Bible verses about courtship | Coverdale

Bible verses about "courtship" | Coverdale

Hebrews 10:26

26 For yf we synne wylfully after that we haue receaued the knowlege of the trueth, there remayneth vnto vs nomore sacrifice for synnes,

Matthew 5:27-30

27 Ye haue herde, how it was sayde to them of olde tyme: Thou shalt not committe aduoutrie. 28 But I saye vnto you, that whosoeuer loketh on a wife lustinge after her, hath committed aduoutrie with hir already in his hert. 29 Wherfore yf thy right eye offende the, plucke hym out, and cast him from the. Better it is for the, that one of thy membres perisshe, then that thy whole body shulde be cast in to hell. 30 Also yf thy right honde offende the, cut hym of, and cast him from the. Better yt is that one of thy mebres perissh, the yt all yi body shulde be cast in to hell.

Genesis 2:24

24 For this cause shal a man leaue father and mother, and cleue vnto his wife, & they two shalbe one flesh.

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I knowe, what I haue deuysed for you, saieth the LORDE. My thoughtes are to geue you peace, & not trouble (which I geue you all redie) & that ye might haue hope agayne.

1 Corinthians 6:18

18 Fle whordome. All synnes yt a man doth, are without the body. But he that commytteth whordome, synneth agaynst his awne body.

1 Corinthians 11:1-34

1 I commende you 2 brethren, that ye remembre me in all poyntes, and kepe the ordinaunces, eue as I delyuered them vnto you. 3 But I certifye you, that Christ is the heade of euery man. As for ye man, he is the heade of ye woman, but God is Christes heade. 4 Euery man that prayeth or prophecieth, and hath eny thinge on his heade, shameth his heade. 5 But euery woman that prayeth or prophecieth with vncouered heade, dishonesteth hir heade. For it is euen a lyke moch as yf she were shauen. 6 Yf the woma be not couered, let hir heer also be cut of. But yf it be vncomely for a woman to haue hir heer cut of or to be shauen, then let hir couer hir heade. 7 Neuertheles the man oughte not to couer his heade, for so moch as he is the ymage and glory of God: but the woma is the glory of the man. 8 For the man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man. 9 Nether was the man created for the womans sake, but the woma for the mans sake. 10 Therfore ought the woman to haue a power vpon hir heade, for the angels sakes. 11 Neuertheles nether is the man without ye woman, nether the woman without the ma in the LORDE. 12 For as the woman is of the man, euen so commeth the man also by the woman, but all of God. 13 Iudge ye by yor selues, whether it be comly, yt a woma praye before God bare headed? 14 Or doth not nature teach you, yt it is a shame for a man 15 yf he weere loge heer, & a prayse to ye woma, yf she weere loge heer? For hir heer is geue heer to couer her withall. 16 But yf there be eny man amoge you that hath lust to stryue, let him knowe, that we haue no soch custome, nether the congregacions of God. 17 But this must I warne you of: I commende it not, that ye come together not after a better maner but after a worse. 18 First, whan ye come together in the congregacion, I heare, that there are discensions amonge you, and I partly beleue it. 19 For there must be sectes amonge you, that they which are perfecte amonge you, mighte be knowne. 20 Now whan ye come together, the LORDES supper can not be kepte. For whan it shulde be kepte, euery ma taketh his awne supper afore. 21 And one is hogrie, another is dronke. Haue ye not houses to eate and drynke in? 22 Or despyse ye ye cogregacion of God, and shame them that haue not? What shal I saye vnto you? Shal I prayse you? in this prayse I you not. 23 That which I delyuered vnto you, receaued I of the LORDE. For the LORDE Iesus the same nighte in the which he was betrayed, toke the bred, 24 & gaue thankes, and brake it, and sayde: Take ye, & eate ye, this is my body, which is broken for you. This do in the remembraunce of me. 25 After the same maner also he toke ye cuppe whan supper was done, and sayde: This cuppe is the new Testament in my bloude, this do (as oft as ye drynke it) in the remebrauce of me. 26 For as oft as ye shal eate of this bred, & drynke of this cuppe, ye shal shewe the LORDES death, vntyll he come. 27 Wherfore who soeuer shal eate off this bred, and drynke off this cuppe of the LORDE vnworthely, shalbe giltye of the body and bloude of the LORDE. 28 But let a man examen himselfe, and so let him eate of this bred, and drynke of this cuppe. 29 For he that eateth and drynketh vnworthely, eateth & drynketh his awne damnacion, because he maketh no differece of the LORDES body. 30 Therfore are there so many weake and sicke amoge you, and many slepe. 31 For yf we iudged oure selues, we shulde not be iudged. 32 But whan we are iudged, we are chastened of ye LORDE, that we shulde not be daned with the worlde. 33 Wherfore my brethren, whan ye come together to eate, tary one for another. 34 But yf eny man honger, let him eate at home, that ye come not together vnto codempnacion. As for other thinges, I wil set them in order whan I come.

