Bible verses about esther | Coverdale

Bible verses about "esther" | Coverdale

2 Samuel 1:1-27

1 After ye death of Saul whan Dauid was come agayne from the slaughter of ye Amalechites, and had remayned two dayes at Siclag, 2 beholde, on the thirde daye there came a man out of Sauls hoost, with his clothes rente, and earth vpon his heade. And whan he came vnto Dauid, he fell downe to the grounde, and worshipped. 3 Dauid sayde vnto him: Whence commest thou? He sayde vnto him: Out of the hoost of Israel am I fled. 4 Dauid sayde vnto him: Tell me, what is the matter? He sayde: the people is fled from the battayll, and many of the people are fallen: Yee and Saul also is deed and his sonne Ionathas. 5 Dauid sayde vnto the yonge ma that brought him this worde: How knowest thou that Saul and Ionathas his sonne are deed? 6 The yonge man yt tolde him this, sayde: I came by chaunce vnto mount Gelboa, and beholde, Saul leaned vpon his speare, & the charettes and horsme folowed harde after him: 7 and he turned him aboute, and sawe me, and called me. And I sayde: Here, am I. 8 And he sayde vnto me: What art thou? I sayde vnto him: I am an Amalechite. 9 And he saide vnto me: Come to me, and kyll me, for anguysh hath gotten holde of me: for my life is yet whole within me. 10 Then stepte I to him, and slewe him, for I knowe well that he coulde not lyue after his fall. And I toke the crowne from his heade, and the armelet fro his arme, and haue broughte it here vnto ye my lorde. 11 Then toke Dauid holde of his clothes, and rente them, and so dyd all the me that were with him, 12 & mourned, and wepte, and fasted vntyll the euen, ouer Saul & Ionathas his sonne, and ouer the people of the LORDE, and ouer the house of Israel, because they were fallen thorow the swerde. 13 And Dauid sayde to the yonge man that broughte him worde: What art thou? He sayde: I am ye sonne of a straunger an Amalechite. 14 Dauid sayde: How happeneth it that thou wast not afrayed to laye thine hade vpon the LORDES anointed to destroye him? 15 And Dauid sayde vnto one of his yonge men: Come hither, and slaye him. And he smote him that he dyed. 16 Then sayde Dauid vnto him: Thy bloude be vpon thyne owne heade. For thy mouth hath spoken against thyselfe and sayde: I haue slayne the anoynted of the LORDE. 17 And Dauid mourned this lamentacion ouer Saul and Ionathas his sonne, 18 and commaunded to teach the childre of Iuda the bowe. Beholde, it is wrytten in the boke of the righteous. 19 The Eldest in Israel are slayne vpon the heigth of the. How are the Worthies falle? 20 Tell it not at Gath: speake not of it in ye stretes at Ascalon: lest the doughters of ye Philistynes reioyse, lest the doughters of ye vncircumcysed tryumphe. 21 Ye mountaynes of Gelboa, nether dew ner rayne come vpo you, nether lode be wherof commeth Heueofferynges: for there is ye shylde of the Worthies smytten downe, the shylde of Saul, as though he had not bene anoynted with oyle. 22 The bowe of Ionathas fayled not, and the swerde of Saul came not agayne voyde from the bloude of the slayne, and fro the fat of the giauntes. 23 Saul and Ionathas louely and pleasaut in their lyfe, and in their deeth were not parted asunder: lighter then Aegles, and stronger then lyons. 24 Ye doughters of Israel wepe ouer Saul which clothed yow with purple in pleasures, and decked you with Iewels of golde on youre garmentes. 25 How are the Worthies fallen so in the battayll? Ionathas is slayne vpon ye heigth of the. 26 I am sory for the my brother Ionathas: thou hast bene very louely vnto me: Thy loue hath bene more speciall vnto me, then the loue of wemen. 27 How are the Worthies fallen, and ye weapens destroyed?

