Bible verses about doubt | Coverdale

Bible verses about "doubt" | Coverdale

Job 23:8-10

8 For though I go before, I fynde him not: yf I come behynde, I ca get no knowlege of him: 9 Yf I go on the left syde to pondre his workes, I can not atteyne vnto them: Agayne, yf I go on the right syde, he hydeth himself, yt I can not se him. 10 But as for my waye, he knoweth it: & trieth me as ye golde in ye fyre.

Revelation 5:1-6

1 And I sawe in the right hode of him, that sat in the trone, a boke wrytten with in & on the backside, sealed with seue seales. 2 And I sawe a stroge angell preachinge with a loude voyce: Who is worthy to open the boke, and to loose the seales therof? 3 And no ma in heaue ner in earth, nether vnder ye earth, was able to ope ye boke, nether to loke thereon. 4 And I wepte moch, because no man was founde worthy to open and to rede the boke, nether to loke thereon. 5 And one of the elders sayde vnto me: wepe not: Beholde, the lyon which is off the trybe of Iuda, ye rote of Dauid, hath obtayned to ope the boke, and to lowse the seue seales therof. 6 And I behelde, & lo, in the myddes of the seate, and of ye foure beastes, and in the myddes of ye elders, stode a lambe as though he had bene kylled, which had seuen hornes and seue eyes, which are the seue spretes of God, sent in to all the worlde.

Genesis 3:2-5

2 Then sayde the woman vnto the serpent: We eate of the frute of the trees in the garden: 3 But as for the frute of the tre that is in the myddes of the garden, God hath sayde: Eate not ye of it, and touch it not, lest ye dye. 4 Then saide the serpent vnto the woman: Tush, ye shall not dye the death. 5 For God doth knowe, that in what daye so euer ye eate of it, youre eyes shalbe opened, and ye shalbe as God, and knowe both good and euell.

Isaiah 40:25-31

25 To whom now wil ye licken me, & whom shal I be like, saieth the holy one? 26 Lift vp youre eyes an hie, and considre. Who hath made those thinges, which come out by so greate heapes? and he can call them all by their names. For there is nothinge hyd vnto the greatnesse of his power, strength, and might. 27 How maye then Iacob thinke, or how maye Israel saye: My wayes are hyd from the LORDE, and my God knoweth not of my iudgmentes. 28 Knowest thou not, or hast thou not herde, that the euerlastinge God, the LORDE which made all the corners of the earth, is nether weery nor faynt, and that his wisdome can not be comprehended: 29 but that he geueth strength vnto the weery, and power vnto the faynte? 30 Children are weery and faynt, and the strongest men fall: 31 But vnto them that haue the LORDE before their eyes, shal strength be encreased, Aegles wynges shal growe vpon them: When they runne, they shal not fall: and when they go, they shal not be weery.

Jeremiah 29:11-13

11 For I knowe, what I haue deuysed for you, saieth the LORDE. My thoughtes are to geue you peace, & not trouble (which I geue you all redie) & that ye might haue hope agayne. 12 Ye shall crie vnto me, ye shal go & call vpo me, & I shal heare you. 13 Ye shal seke me, & fynde me: Yee, yf so be that ye seke me with youre whole herte,

Matthew 14:25-31

25 But in ye fourth watch of ye night Iesus came vnto the, walkinge vpon the see. 26 And whan his disciples sawe him goinge vpon the see, they were afrayed, sayenge: It is some sprete, and cried out for feare. 27 But straight waye Iesus spake vnto them, and sayde: Be of good cheare, it is I, be not afrayed. 28 Peter answered him, & saide: LORDE, yf it be thou, byd me come vnto the vpon ye water. 29 And he sayde: come on yi waye. And Peter stepte out of the shippe, & wete vpon the water, to come vnto Iesus. 30 But whan he sawe a mightie wynde, he was afrayed, & begane to synke, & cried, sayenge: LORDE, helpe me. 31 And imediatly Iesus stretched forth his hande, & caught him, & sayde vnto him: O thou of litle faith, wherfore doutest thou?