Ruth 3:9-13

9 And he sayde: Who art thou? She answered: I am Ruth thy handmayden, sprede yi wynges ouer thy hadmayden: for thou art the nexte kynsman. 10 He sayde: The LORDES blessinge haue thou my doughter. Thou hast done a better mercy here after then before, yt thou art not gone after yonge men, nether riche ner poore. 11 Feare not now my doughter: All yt thou hast sayde, will I do for the: for all the cite of my people knoweth, yt thou art a vertuous woma. 12 Trueth it is now, yt I am a nye kynsma, but there is one nyer then I. 13 Tarye thou allnighte. Tomorow yf he take the, well: yf he like not to take ye, then wil I take ye my selfe, as truly as ye LORDE lyueth. Slepe thou tyll ye mornynge. And she slepte at his fete vntyll ye morow.

1 Corinthians 7:1

1 As concernynge the thinges wherof ye wrote vnto me, I answere: It is good for a man not to touche a woman.

Matthew 19:5

5 & sayde: For this cause shal a ma leaue father & mother, & cleue vnto his wife, & they two shalbe one fleshe.

1 Corinthians 7:2

2 Neuertheles to avoyde whordome, let euery man haue his awne wife, and let euery woman haue hir awne hussbande.

1 Corinthians 7:1-40

1 As concernynge the thinges wherof ye wrote vnto me, I answere: It is good for a man not to touche a woman. 2 Neuertheles to avoyde whordome, let euery man haue his awne wife, and let euery woman haue hir awne hussbande. 3 Let the ma geue vnto the wife due beneuolence: likewyse also the wife vnto ye man. 4 The wife hath not power ouer hir awne body, but the hussbande: & likewyse the man hath not power ouer his awne body, but the wife. 5 Withdrawe not yor selues one fro another, excepte it be with the consent of both for a tyme, that ye maye geue youre selues vnto fastinge and prayer, and the come together agayne, lest Sathan tempte you for yor incontynecye. 6 But this I saye of fauoure, and not of commaundemet. 7 Howbeit I wolde rather yt all me were as I am. Neuertheles euery one hath his proper gifte of God: one thus, another so. 8 To them verely yt are vnmaried and to wedowes I saye: It is good for the that they abyde also as I do. 9 But yf they cannot absteyne, let them mary. For it is better to mary, then to burne. 10 But vnto them that are maried, commaunde not I, but the LORDE, that the wife separate not her selfe from the hussbande: 11 but yf she separate her selfe, yt she remayne vnmaried, or be reconcyled to hir hussbande: and let not the hussbande put awaye his wife from him. 12 As for the other, vnto the saye I, not ye LORDE: Yf eny brother haue an vnbeleuynge wife, and she is content to dwell with him, let him not put hir awaye. 13 And yf a woman haue an vnbeleuynge hussbande, and he is content to dwell with her, let her not put him awaye. 14 For the vnbeleuynge hussbande is sanctified by the wife, and the vnbeleuynge wife is sanctified by the hussbande: or els were youre children vncleane, but now are they holy. 15 But yf the vnbeleuynge departe, let him departe. A brother or a sister is not boude in soch cases, but God hath called vs in peace. 16 For what knowest thou O woma, whether thou shalt saue ye ma? Or what knowest thou O man, whether thou shalt saue the woman? 17 But euen as God hath distributed vnto euery one and as the LORDE hath called euery man, so let him walke: and so orden I in all congregacions. 