Esther 5:1-14

1 And on the thirde daye put Hester on hir royall apparell, and stode in the courte of ye kinges palace within ouer agaynst the kynges house. And ye kynge sat vpo his royall seate in ye kynges palace ouer agaynst ye dore of the house. 2 And whan the kynge sawe Hester the quene stodinge in the courte, she founde grace in his sighte. And ye kynge helde out the golde cepter in his hade towarde Hester. So Hester stepte forth, and touched the toppe of ye cepter. 3 Then sayde ye kynge vnto her: What wilt thou quene Hester? & what requyrest thou? axe eue the halfe of ye empyre, & it shal be geue the. 4 Hester sayde: Yf it please ye kynge, let ye kynge & Aman come this daye vnto ye banket yt I haue prepared. 5 The kynge sayde: Cause Aman to make haist, yt he maye do as Hester hath saide. Now wha the kynge & Aman came to ye banket yt Hester had prepared, 6 the kynge sayde vnto Hester whan he had dronken wyne: Hester, what is thy peticion? it shal be geue the. And what requyrest thou? euen the halfe of the empyre, it shal be done. 7 Then answered Hester and sayde: My peticion and desire is, 8 yf I haue founde grace in ye sight of the kynge, & yf it please the kinge to geue me my peticion, and to fulfill my request, then let the kynge & Aman come to the bancket yt I shal prepare for the, and so wil I do tomorow as the kynge hath sayde. 9 Then wente Aman forth the same daye ioyfull and mery in his mynde. And whan he sawe Mardocheus in the kynges gate, yt he stode not vp and kneled before him, he was full of indignacion at Mardocheus. 10 Neuertheles he refrained himselfe: and wha he came home, he sent, and called for his fredes, and Seres his wyfe, 11 and tolde them of the glory of his riches, and the multitude of his children, all together how the kynge had promoted him so greatly, and how that he was taken aboue the prynces and seruauntes of the kynge. 12 Aman sayde morouer: Yee and Hester the quene let no man come with the kynge vnto the bancket that she had prepared, excepte me, and tomorow am I bidden vnto her also with the kynge. 13 But in all this am I not satisfied as longe as I se Mardocheus the Iewe syttinge in ye kynges gate. 14 Then sayde Seres his wife and all his frendes vnto him: Let the make a galowe of fiftye cubites hie, & tomorow speake thou vnto the kynge, that Mardocheus maye be hanged theron, yf thou comest merely with the kynge vnto the bancket. Aman was well content withall, and caused a galowe to be prepared.

Esther 4:16

16 Go thou yi waye then, & gather together all ye Iewes yt are founde at Susan, & fast ye for me, yt ye eate not & drynke not in thre dayes, nether daye ner nighte. I & my damsels wil fast likewyse, & so wyl I go into the kynge cotrary to the comaundement: yf I perishe, I perishe.

