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Daniel 1:1-21

  1 H7969 In the third H8141 year H4438 of the reign H3079 of Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H935 came H5019 Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H3389 to Jerusalem, H6696 and besieged it.
  2 H136 And the Lord H5414 gave H3079 Jehoiakim H4428 king H3063 of Judah H3027 into his hand, H7117 with part H3627 of the vessels H1004 of the house H430 of God: H935 which he carried H776 into the land H8152 of Shinar H1004 to the house H430 of his god; H935 and he brought H3627 the vessels H214 into the treasure H1004 house H430 of his god.
  3 H4428 And the king H559 spoke H828 to Ashpenaz H7227 the master H5631 of his eunuchs, H935 that he should bring H1121 certain of the children H3478 of Israel, H4410 and of the king’s H2233 seed, H6579 and of the princes;
  4 H3206 Children H834 in whom H1992 H369 was no H3971 blemish, H2896 but well H4758 favored, H7919 and skillful H3605 in all H2451 wisdom, H3045 and cunning H1847 in knowledge, H995 and understanding H4093 science, H3581 and such as had ability H5975 in them to stand H4428 in the king’s H1964 palace, H3925 and whom they might teach H5612 the learning H3956 and the tongue H3779 of the Chaldeans.
  5 H4428 And the king H4487 appointed H3117 them a daily H1697 provision H4428 of the king’s H6598 meat, H3196 and of the wine H4960 which he drank: H1431 so nourishing H7969 them three H8141 years, H7117 that at the end H5975 thereof they might stand H6440 before H4428 the king.
  6 H1992 Now among these H1121 were of the children H3063 of Judah, H1840 Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah:
  7 H1992 To whom H8269 the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H7760 gave H8034 names: H7760 for he gave H1840 to Daniel H8034 the name H1095 of Belteshazzar; H2608 and to Hananiah, H7714 of Shadrach; H4332 and to Mishael, H4335 of Meshach; H5838 and to Azariah, H5664 of Abednego.
  8 H1840 But Daniel H7760 purposed H3820 in his heart H1351 that he would not defile H6598 himself with the portion H4428 of the king’s H6598 meat, H3196 nor with the wine H4960 which he drank: H1245 therefore he requested H8269 of the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H1351 that he might not defile himself.
  9 H430 Now God H5414 had brought H1840 Daniel H2617 into favor H8269 and tender love with the prince H5631 of the eunuchs.
  10 H8269 And the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H559 said H1840 to Daniel, H3373 I fear H113 my lord H4428 the king, H834 who H4487 has appointed H3978 your meat H4960 and your drink: H4100 for why H7200 should he see H6440 your faces H2196 worse H4480 liking than H3206 the children H834 which H1524 are of your sort? H2325 then shall you make me endanger H7218 my head H4428 to the king.
  11 H559 Then said H1840 Daniel H4453 to Melzar, H834 whom H8269 the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H4487 had set H5921 over H1840 Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah,
  12 H5254 Prove H5650 your servants, H4994 I beseech H6235 you, ten H3117 days; H5414 and let them give H2235 us vegetables H398 to eat, H4325 and water H8354 to drink.
  13 H4758 Then let our countenances H7200 be looked H6440 on before H4758 you, and the countenance H3206 of the children H398 that eat H6598 of the portion H4428 of the king’s H6598 meat: H7200 and as you see, H6213 deal H5650 with your servants.
  14 H8085 So he consented H2088 to them in this H1697 matter, H5254 and proved H6235 them ten H3117 days.
  15 H7117 And at the end H6235 of ten H3117 days H4758 their countenances H7200 appeared H2896 fairer H1277 and fatter H1320 in flesh H4480 than H3605 all H3206 the children H398 which did eat H6598 the portion H4428 of the king’s H6598 meat.
  16 H4453 Thus Melzar H5375 took H6598 away the portion H6598 of their meat, H3196 and the wine H4960 that they should drink; H5414 and gave H2235 them vegetables.
  17 H428 As for these H702 four H3206 children, H430 God H5414 gave H4093 them knowledge H7919 and skill H3605 in all H5612 learning H2451 and wisdom: H1840 and Daniel H995 had understanding H3605 in all H2377 visions H2472 and dreams.
  18 H7117 Now at the end H3117 of the days H4428 that the king H559 had said H935 he should bring H8269 them in, then the prince H5631 of the eunuchs H935 brought H6440 them in before H5019 Nebuchadnezzar.
  19 H4428 And the king H1696 communed H3605 with them; and among them all H4672 was found H3808 none H1840 like Daniel, H2608 Hananiah, H4332 Mishael, H5838 and Azariah: H5975 therefore stood H6440 they before H4428 the king.
  20 H3605 And in all H1697 matters H2451 of wisdom H998 and understanding, H4428 that the king H1245 inquired H4672 of them, he found H6235 them ten H3027 times better H5921 than H3605 all H2748 the magicians H825 and astrologers H3605 that were in all H4438 his realm.
  21 H1840 And Daniel H1961 continued H259 even to the first H8141 year H4428 of king H3566 Cyrus.