18 Yf eny man be called beynge circumcysed let him take no Heythenshippe vpon him. Yf eny man be called in the Heythenshippe, let him not be circumcysed. 19 Circumcision is nothinge, and vncircumcision is nothinge, but the kepynge of the commaundementes of God. 20 Let euery one abyde in the callynge wherin he is called. 21 Art thou called a seruaut, care not for it: neuertheles yf thou mayest be fre, vse it rather. 22 For he that is called in the LORDE beynge a seruaute, is a fre man of the LORDE. Likewyse he that is called beynge fre, is a seruaut of Christ. 23 Ye are dearly boughte, be not ye the seruauntes of men. 24 Brethren let euery one wherin he is called, therin abyde with God. 25 As concernynge virgins, I haue no commaundement of the LORDE, neuertheles I saye my goodmeanynge, as I haue optayned mercy of the LORDE to be faithfull. 26 I suppose it is good for ye present necessite: for it is good for a man so to be. 27 Art thou bounde vnto a wife, seke not to be lowsed: Art thou lowsed fro a wife, seke not a wife. 28 But yf thou take a wife, thou synnest not. And yf a virgin mary, she synneth not Neuertheles soch shal haue trouble in the flesshe. But I fauoure you. 29 Howbeit this I saye brethren: the tyme is shorte. Farthermore this is the meanynge, yt they which haue wyues, be as though they had none: 30 and they that wepe, be as though they wepte not: and they that reioyse, be as though they reioysed not: & they that bye, be as though they possessed not: 31 & they that vse this worlde, be as though they vsed it not. For the fasshion off this worlde passeth awaye. 32 But I wolde that ye shulde be without care. He that is syngle, careth for the thinges of the LORDE,how he maye please the LORDE. 33 But he that is maried, careth for the thinges of the worlde, how he maye please his wife, 34 and is deuyded. A woman and a virgin that is syngle, careth for the thinges of the LORDE, that she maye be holy both in body & also in sprete. But she that is maried, careth for ye thinges of the worlde, how she maye please hir hussbande. 35 This I saye for youre profit, not that I wil tangle you in a snare, but for that which is honest and comly vnto you, that ye maye cotynually cleue vnto the LORDE without hynderaunce. 36 But yf eny man thinke that it is vncomly for his virgin yf she passe the tyme of mariage, and if nede so requyre, let him do what he lyst, he synneth not, let the be coupled in mariage. 37 Neuertheles he that purposeth surely in his hert, hauynge no nede, but hath power of his awne wyll, and determeth so in his hert to kepe his virgin, doth well. Fynally, he that ioyneth his virgin in mariage, doth well: 38 but he that ioyneth not his virgin in mariage, doth beter. 39 The wife is bounde to the lawe, as longe as hir hussbande lyueth. But yf hir hussbande slepe, she is at liberty to mary vnto whom she wil, onely that it be done in the LORDE. 40 But she is happier yf she so abyde after my iudgment. I thinke verely that I also haue the sprete of God.

1 Timothy 4:12

12 Let no man despyse yi youth, but be thou vnto them that beleue, an ensample, in worde, in couersacion, in loue, in ye sprete, in faith, in purenesse.

Proverbs 18:22

22 Who so fyndeth a wife fyndeth a good thynge, & receaueth an wholsome benefite of the LORDE.

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