Bible verses about universe | Bishops

Bible verses about "universe" | Bishops

Job 26:10

10 He hath compassed the waters with certayne boundes, vntill the day and night come to an ende

Psalms 14:1

1 The foole hath sayde in his heart there is no God: they haue corrupted [them selues] and done an abhominable worke, there is not one that doth good

Job 26:7

7 He stretcheth out the noorth ouer the emptie place, and hangeth the earth vpon nothing

Isaiah 46:10

10 In the beginning of a thing I shewe the ende therof, & I tell before thinges that are not yet come to passe: My deuise standeth stedfastly stablished, and I fulfill all my pleasure

Romans 3:1-9:33

1 What preferment then hath ye Iew? or what auauntageth circumcision 2 Much euery way. First, for because yt vnto them were committed ye wordes of God 3 What then though some of them dyd not beleue? Shal their vnbeliefe make the fayth of God without effect 4 God forbyd. Yea let God be true, and euery man a lyer, as it is writte: That thou myghtest be iustified in thy sayinges, and ouercome when thou art iudged 5 But yf our vnrighteousnes setteth foorth the righteousnes of God, what shall we saye? Is God vnryghteous which taketh vengeaunce? I speake after the maner of men 6 God forbyd. For howe then shall God iudge the worlde 7 For yf the trueth of God hath more abounded through my lye, vnto his glory, why am I as yet iudged as a sinner 8 And not rather (as men speake euyll of vs, and as some affirme that we say) let vs do euyll, that good may come therof? Whose dampnation is iuste 9 What then? Are we better [then they?] No, in no wise. For we haue alredy proued, howe that both Iewes and Gentiles are all vnder sinne 10 As it is written: There is none righteous, no not one 11 There is none that vnderstandeth, there is none that seketh after God 12 They are all gone out of the waye, they are all vnprofitable, there is none that doth good, no not one 13 Their throte is an open sepulchre, with their tongues they haue deceaued, the poyso of aspes is vnder their lippes 14 Whose mouth is full of cursyng and bytternesse 15 Their feete are swyft to shed blood 16 Heartes griefe & miserie are in their wayes 17 And they way of peace haue they not knowen 18 There is no feare of God before their eyes 19 Nowe we knowe that what thynges so euer the lawe saith, it saith it to them which are vnder the lawe: That all mouthes maye be stopped, and that al ye world may be indaungered to God 20 Because that by the deedes of the lawe, there shall no flesshe be iustified in his syght. For by the lawe, commeth the knowledge of sinne 21 But nowe is the righteousnes of God declared without the lawe, beyng witnessed by the testimonie of the lawe and of the prophetes 22 The ryghteousnes of God [commeth] by the fayth of Iesus Christe, vnto all and vpon all them that beleue. There is no difference 23 For all haue synned, and are destitute of the glorie of God 24 Iustified freely by his grace, through the redemption that is in Christe Iesu 25 Whom God hath set foorth to be a propitiatio, through fayth in his blood, to declare his ryghteousnes, in that he forgeueth the sinnes that are past 26 Which God dyd suffer, to shew at this tyme his righteousnes, that he might be iuste, & the iustifier of hym which beleueth on Iesus 27 Where is then thy boastyng? It is excluded. By what lawe? Of workes? Nay, but by the lawe of fayth 28 Therfore, we holde that a man is iustified by fayth, without the deedes of the lawe 29 Is he the God of the Iewes only? Is he not also of the Gentiles? Yes, euen of the Gentiles also 30 For it is one God whiche shall iustifie the circumcision by fayth, and vncircumcision through fayth 31 Do we then destroy the lawe through fayth? God forbyd: But we rather mayntayne the lawe