Isaiah 1:19

  19 H518 If H14 you be willing H8085 and obedient, H398 you shall eat H2898 the good H776 of the land:

Proverbs 23:21

  21 H5435 For the drunkard H2151 and the glutton H3423 shall come to poverty: H5124 and drowsiness H3847 shall clothe H7168 a man with rags.

1 Timothy 4:2-3

  2 G5573 Speaking G5573 lies G5272 in hypocrisy; G4893 having their conscience G2743 seared G2743 with a hot iron;
  3 G2967 Forbidding G1060 to marry, G567 and commanding to abstain G1033 from meats, G3739 which G2316 God G2936 has created G3336 to be received G2169 with thanksgiving G4103 of them which believe G1921 and know G225 the truth.

Mark 7:14-23

  14 G4341 And when he had called G3956 all G3793 the people G3004 to him, he said G191 to them, Listen G3956 to me every G4920 one of you, and understand:
  15 G3762 There is nothing G1855 from without G444 a man, G1531 that entering G1519 into G1410 him can G2840 defile G1607 him: but the things which come G1565 out of him, those G2840 are they that defile G444 the man.
  16 G1487 If G1536 any G2192 man have G3775 ears G191 to hear, G191 let him hear.
  17 G3753 And when G1525 he was entered G1519 into G3624 the house G3793 from the people, G3101 his disciples G1905 asked G4012 him concerning G3850 the parable.
  18 G3004 And he said G3779 to them, Are you so G801 without G801 understanding G2532 also? G3539 Do you not perceive, G3956 that whatever G1855 thing from without G1531 enters G1519 into G444 the man, G3756 it cannot G1410 G2840 defile him;
  19 G3754 Because G1531 it enters G1519 not into G2588 his heart, G1519 but into G2836 the belly, G1607 and goes G1519 out into G856 the draught, G2511 purging G3956 all G1033 meats?
  20 G3004 And he said, G1607 That which comes G444 out of the man, G2840 that defiles G444 the man.
  21 G2081 For from within, G2588 out of the heart G444 of men, G1607 proceed G2556 evil G1261 thoughts, G3430 adulteries, G4202 fornications, G5408 murders,
  22 G2829 Thefts, G4124 covetousness, G4189 wickedness, G1388 deceit, G766 lasciviousness, G4190 an evil G3788 eye, G988 blasphemy, G5243 pride, G877 foolishness:
  23 G3956 All G5023 these G4190 evil G1607 things come G2081 from within, G2840 and defile G444 the man.

Acts 10:10-14

  10 G1096 And he became G4361 very G4361 hungry, G2309 and would G1089 have eaten: G3903 but while they made G3903 ready, G1968 he fell G1909 into G1611 a trance,
  11 G2334 And saw G3772 heaven G455 opened, G5100 and a certain G4632 vessel G2597 descending G3173 on him, as it had been a great G3607 sheet G1210 knit G5064 at the four G746 corners, G2524 and let G2524 down G1093 to the earth:
  12 G1722 Wherein G3757 G3956 were all G1485 manner G5074 of four footed G5074 beasts G1093 of the earth, G2342 and wild G2342 beasts, G2062 and creeping G4071 things, and fowls G3772 of the air.
  13 G1096 And there came G5456 a voice G450 to him, Rise, G4074 Peter; G2380 kill, G5315 and eat.
  14 G4074 But Peter G2036 said, G3365 Not so, G2962 Lord; G3763 for I have never G5315 eaten G3956 any G2839 thing that is common G2228 or G169 unclean.