Esther 9:1-32

1 In the twolueth moneth, that is the moneth Adar, vpon the thyrtenth daye, which the kinges worde and comaundement had appoynted, that it shulde be done, eue vpon ye same daie yt the enemies shulde haue destroyed the Iewes to haue oppressed them, it turned contrary wise, euen yt the Iewes shulde subdue their enemies. 2 Then gathered the Iewes together in their cities within all ye londes of kynge Ahasuerus, to laye honde on soch as wolde do the euell, & no man coulde withstonde them: for ye feare of the was come ouer all people. 3 And all the rulers in the londes, and prynces and Debities, and officers of the kinge promoted the Iewes: for the feare of Mardocheus came vpo the. 4 For Mardocheus was greate in the kynges house, & the reporte of him was noised in all lodes, how he increased & grewe. 5 Thus the Iewes smote all their enemies with a sore slaughter, and slewe and destroyed, & dyd after their wyll vnto soch as were their aduersaries. 6 And at ye castell of Susan slewe the Iewes and destroied fyue hudreth men: 7 & slewe Parsandatha, Dalphon, Aspatha, 8 Poratha, Adalia, Aridatha, 9 Parmastha Arissai, Aridai, Vaiesatha, 10 the ten sonnes of Aman ye sonne of Amadathi ye enemie of the Iewes: but on his goodes they layed no handes. 11 At the same tyme was the kynge certified of the nombre of those that were slaine at the castell of Susan. 12 And the kynge sayde vnto quene Hester: The Iewes haue slayne and destroyed fyue hudreth men at ye castell of Susan, and the ten sonnes of Ama: What shal they do in the other londes of ye kynge? What is thy peticion, that it maye be geuen the? & what requirest thou more to be done? 13 Hester sayde: Yf it please the kynge, let him suffre the Iewes tomorow also to do acordinge vnto this dayes commaundement, that they maye hange Amans ten sonnes vpo ye tre. 14 And the kynge charged to do so, and the commaundement was deuysed at Susan, & Amans ten sonnes were hanged. 15 And the Iewes gathered the selues together at Susan, vpon the fourtenth daye of the moneth Adar, and slewe thre hundreth men at Susan, but on their goodes they laied no hades. 16 As for the other Iewes in the kyuges lodes, they came together, & stode for their lyues, & gatt rest fro their enemies: and slewe of their enemies fyue and seuentye thousande, howbeit they layed no hondes on their goodes. 17 This was done on the thirteth daie of the moneth Adar, and on the fourtenth daye of the same moneth rested they, which (daye) they ordeyned to be a daye of feastinge and gladnesse. 18 But the Iewes at Susan were come together both on the thyrtenth daye and on the fourtenth, and on the fyftenth daye they rested, and the same daye ordeyned they to be a daye of feastinge & gladnes. 19 Therfore the Iewes that dwelt in the vyllages and vnwalled townes, ordeyned ye fourtenth daye of the moneth Adar, to be a daye of feastinge and gladnes, and one sent giftes vnto another. 20 And Mardocheus wrote these actes, and sent the writinges vnto all the Iewes yt were in all ye londes of kynge Ahasuerus, both nye and farre, 21 that they shulde yearly receaue and holde the fourtenth and fiftenth daie of the moneth Adar, 22 as the daies wherin ye Iewes came to rest from their enemies, & as a moneth wherin their payne was turned to ioye, and their sorowe in to prosperite: that they shulde obserue the same as dayes of wealth and gladnes, and one to sende giftes vnto another, & to distribute vnto the poore. 23 And the Iewes receaued it that they had begonne to do, and that Mardocheus wrote vnto them: 24 how that Aman the sonne of Amadathai all ye Iewes enemye, had deuysed to destroye all the Iewes, and caused the lot to be cast for to put them in feare, and to brynge them to naughte: 25 and how Hester wente and spake to the kynge, that thorow letters his wicked deuyce (which he ymagyned agaynst the Iewes) might be turned vpon his awne heade, and how he and his sonnes were hanged on the tre. 26 For the which cause they called this daye Purim after the name of the lot, acordynge to all ye wordes of this wrytinge: and what they the selues had sene, and what had happened vnto them. 27 And the Iewes set it vp, and toke it vpon them and their sede, and vpon all soch as ioyned themselues vnto them, that they wolde not mysse to obserue these two dayes yearly, acordynge as they were wrytte and appoynted, 28 how yt these dayes are not to be forgotten, but to be kepte of childers children amoge all kynreds in all londes and cities. They are the dayes of Purim, which are not to be ouerslipte amonge the Iewes, and the memoriall of them oughte not to perishe from their sede. 29 And quene Hester the daughter of Abihail and Mardocheus the Iewe, wrote with all auctorite, to confirme this seconde wrytinge of Purim, 30 and sent the letters vnto all the Iewes in the hundreth and seuen and twentye londes of ye empyre of Ahasuerus, with frendly and faithfull wordes, 31 to confirme these dayes of Purim, in their tyme appoynted, acordynges as Mardocheus the Iewe and Hester the quene had ordeined cocernynge them: lyke as they vpon their soule and vpon their sede had cofirmed the actes of the fastinges and of hir coplainte. 32 And Hester comaunded to stablish these actes of this Purim, and to wryte them in a boke.