1 Peter 1:1-25

1 Peter an Apostle of Iesu Christ, to the that dwell here and there as straungers thorow out Pontus, Galacia, Capadocia, Asia and Bithinia, electe 2 acordinge to the foreknowlege of God the father thorow sanctifienge of the sprete, vnto obedience and sprenklynge of the bloude of Iesus Christ. Grace and peace be multiplied with you. 3 Blessed be God and the father of oure LORDE Iesus Christ, which acordinge to his greate mercy hath begotten vs agayne vnto a lyuely hope by the resurreccion of Iesus Christ from the deed, 4 to an vncorruptible and vndefyled inheritaunce, which neuer shal fade awaye, but is reserued in heauen for you 5 that are kepte by the power of God thorow faith to saluacion, which is prepared all ready to be shewed in the last tyme: 6 in the which ye shal reioyse, though now for a litle season (yff nede requyre) ye are in heuynes thorow manyfolde temptacions: 7 that youre faith once tryed (beynge moch more precious then the corruptible golde that is tryed thorow the fyre) might be founde vnto laude, glory and honoure at the appearynge of Iesus Christ: 8 whom ye haue not sene, and yet loue him: in whom now ye beleue, though ye se him not. Euen so shal ye reioyce also with vnoutspeakable and glorious ioye, 9 receauynge the ende of youre faith, euen the saluacion of youre soules. 10 Of which saluacion the prophetes haue enquyred and searched, which prophecied off the grace that shulde come vpon you: 11 searchinge whan or at what tyme the sprete off Christ that was in them, shulde signifye, which (sprete) testified before the passions that shulde come vnto Christ, and the glory that shulde folowe after. 12 Vnto the which (prophetes) it was declared, that not vnto them selues, but vnto vs they shulde mynister the thinges which are now shewed vnto you, by them which thorow ye holy goost sent downe from heauen, haue preached vnto you the thinges which the angels delyte to beholde. 13 Wherfore gyrde op the loynes off youre mynde, be sober, and trust perfectly on the grace that is brought vnto you, by the declarynge of Iesus Christ, 14 as obedient childre, not fasshionynge youre selues to yor olde lustes of ignoraunce: 15 but as he which hath called you is holy, eue so be ye holy also in all youre conuersacion: 16 for it it wrytte: Be ye holy, for I am holy. 17 And yf so be that ye call on the father, which without respecte of personnes iudgeth acordynge to euery mans worke, se yt ye passe ye tyme of youre pilgremage in feare: 18 and knowe, that ye were not redemed wt corruptible syluer and golde, from youre vayne conuersacion (which ye receaued by the tradicios of the fathers) 19 but with the precious bloude of Christ, as of an innocet and vndefyled lambe, 20 which was ordeyned before the worlde was made, but is declared in these last tymes for youre sakes, 21 which thorow him beleue on God, that raysed him vp from the deed, and hath geue him the glory, that ye might haue faith & hope in God: 22 Euen ye which haue purifyed youre soules in obeyenge the trueth thorow the sprete, for to loue brotherly without faynynge, & feruently one to loue another wt a pure hert, 23 as they that are borne a new, not of corruptible sede, but of vncorruptible, eue by the lyuynge worde of God, which endureth for euer. 24 For all flesh is as grasse, and all the glory of man is as the floure of grasse. The grasse withereth, & the floure falleth awaye 25 but the worde of the LORDE endureth for euer. This is the worde, that is preached amonge you.

Psalms 138:8

8 The LORDE shal make good for me, yee thy mercy (o LORDE) endureth for euer: despyse not then the worke of thine owne handes.

Isaiah 41:10

10 be not afrayde, for I wil be with ye. Lake not behinde ye, for I wil be thy God, to stregth ye, helpe ye, & to kepe ye with this right hode of myne.

1 John 3:22

22 And what so euer we axe, we shal receaue it: because we kepe his comaundemetes, and do those thinges, which are pleasaunt in his sighte.

Romans 14:23

23 But he that maketh conscience of it and yet eateth, is dampned: because he doth it not of faith. For what so euer is not of faith, that same is synne.