Psalms 104:15

  15 H3196 And wine H8056 that makes glad H3824 the heart H582 of man, H8081 and oil H6440 to make his face H6670 to shine, H3899 and bread H5582 which strengthens H582 man’s H3824 heart.

Leviticus 11:1-30

  1 H3068 And the LORD H1696 spoke H4872 to Moses H175 and to Aaron, H559 saying to them,
  2 H1696 Speak H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H559 saying, H2063 These H2416 are the beasts H834 which H398 you shall eat H3605 among all H929 the beasts H5921 that are on H776 the earth.
  3 H3605 Whatever H6536 parts H6541 the hoof, H8156 and is cloven footed, H8157 H6541 H5927 and chews H1625 the cud, H929 among the beasts, H398 that shall you eat.
  4 H389 Nevertheless H2088 these H398 shall you not eat H5927 of them that chew H1625 the cud, H6536 or of them that divide H6541 the hoof: H1581 as the camel, H3588 because H5927 he chews H1625 the cud, H6536 but divides H6541 not the hoof; H2931 he is unclean to you.
  5 H8227 And the coney, H3588 because H5927 he chews H1625 the cud, H6536 but divides H6541 not the hoof; H2931 he is unclean to you.
  6 H768 And the hare, H3588 because H5927 he chews H1625 the cud, H6536 but divides H6541 not the hoof; H2931 he is unclean to you.
  7 H2386 And the swine, H6536 though he divide H6541 the hoof, H8156 and be cloven footed, H8157 H6541 H1641 yet he chews H1625 not the cud; H2931 he is unclean to you.
  8 H1320 Of their flesh H398 shall you not eat, H5038 and their carcass H5060 shall you not touch; H2931 they are unclean to you.
  9 H2088 These H398 shall you eat H3605 of all H4325 that are in the waters: H3605 whatever H5579 has fins H7193 and scales H4325 in the waters, H3220 in the seas, H5158 and in the rivers, H398 them shall you eat.
  10 H3605 And all H5579 that have not fins H7193 and scales H3220 in the seas, H5158 and in the rivers, H3605 of all H8318 that move H4325 in the waters, H3605 and of any H2416 living H5315 thing H834 which H4325 is in the waters, H8263 they shall be an abomination to you:
  11 H8263 They shall be even an abomination H398 to you; you shall not eat H1320 of their flesh, H5038 but you shall have their carcasses H8262 in abomination.
  12 H3605 Whatever H369 has no H5579 fins H7193 nor scales H4325 in the waters, H8263 that shall be an abomination to you.
  13 H428 And these H8262 are they which you shall have in abomination H4480 among H5775 the fowls; H398 they shall not be eaten, H8263 they are an abomination: H5404 the eagle, H6538 and the ossifrage, H5822 and the ospray,
  14 H1676 And the vulture, H344 and the kite H4327 after his kind;
  15 H853 Every H3605 H6158 raven H4327 after his kind;
  16 H1323 And the owl, H3284 H8464 and the night H8464 hawk, H7828 and the cuckoo, H5322 and the hawk H4327 after his kind,
  17 H3563 And the little H3563 owl, H7994 and the cormorant, H3244 and the great H3244 owl,
  18 H8580 And the swan, H6893 and the pelican, H7360 and the gier H7360 eagle,
  19 H2624 And the stork, H601 the heron H4327 after her kind, H1744 and the lapwing, H5847 and the bat.
  20 H3605 All H5775 fowls H8318 that creep, H1980 going H702 on all four, H8263 shall be an abomination to you.
  21 H389 Yet H2088 these H398 may you eat H3605 of every H5775 flying H8318 creeping H1980 thing that goes H702 on all four, H834 which H3767 have legs H4605 above H7272 their feet, H5425 to leap H2004 with H776 on the earth;
  22 H428 Even these H398 of them you may eat; H697 the locust H4327 after his kind, H5556 and the bald H5556 locust H4327 after his kind, H2728 and the beetle H4327 after his kind, H2284 and the grasshopper H4327 after his kind.
  23 H3605 But all H5775 other flying H8318 creeping H834 things, which H702 have four H7272 feet, H8263 shall be an abomination to you.
  24 H428 And for these H2930 you shall be unclean: H3605 whoever H5060 touches H5038 the carcass H2930 of them shall be unclean H5704 until H6153 the even.
  25 H3605 And whoever H5375 bears H5038 ought of the carcass H3526 of them shall wash H899 his clothes, H2930 and be unclean H5704 until H6153 the even.
  26 H3605 The carcasses of every H929 beast H834 which H6536 divides H6541 the hoof, H8156 and is not cloven footed, H8157 H6541 H369 nor H5927 chews H1625 the cud, H2931 are unclean H3605 to you: every H5060 one that touches H2930 them shall be unclean.
  27 H3605 And whatever H1980 goes H3709 on his paws, H3605 among all H2416 manner of beasts H1980 that go H5921 on H702 all four, H1992 those H2931 are unclean H3605 to you: whoever H5060 touches H5038 their carcass H2930 shall be unclean H5704 until H6153 the even.
  28 H5375 And he that bears H5038 the carcass H3526 of them shall wash H899 his clothes, H2930 and be unclean H5704 until H6153 the even: H2931 they are unclean to you.
  29 H2088 These H2931 also shall be unclean H8318 to you among the creeping H8317 things that creep H776 on the earth; H2467 the weasel, H5909 and the mouse, H6632 and the tortoise H4327 after his kind,
  30 H604 And the ferret, H3581 and the chameleon, H3911 and the lizard, H2546 and the snail, H8580 and the mole.