Romans 4:1-9:33

1 What shall we saye then that Abraham our father, as parteynyng to the flesshe, dyd fynde 2 For if Abraham were iustified by workes, the hath he wherein to boaste, but not before God 3 For what sayth the scripture? Abraham beleued God, and it was counted vnto hym for ryghteousnes 4 To hym that worketh, is the reward not reckened of grace, but of duetie 5 To hym that worketh not, but beleueth on hym that iustifieth the vngodly, his fayth is counted for ryghteousnes 6 Euen as Dauid describeth the blessednesse of the man vnto whom God imputeth righteousnesse without workes 7 Blessed are they whose vnrighteousnesse are forgeuen, & whose sinnes are couered 8 Blessed is that man to who the Lorde wyll not impute sinne 9 Came [this] blessednes then vpon the circumcision, or vpon the vncircumcision also? For we say, that fayth was reckened to Abraham for ryghteousnes 10 Howe was it then reckened? When he was in the circumcision? or whe he was in the vncircumcision? Not in the circumcision: but in vncircumcision 11 And he receaued the signe of circumcision, as the seale of the ryghteousnesse of fayth, whiche he had yet beyng vncircumcised, that he shoulde be the father of al them that beleue, though they be not circumcised, that ryghteousnes myght be imputed vnto them also 12 And that he myght be father of circumcision, not vnto them only whiche came of the circumcised: but vnto them also that walke in the steppes of the fayth that was in our father Abraham, before the time of circumcision 13 For the promise that he shoulde be the heyre of the worlde, [was] not to Abraham or to his seede through the lawe, but through the ryghteousnes of fayth 14 For yf they which are of the lawe be heyres, then is fayth but vayne, and the promise of none effect 15 Because the lawe causeth wrath. For where no lawe is, there is no transgression 16 Therefore by fayth [is the inheritaunce geuen] that it might [come] by grace, that the promise myght be sure to all ye seede, not to that only which is of the lawe, but to that also which is of the fayth of Abraham, which is the father of vs al 17 (As it is written, that I haue made thee a father of many nations) before God, whom he beleued, which restoreth the dead vnto life, and calleth those thynges whiche be not, as though they were 18 Who contrary to hope, beleued in hope, that he shoulde be the father of many nations, accordyng to that which was spoken: so shall thy seede be 19 And he faynted not in the fayth, nor considered his owne body nowe dead, when he was almost an hundred yeres old, neither yet the deadnesse o Saraes wombe 20 He stackered not at the promise of God through vnbeliefe: but was strong in fayth, geuyng glorie to God 21 And beyng full certified, that what he had promised, he was able also to perfourme 22 And therfore was it reckened to hym for righteousnes 23 Neuerthelesse, it is not written for hym only, that it was reckened to him 24 But also for vs, to whom it shalbe reckened, so that we beleue on hym that raysed vp Iesus our Lorde from the dead 25 Which was deliuered for our sinnes, and was raysed agayne for our iustification

Romans 5:1-9:33

1 Therefore being iustified by fayth, we are at peace with god, thorowe our Lorde Iesus Christe 2 By whom also we haue had an entrauce by fayth, vnto this grace wherin we stande, and reioyce in hope of the glorie of God 3 Not that only: but also we reioyce in tribulations, knowyng that tribulation worketh pacience 4 Pacience profe, profe hope 5 And hope maketh not ashamed, because the loue of God is shedde abrode in our heartes by the holy ghost, which is geuen vnto vs 6 For when we were yet weake, accordyng to the tyme, Christe dyed for the vngodly 7 Nowe scace wyll any man dye for the righteous: Yet peraduenture for the good some men durst dye 8 But God setteth out his loue towarde vs, seyng that whyle we were yet sinners, Christe dyed for vs 9 Muche more then nowe, we that are iustified by his blood, shalbe saued from wrath through hym 10 For, yf when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his sonne: much more, seyng we are reconciled, we shalbe saued by his lyfe 11 Not only so, but we also ioye in God, through our Lorde Iesus Christe, by who we haue nowe receaued the atonement 12 Wherfore, as by one man sinne entred into the worlde, & death by sinne: euen so, death entred into all men, insomuch as all haue sinned 13 For vnto the lawe, was sinne in the worlde: but sinne is not imputed when there is no lawe 14 Neuerthelesse, death raigned from Adam to Moyses, ouer them also that had not sinned with lyke transgression as dyd Adam, whiche is the figure of hym that was to come 15 But not as the sinne, so is the gyft. For yf through the sinne of one many be dead: much more the grace of God, and the gyft by grace, which is by one man Iesus Christe, hath abounded vnto many 16 And not as by one that sinned [euen so] the gyft. For the iudgement was of one into condemnation: but the gyfte, of many sinnes into iustification 17 For yf by the sinne of one, death raigned by the meanes of one: much more they, whiche receaue aboundaunce of grace, and of the gyfte of ryghteousnes, shall raigne in life by the meanes of one, Iesus Christe 18 Lykewyse then, as by the sinne of one [sinne came] on all men to condempnation: euen so, by the ryghteousnes of one [good came] vpon all men to the ryghteousnes of lyfe 19 For as by one mans disobedience many became sinners: so by the obedience of one, shall many be made ryghteous 20 But the lawe in the meane tyme entred in, that sinne shoulde encrease. But where sinne was plenteous, grace was more plenteous 21 That as sinne hath raigned vnto death: euen so myght grace raigne thorowe ryghteousnes vnto eternall lyfe, by Iesus Christe our Lorde