Proverbs 3:5

5 Put thy trust in ye LORDE with all thine herte, and leane not vnto thine owne vnderstondinge.

Mark 11:22-25

22 Iesus answered, and sayde vnto them: Haue faith in God. 23 Verely I saye vnto you: Who so euer saieth vnto this mountayne: Avoyde, and cast thy self in to the see, and douteth not in his hert, but beleueth that the thinges shal come to passe which he saieth, then loke what he sayeth, it shal come to passe. 24 Therfore I saye vnto you: What so euer ye desyre in youre prayer, beleue that ye shal receaue it, and ye shal haue it. 25 And whan ye stonde and praye, forgeue yf ye haue ought ageynst eny man, that youre father also in heauen, maye forgeue you youre trespaces.

Psalms 31:22

22 Thou hydest them priuely by thine owne presence from the proude men, thou kepest them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the strife of tonges.

Mark 9:24

24 And immediatly the father of the childe cried with teares, and sayde: LORDE I beleue: O helpe thou myne vnbeleue.

John 20:27

27 After yt sayde he vnto Thomas: Reach hither yi fynger, and se my handes, and reach hither yi hade, & put it i to my syde, & be not faithlesse, but beleue.

Hebrews 11:1-40

1 Faith is a sure confidence of thinges which are hoped for, and a certaynte of thinges which are not sene. 2 By it ye Elders were well reported of. 3 Thorow faith we vnderstonde, that the worlde and all the thinges which are sene, were made of naughte by the worde of God. 4 By faith offered Abell vnto God a more plenteous sacrifice: by the which he optayned wytnesse, that he was righteous: God testifyenge of his giftes, by the which also he beynge deed, yet speaketh. 5 By faith was Enoch take awaye, that he shulde not se death: and was not founde, because God had taken him awaye. For afore he was taken awaye, he had recorde that he pleased God. 6 But without faith it is vnpossible to please God. For he that commeth vnto God, must beleue that God is, & yt he is a rewarder of them that seke him. 7 By faith Noe honoured God, after yt he was warned of thinges which were not sene, & prepared the Arke, to ye sauinge of his housholde: thorow the which Arke he condemned the worlde, and became heyre of the righteousnes, which commeth by faith. 8 By faith Abraham (wha he was called) obeyed, to go out in to the place, which he shulde afterwarde receaue to inheritaunce: and he wente out, not knowynge whither he shulde go. 9 By faith was he a straunger in the lode of promes as in a straunge countre, & dwelt in tabernacles: and so dyd Isaac & Iacob, heyres with him of the same promes: 10 for he loked for a cite which hath a foundacion, whose buylder and maker is God. 11 By faith Sara also receaued strength to be with childe, and was delyuered of a childe whan she was past age, because she iudged him to be faithfull which had promysed. 12 And therfore spronge there of one (yee euen off one which was as good as deed concernynge the body) so many in multitude as the starres off the skye, and as the sonde off the See shore, which is innumerable. 13 All these dyed acordinge to faith, and receaued not the promyses, but sawe the afarre off, and beleued them, and saluted them: and cofessed, that they were straungers & pilgrems vpo earth. 14 For they that saye soch thinges, declare, that they seke a naturall countre. 15 And doutles yf they had bene myndefull off that countre from whence they came out, they had leysure to haue returned agayne. 16 But now they desyre a better, that is to saye, a heauely. Wherfore God is not ashamed of the, eue to be called their God: for he hath prepared a cite for them. 17 By faith Abraha offered vp Isaac, wha he was tempted, and gaue ouer his onely begotten sonne, in whom he had receaued the promyses, 18 of whom it was sayde: In Isaac shal thy sede be called: 19 For he considered, yt God was able to rayse vp agayne from the deed. Therfore receaued he him for an ensample. 20 By faith Isaac blessed Iacob and Esau, concernynge thinges to come. 21 By faith Iacob, whan he was a dyenge, blessed both the sonnes off Ioseph, & bowed himselfe towarde the toppe of his cepter. 22 By faith Ioseph whan he dyed, remembred ye departynge of the childre of Israel, & gaue comaundemet concernynge his bones. 23 By faith Moses wha he was borne, was hyd thre monethes of his Elders, because they sawe that he was a proper childe, nether feared they the kynges comaundemet. 24 By faith Moses whan he was greate, refused to be called the sonne of Pharaos doughter: 25 and chose rather to suffre aduersite with the people of God, then to enioye ye pleasures of synne for a season: 26 and estemed the rebuke of Christ greater riches, then the treasure of Egipte: for he had respecte vnto the rewarde. 27 By faith he forsoke Egipte, and feared not the fearcenes of the kynge: for he endured, eue as though he had sene him which is inuisible. 28 By faith he helde Easter, and the effusion of bloude, lest he which slewe the firstborne, shulde touche them. 29 By faith they passed thorow the reed See as by drye londe: which wha the Egipcians assayed to do, they were drowned. 30 By faith the walles of Iericho fell, wha they were compased aboute seuen dayes. 31 By faith the harlot Raab perished not with the vnbeleuers, wha she had receaued the spyes to lodginge peaceably. 32 And what shal I more saye? ye tyme wolde be to shorte for me to tell of Gedeon, of Barac, and of Samson, & of Iepthae, and of Dauid, and Samuel, and of the prophetes, 33 which thorow faith subdued kyngdomes, wroughte righteousnes, optayned ye promyses, stopped ye mouthes of lyos 34 quenched the violece of fyre, escaped ye edge of the swerde, of weake were made stronge, became valeaunt in batayll, turned to flighte the armyes of the aleauntes, 35 the wemen receaued their deed agayne from resurreccion. But other were racked, and accepted no delyueraunce, that they mighte optayne the resurreccion that better is. 36 Other taisted of mockinges and scourginges, of bondes also and presonment: 37 were stoned, were hewen a sunder, were tempted, were slayne with the swerde, wente aboute in shepe skynnes and goates skynnes, in nede, in tribulacion, in vexacion, 38 which (men) the worlde was not worthy of: they wandred aboute in wyldernesses, vpon mountaynes, in dennes and caues of the earth. 39 And these all thorow faith optayned good reporte, and receaued not ye promes: 40 because God had prouyded a better thinge for vs, that they without vs shulde not be made perfecte.

