft, shewynge all mekenes vnto all men. 3 For we oure selues also were in tymes past, vnwyse, dishobedient, in erroure, seruynge lustes and dyuerse maners of voluptuousnes, lyuynge in maliciousnes and envye, full of hate, hatynge one another. 4 But after that ye kyndnesse and loue of God oure Sauioure to man warde appeared, 5 not for ye dedes of righteousnes which we wroughte, but after his mercy he saued vs by the fountayne of the new byrth, and renuynge of the holy goost, 6 which he shed on vs abundauntly, thorow Iesus Christ oure Sauioure: 7 yt we beynge made righteous by his grace, shulde be heyres of eternall life acordynge to hope. 8 This is a true sayege. Of these thinges wolde I that thou shuldest speake earnestly, that they which are become beleuers in God, might be diligent to excell in good workes: for these thinges are good and profitable vnto me. 9 As for folish questions, and genealogies, and braulynges and stryuynges aboute ye lawe, auoyde the, for they are vnprofitable and vayne. 10 A ma that is geuen vnto heresye, after ye first and seconde monicion, auoyde, 11 and knowe, that he that is soch, is peruerted, & synneth euen damned by his awne iudgment.

Proverbs 10:23

23 A foole doth wickedly & maketh but a sporte of it: neuertheles it is wysdome for a man to bewarre of soch.

Proverbs 26:3-12

3 Vnto the horse belongeth a whyppe, to the Asse a brydle, and a rodde to the fooles backe. 4 Geue not the foole an answere after his foolishnesse, lest thou become like vnto him: 5 but make ye foole an answere to his foolishnesse, lest he be wyse in his owne coceate. 6 He is lame of his fete, yee droncken is he in vanite, that comitteth eny thinge to a foole. 7 Like as it is an vnsemely thige to haue legges & yet to halte, eue so is a parable in ye fooles mouth. 8 He yt setteth a foole in hye dignite, yt is eue as yf a man dyd cast a precious stone vpo ye galous. 9 A parable in a fooles mouth, is like a thorne yt pricketh a droncken man in ye hande. 10 A man of experience discerneth all thinges well, but whoso hyreth a foole, hyreth soch one as wyl take no hede. 11 Like as the dogg turneth agayne to his vomite, euen so a foole begynneth his foolishnesse agayne afresh. 12 Yf thou seyest a man yt is wyse in his owne conceate, there is more hope in a foole then in hi.

Proverbs 28:26

26 He that trusteth in his owne hert, is a foole: but he that dealeth wisely, shalbe safe.

Matthew 5:22

22 But I saye vnto you: whosoeuer is angrie with his brother, is in daunger of the iudgement. Whosoeuer sayeth vnto his brother: Racha, is in daunger of ye cousell. But whosoeuer sayeth: thou foole, is in daunger of hell fyre.

Proverbs 29:9

9 Yf a wyse man go to lawe with a foole (whether he deale with him frendly or roughly) he getteth no rest.

Proverbs 1:7

7 The feare of the LORDE is the begynnynge of wysdome. But fooles despyse wysdome and nurtoure.

Proverbs 18:6

6 A fooles lippes are euer brawlinge, and his mouth prouoketh vnto batayll.

Proverbs 29:11

11 A foole poureth out his sprete alltogether, but a wyse man kepeth it in till afterwarde.

Proverbs 26:19

19 And then sayeth he: I dyd it but in sporte.

Proverbs 18:2

2 A foole hath no delyte in vnderstodinge, but only in those thinges wherin his herte reioyseth.

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