Romans 6:1-9:33

1 What shall we saye then? Shall we continue in sinne, that grace maye abound? God forbyd 2 Howe shall we that are dead to sinne, lyue any longer therin 3 Knowe ye not, that all we whiche haue ben baptized into Iesus Christe, haue ben baptized into his death 4 We are buryed then with him by baptisme into his death, that lykewyse as Christe was raysed vp from the dead by the glorie of the father: euen so, we also shoulde walke in newnesse of lyfe 5 For if we be graft together by the likenesse of his death: euen so shall we be [partakers] of the resurrection 6 Knowyng this, that our olde man is crucified with hym also, that the body of sinne might vtterly be destroyed, that hencefoorth we shoulde not serue sinne 7 For he that is dead, is iustified from sinne 8 And yf we be dead with Christe, we beleue that we shall also lyue with him 9 Knowyng that Christe beyng raysed from the dead, dyeth no more, death hath no more power ouer hym 10 For as touchyng that he dyed, he dyed concerning sinne once: And as touching that he lyueth, he lyueth vnto God 11 Lykewyse, recken your selues to be dead to sinne, but alyue vnto God, thorowe Iesus Christe our Lorde 12 Let not sinne raigne therefore in your mortall bodie, that ye shoulde thervnto obey by the lustes of it 13 Neither geue ye your members as instrumentes of vnryghteousnesse vnto sinne: but geue your selues vnto God, as they that are alyue from the dead, and your members as instrumentes of ryghteousnesse vnto God 14 For sinne shall not haue power ouer you, because ye are not vnder ye lawe, but vnder grace 15 What then? Shall we sinne, because we are not vnder the lawe, but vnder grace? God forbyd 16 Knowe ye not, how that to whom soeuer ye commit your selues as seruauntes to obey, his seruauntes ye are to whom ye obey: whether it be of sinne vnto death, or of obedience vnto ryghteousnesse 17 But God be thanked, that ye were the seruautes of sinne: but ye haue obeyed with heart the fourme of doctrine, into the which ye were brought vnto 18 Being then made free fro sinne, ye are become ye seruauntes of ryghteousnesse 19 I speake after the maner of men, because of the infirmitie of your fleshe. As ye haue geuen your members seruauntes to vncleannesse and iniquitie, vnto iniquitie: euen so nowe geue your members seruauntes to righteousnesse, vnto holynesse 20 For when ye were the seruauntes of sinne, ye were free from ryghteousnesse 21 What fruite had ye then in those thynges, wherof ye are nowe ashamed? For the ende of those thynges, is death 22 But nowe ye beyng made free from sinne, and made the seruauntes of God, haue your fruite vnto holynesse, and the ende euerlastyng lyfe 23 For the rewarde of sinne is death: but the gyft of God is eternall lyfe, thorowe Iesus Christe our Lorde