Luke 24:38

38 And he saide vnto the: Why are ye abashed? & wherfore ryse there soch thoughtes in yor hertes?

James 1:5-8

5 Yf eny of you lacke wyssdome, let him axe of God, which geueth to all men indifferentlie, and casteth no man in the teth: and it shal be geue him. 6 But let him axe in faith and wauer not. For he that douteth, is lyke the wawes of ye See, tost of the wynde, and caried wt violence. 7 Nether let yt man thinke that he shal receaue eny thige of ye LORDE. 8 A wauerynge mynded ma ys vnstable in all his waies.

Mark 11:23

23 Verely I saye vnto you: Who so euer saieth vnto this mountayne: Avoyde, and cast thy self in to the see, and douteth not in his hert, but beleueth that the thinges shal come to passe which he saieth, then loke what he sayeth, it shal come to passe.

Matthew 14:31

31 And imediatly Iesus stretched forth his hande, & caught him, & sayde vnto him: O thou of litle faith, wherfore doutest thou?

Jude 1:22

22 And haue copassion on some, separatinge the:

Matthew 21:21

21 Iesus answered and sayde vnto them: Verely I saye vnto you: Yf ye haue faith & doute not, ye shal not onely do this with the fygge tre, but yf ye shal saye vnto this mountayne: Avoyde, and cast thy self in to the see, it shal be done.

James 1:6

6 But let him axe in faith and wauer not. For he that douteth, is lyke the wawes of ye See, tost of the wynde, and caried wt violence.

Proverbs 3:5-8

5 Put thy trust in ye LORDE with all thine herte, and leane not vnto thine owne vnderstondinge. 6 In all thy wayes haue respecte vnto him, and he shal ordre thy goinges. 7 Be not wyse in thine owne conceate, but feare ye LORDE and departe from euell: 8 so shal thy nauel be whole, and thy bones stronge.

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