Esther 4:14

14 for yf thou holdest thy peace at this tyme, then shal the Iewes haue helpe and delyueraunce out of another place, & thou & thy fathers house shalbe destroyed. And who knoweth whether thou art come to the kyngdome, for this tymes sake?

Esther 8:1-17

1 The same daye dyd kynge Ahasuerus geue the house of Aman the Iewes enemye, vnto quene Hester. And Mardocheus came before ye kinge: for Hester tolde how that he beloged vnto her. 2 And the kynge put of his fynger rynge, which he had taken from Aman, & gaue it vnto Mardocheus. And Hester set Mardocheus ouer the house of Aman. 3 And Hester spake yet more before the kynge, and fell downe at his fete, & besought him, that he wolde put awaye the wyckednes of Aman the Agagite, and his deuice that he had ymagined against ye Iewes. 4 And the kynge helde out the golden cepter vnto Hester. Then rose Hester, and stode before the kynge, 5 and sayde: Yf it please the kynge, and yf I haue foude grace in his sight, & yf it be couenyent for the kinge, and yf it be accepted in his sighte, then let it be wrytte, yt the letters of the deuyce of Ama the sonne of Amadathai the Agagite, maie be called agayne: which letters he wrote, to destroie ye Iewes in all ye kynges lodes. 6 For how can I se the euell that shal happe vnto my people? and how can I loke vpon the destruction of my kynred? 7 Then sayde ye kynge Ahasuerus vnto quene Hester, and to Mardocheus the Iewe: Beholde, I haue geuen Hester the house of Aman, & him haue they hanged vpon a tre, because he layed hade vpon ye Iewes. 8 Wryte ye now therfore for the Iewes, as it liketh you in the kynges name, and seale it with ye kynges rynge (for the wrytinges that were wrytten in ye kynges name, and sealed with the kynges rynge, durst no man dysanulle.) 9 Then were the kynges scrybes called at the same tyme in the thirde moneth, that is the moneth Siuan, on the thre & twentieth daie. And it was wrytten (as Mardocheus comaunded) vnto the Iewes and to the prynces, to the Debities and captaynes in the londes from India vntyll Ethiopia, namely, an hundreth and seuen and twentye londes, vnto euery one acordinge to the wrytinge therof, vnto euery people after their speche, and to the Iewes acordinge to their wrytinge and language. 10 And it was written in the kynge Ahasuerus name, and sealed with the kynges rynge. And by postes that rode vpon swyfte yonge Mules, sent he the wrytinges, 11 wher in the kynge graunted the Iewes (in what cities so euer they were) to gather them selues together, and to stonde for their lyfe, and for to rote out, to slaye, and to destroye all the power of the people and londe that wolde trouble them, with children and wemen, and to spoyle their good 12 vpon one daye in all the londes of kynge Ahasuerus, namely vpon the thirtenth daye of the twolueth moneth, which is the moneth Adar. 13 The summe of the wrytinge was, how there was a comaundement geuen in all londes to be publisled vnto all the people, that ye Iewes shulde be ready agaynst that daye to auenge them selues on their enemies. 14 And the postes that rode vpon the Mules, made haistwith all spede, acordinge to the kynges worde: and the commaundement was deuysed in the castel of Susan. 15 As for Mardocheus, he wente out from the kynge in royall apparell of yalow and whyte, and wyth a greate crowne of golde, beynge arayed with a garment of linnen and purple, and ye cite of Susan reioysed & was glad: 16 but vnto the Iewes there was come light and gladnesse, & ioye & worshippe. 17 And in all londes and cities, in to what places so euer the kynges worde and commaundemet reached, there was ioye & myrth, prosperite and good dayes amonge the Iewes: in so moch that many of the people in the londe became of the Iewes beleue, for the feare of the Iewes came vpon them.

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