Romans 7:1-9:33

1 Knowe, ye not brethre (for I speake to the that knowe the lawe) how that the law hath power ouer a ma, as long as he lyueth 2 For the woman which is in subiectio to a man, is bounde by the lawe to the man, as long as he lyueth: But yf the man be dead, she is loosed from the lawe of the man 3 So then yf whyle the man lyueth, she couple her selfe with another man, she shalbe counted a wedlocke breaker: But yf the man be dead, she is free from the law, so that she is no wedlocke breaker, though she couple her selfe with another man 4 Euen so, ye also my brethren, are dead concernyng the lawe by the body of Christe, that ye shoulde be coupled to another, who is raysed from the dead, that we shoulde bryng foorth fruite vnto God 5 For when we were in the fleshe, the lustes of sinne whiche were by the lawe wrought in our members, to bring forth fruite vnto death 6 But nowe are we delyuered from the lawe, and dead vnto it whervnto we were in bondage, that we shoulde serue in newenesse of spirite, and not in the oldnesse of the letter 7 What shall we say then? Is the lawe sinne? God forbyd. Neuerthelesse, I knewe not sinne, but by the lawe: For I had not knowen lust, except the lawe had sayde, thou shalt not lust 8 But sinne, takyng occasion by the commaundement, wrought in me all maner of concupiscence. For without the lawe, sinne [was] dead 9 I once lyued without lawe: But when the commaundement came, sinne reuyued 10 And I was dead. And the very same commaundemet, which was ordeyned vnto lyfe, was founde to be vnto me an occasion of death 11 For sinne, takyng occasion by the commaundement, hath deceaued me, and by the same slewe [me. 12 Wherfore the lawe is holy, and the commaundement holy, & iust and good 13 Was that then which was good, made death vnto me? God forbyd. But sinne, that sinne myght appeare, by that which was good to worke death in me: that sinne by ye commaundement, myght be out of measure sinfull 14 For we knowe, that the lawe is spirituall: but I am carnall, solde vnder sinne 15 For that which I do, I alowe not. For what I woulde, that do I not: but what I hate, that do I 16 If I do nowe that which I woulde not, I consent vnto the lawe, that it is good 17 Nowe then, it is not I that do it: but sinne that dwelleth in me 18 For I knowe, that in me, that is to say in my fleshe, dwelleth no good thyng. For to wyll, is present with me: but I fynde no meanes to perfourme that which is good 19 For the good that I woulde, do I not: But the euyll which I woulde not, that do I 20 And yf I do that I woulde not, then is it not I that doth it, but sinne that dwelleth in me 21 I fynde then by the lawe, that when I woulde do good, euyll is present with me 22 For I delite in the lawe of God, after the inwarde man 23 But I see another lawe in my members, rebellyng agaynst the lawe of my mynde, and subduyng me vnto the lawe of sinne, which is in my members 24 O wretched man that I am: Who shall deliuer me from the body of this death 25 I thanke God through Iesus Christe our Lorde. So then, with the mynde I my selfe serue the lawe of God: but with the fleshe, the lawe of sinne

Romans 8:1-9:33

1 There is then no dampnation to them which are in Christe Iesu, which walke not after the fleshe, but after the spirite 2 For the lawe of the spirite of lyfe, through Iesus Christe, hath made me free from the lawe of sinne and death 3 For what the lawe coulde not do, in as much as it was weake through the fleshe, God sendyng his owne sonne, in the similitude of sinfull fleshe, euen by sinne, condempned sinne in the fleshe 4 That the ryghteousnesse of the lawe, myght be fulfylled in vs, which walke not after the fleshe, but after the spirite 5 For they that are carnall, are carnally mynded: But they that are spirituall, are spiritually mynded 6 To be carnally mynded, is death: But to be spiritually mynded, is lyfe & peace 7 Because that the fleshly mynde is enmitie agaynst God: For it is not obedient to the lawe of God, neither can be 8 So then, they that are in the fleshe, can not please God 9 But ye are not in the fleshe, but in the spirite, yf so be that the spirite of God dwell in you. If any man haue not the spirite of Christe, the same is none of his 10 And yf Christe be in you, the body is dead because of sinne: but the spirite is lyfe for ryghteousnesse sake 11 But, yf ye spirite of hym that raysed vp Iesus from the dead, dwell in you: euen he that raised vp Christe from the dead, shall also quicken your mortall bodyes, because that his spirite dwelleth in you 12 Therfore brethren, we are detters, not to the fleshe, to lyue after the fleshe 13 For if ye liue after ye fleshe, ye shall dye: But if ye through the spirite, do mortifie the deedes of the body, ye shall lyue 14 For as many as are led by the spirite of God, they are the sonnes of God 15 For ye haue not receaued the spirite of bondage agayne to feare: but ye haue receaued the spirite of adoption, wherby we cry, Abba, father 16 The same spirite, beareth witnesse to our spirite, that we are ye sonnes of God 17 If we be sonnes, then are we also heyres, the heyres of God, and ioyntheyres with Christe: So that we suffer together, that we may be also glorified together 18 For I am certaynely perswaded that the afflictions of this tyme, are not worthy of the glory which shalbe shewed vpon vs 19 For the feruent desire of the creature, abydeth lokyng whe the sonnes of God shall appeare 20 Because the creature is subiect to vanitie, not wyllyng, but for hym which hath subdued the same in hope 21 For the same creature shalbe made free from the bondage of corruptio, into the glorious libertie of ye sonnes of God 22 For we knowe, that euery creature groneth with vs also, and trauayleth in payne, euen vnto this tyme 23 Not only [they], but we also which haue the first fruites of the spirite, and we our selues mourne in our selues, and wayte for the adoption, euen the deliueraunce of our body 24 For we are saued by hope: But hope that is seene, is no hope. For howe can a man hope for that which he seeth 25 But and yf we hope for that we see not, the do we with pacience abide for it 26 Lykewyse, the spirite also helpeth our infirmities. For we knowe not what to desire as we ought: but ye spirite maketh great intercession for vs, with gronynges, which can not be expressed 27 And he that searcheth the heartes, knoweth what is the meanyng of the spirite: for he maketh intercession for the saintes accordyng to the pleasure of God 28 For we knowe yt all thinges worke for the best, vnto them that loue God, to them which also are called of purpose 29 For those which he knewe before, he also dyd predestinate, that they shoulde be lyke fashioned vnto the shape of his sonne, that he myght be ye first begotten among many brethren 30 Moreouer, whom he dyd predestinate, the also he called. And whom he called, them also he iustified: And whom he iustified, them he also glorified 31 What shall we then say to these thynges? If God be on our syde, who can be agaynst vs 32 Which spared not his owne sonne, but gaue hym for vs all: Howe shall he not with hym also geue vs all thynges 33 Who shall lay any thyng to the charge of Gods chosen? It is God that iustifieth 34 Who is he that can condempne? It is Christe which dyed, yea rather which is raysed agayne, which is also on the ryght hande of God, and maketh intercession for vs 35 Who shall seperate vs from the loue of God? Shall tribulation or anguishe, or persecution, either hunger, either nakednesse, either peryll, either sworde 36 As it is written: For thy sake are we kylled all daye long, and are counted as sheepe for the slaughter 37 Neuerthelesse, in all these thinges we ouercome, through hym that loued vs 38 For I am sure, that neither death, neither lyfe, neither angels, nor rule, neither power, neither thynges present, neither thynges to come 39 Neither heygth nor deapth, neither any other creature, shalbe able to seperate vs from the loue of God, which is in Christe Iesu our Lorde

Romans 9:1-33

1 I say ye trueth in Christ, I lye not, my conscience also bearyng me witnesse by the holy ghost 2 That I haue great heauinesse, & continuall sorowe in my heart 3 For I haue wisshed my selfe to be cursed from Christe, for my brethren, my kynsmen as pertaynyng to ye fleshe 4 Which are the Israelites: To whom pertayneth the adoption, and the glory, & the couenauntes, and the lawe that was geuen, and the seruice of God, and the promises 5 Of whom are the fathers, of whom as concernyng the fleshe, Christe [came,] which is God, in all thynges to be praysed for euer. Amen 6 And it can not be, that the worde of God shoulde take none effect. For they are not all Israelites, which are of Israel 7 Neither are they all chyldren that are the seede of Abraham: But in Isaac shall thy seede be called 8 That is to say: They which are the chyldren of the fleshe, are not the chyldren of God: But they which be the childre of promise, are counted the seede 9 For this is a worde of promise: About this tyme wyll I come, and Sara shall haue a sonne 10 Not only this, but also Rebecca was with chylde by one [euen] by our father Isaac 11 For yer the [chyldren] were borne, when they had neither done good neither bad, (that the purpose of God by election might stande: not by the reason of workes, but by the caller 12 It was sayde vnto her: The elder shall serue the younger 13 As it is written: Iacob haue I loued, but Esau haue I hated 14 What shall we say then? Is there any vnrighteousnes with God? God forbid 15 For he sayth to Moyses: I wyll shewe mercy to whom I shewe mercy: And wyll haue compassion, on whom I haue compassion 16 So then it is not of the wyller, nor of the runner: but of the mercy of God 17 For the scripture sayth vnto Pharao: Euen for this same purpose haue I stirred thee vp, to shewe my power in thee, & that my name myght be declared throughout all the worlde 18 So hath he mercy on whom he wyll, and whom he wyll, he hardeneth 19 Thou wylt say then vnto me: Why then blameth he [vs] yet? For who hath ben able to resist his wyll 20 But O man, what art thou which disputest with God? Shall the worke say to the workeman, why hast thou made me on this fashion 21 Hath not the potter power ouer the clay, euen of the same lumpe to make one vessel vnto honour, and another vnto dishonour 22 If then, God wyllyng to shewe his wrath, and to make his power knowe, suffred with long patience, the vessels of wrath, ordayned to destruction 23 To declare the riches of his glory, on the vessels of mercy, which he had prepared vnto glory 24 Whom also he called, not of ye Iewes only, but also of the Gentiles 25 As he sayth also in Osee: I wyll call them my people, which were not my people: and her beloued, which was not beloued 26 And it shall come to passe, that in the place where it was sayde vnto them: Ye are not my people, there shall they be called ye chyldren of the lyuyng God 27 And Esaias cryeth concerning Israel: Though the number of the children of Israel, be as the sande of the sea, yet [but] a remnaunt shalbe saued 28 For he finisheth the worde, and maketh it short in ryghteousnesse: For a short worde wyll the Lorde make on earth 29 And as Esaias sayde before: Except the Lorde of Sabboth had lefte vs seede, we had ben made as Sodoma, and had ben lykened to Gomorrha 30 What shall we say then? that the gentiles which folowed not ryghteousnes, haue obtayned righteousnesse: euen the ryghteousnesse which cometh of fayth 31 But Israel, which folowed the lawe of ryghteousnesse, hath not attayned to the lawe of ryghteousnesse 32 Wherfore? Because [they sought it] not by fayth: but [as it were] by the workes of the lawe. For they haue stumbled at the stumblyng stone 33 As it is written: Beholde, I put in Sion a stumblyng stone, and a rocke of offence: And whosoeuer beleueth on hym, shall not be confounded

2 Peter 3:10

10 Neuerthelesse the day of the Lorde wyll come as a theefe in the nyght, in the which the heauens shal passe away with a noyse, and the elementes shall melt with heate, the earth also and the workes that are therein shall burne

Genesis 6:4

4 But there were Giantes in those dayes in ye earth: yea & after that the sonnes of God came vnto the daughters of me, and hadde begotten chyldren of them, the same became myghtie men of the worlde, and men of renowme

Psalms 90:4

4 For a thousande yeres in thy syght are but as yestarday that is past: and as a watch in the nyght

Genesis 1:14

14 And God sayde: let there be lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they may deuide the day and the nyght, and let them be for signes, & seasons, and for dayes, and yeres

Isaiah 4:5

5 And vpon all the dwellynges of the hylles of Sion, and vpon her congregations, the Lord shall create a cloude and smoke by day, and the shynyng of a flamyng fire by night: for all the glorie shalbe preserued

Genesis 1:26

26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth

Genesis 1:2

2 And the earth was without fourme, and was voyde: & darknes [was] vpon the face of the deepe, and the spirite of God moued vpon the face of the waters

Isaiah 40:22

22 It is he that sitteth vpon the circle of the world, whose inhabiters are [in comparison of him] but as grashoppers: he spreadeth out the heauens as a couering, he stretcheth them out as a tent to dwell in

Genesis 1:1-31

1 In the beginnyng GOD created ye heauen and the earth 2 And the earth was without fourme, and was voyde: & darknes [was] vpon the face of the deepe, and the spirite of God moued vpon the face of the waters 3 And God sayde, let there be light: and there was light 4 And God sawe the lyght that it was good: and God deuided the lyght from the darknes 5 And God called the light day, and the darknes night: and the euenyng & the mornyng were the first day 6 And God said: let there be a firmament betwene the waters, and let it make a diuision betwene waters and waters 7 And God made the firmament, and set the diuision betwene the waters which [were] vnder the firmament, and the waters that [were] aboue the firmament: and it was so 8 And God called the firmament the heauen: and the euenyng and the mornyng were the seconde day 9 And God saide: let the waters vnder the heauen be gathered together into one place, and let the drye lande appeare: and it was so 10 And God called the drie lande ye earth, and the gatheryng together of waters called he the seas: and God sawe that it was good 11 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth [both] budde and hearbe apt to seede, and fruitfull trees yeeldyng fruite after his kynde, which hath seede in it selfe vpon the earth: and it was so 12 And the earth brought forth [both] bud and hearbe apt to seede after his kynde, and tree yeeldyng fruite, whiche hath seede in it selfe, after his kynde 13 And God sawe that it was good. And the euenyng and the mornyng were the thirde day 14 And God sayde: let there be lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they may deuide the day and the nyght, and let them be for signes, & seasons, and for dayes, and yeres 15 And let them be for lyghtes in the firmament of the heauen, that they maye geue light vpo the earth: and it was so 16 And God made two great lyghtes: a greater lyght to rule the day, and a lesse lyght to rule the nyght, and [he made] starres also 17 And God set them in the firmament of the heauen, to shyne vpon the earth 18 And to rule the day and nyght, and to make difference betweene the lyght and the darknesse: and God saw that it was good 19 And the euenyng and the mornyng were the fourth day 20 And God sayde: let the waters bryng foorth mouyng creature that hath lyfe, and foule that may flee vpon the earth in the open firmament of heauen 21 And God created great whales, and euery lyuyng & mouing creature, which the waters brought foorth after theyr kynde, & euery fethered foule after their kynde: and God saw that it was good 22 And God blessed them, saying: Be fruiteful, and multiplie, and fyll the waters of the sea, and let foule multiplie in the earth 23 And the euenyng and mornyng were the fift day 24 And God sayde: let the earth bryng foorth lyuyng creature after his kynde, cattell, worme, and beastes of the earth after his kynde: and it was so 25 God made the beast of the earth after his kynde, and cattell after his kynde, and euery thyng that creepeth vpon the earth after his kynde: and God sawe that it was good 26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth 27 So God created man in his owne image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them 28 And God blessed them, and God sayde vnto them: be fruitefull, & multiplie, and replenishe the earth, & subdue it, and haue dominion of the fisshe of the sea, and foule of the ayre, & of euery lyuing thing that moueth vpon the earth 29 And God sayde: beholde, I haue geuen you euery hearbe bearing seede, which is in the vpper face of all ye earth, and euery tree in the which is the fruite of a tree bearing seede, [that] they may be meate vnto you 30 To euery beast of the earth also, and to euery birde of the aire, and to euery such thing that creepeth vpon ye earth, which doth liue, I haue geuen euery greene hearbe for meate: and it was so 31 And God sawe euery thyng that he had made: and beholde, it was exceedyng good. And the euenyng & the mornyng were the sixth day

Psalms 19:1

1 The heauens declare the glorie of God: and the firmament sheweth his handy worke

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