Proverbs 15:17

  17 H2896 Better H737 is a dinner H3419 of herbs H8033 where H160 love H75 is, than a stalled H7794 ox H8135 and hatred therewith.

John 6:35

  35 G2424 And Jesus G2036 said G1510 to them, I am G740 the bread G2222 of life: G2064 he that comes G165 to me shall never G3983 hunger; G4100 and he that believes G1519 on G3364 me shall never G4455 G1372 thirst.

Isaiah 66:15-18

  15 H2009 For, behold, H3068 the LORD H935 will come H784 with fire, H4818 and with his chariots H5492 like a whirlwind, H7725 to render H639 his anger H2534 with fury, H1606 and his rebuke H3851 with flames H784 of fire.
  16 H784 For by fire H2719 and by his sword H3068 will the LORD H8199 plead H3605 with all H1320 flesh: H2491 and the slain H3068 of the LORD H7231 shall be many.
  17 H6942 They that sanctify H2891 themselves, and purify H1593 themselves in the gardens H310 behind H259 one H8432 tree in the middle, H398 eating H2386 swine’s H1320 flesh, H8263 and the abomination, H5909 and the mouse, H5486 shall be consumed H3162 together, H5002 said H3068 the LORD.
  18 H4639 For I know their works H4284 and their thoughts: H935 it shall come, H6908 that I will gather H3605 all H1471 nations H3956 and tongues; H935 and they shall come, H7200 and see H3519 my glory.

1 Corinthians 10:20-21

  20 G3739 But I say, that the things which G1484 the Gentiles G2380 sacrifice, G2380 they sacrifice G1140 to devils, G2316 and not to God: G2309 and I would G2844 not that you should have fellowship G1140 with devils.
  21 G3756 You cannot G1410 G4095 drink G4221 the cup G2962 of the Lord, G4221 and the cup G1140 of devils: G3756 you cannot G1410 G3348 be partakers G2962 of the Lord’s G5132 table, G5132 and of the table G1140 of devils.

Genesis 1:30

  30 H3605 And to every H2416 beast H776 of the earth, H3605 and to every H5775 fowl H8064 of the air, H3605 and to every H7430 thing that creeps H776 on the earth, H834 wherein H2416 there is life, H3605 I have given every H3418 green H6212 herb H402 for meat: H3651 and it was so.

Isaiah 65:3-6

  3 H5971 A people H3707 that provokes me to anger H8548 continually H6440 to my face; H2076 that sacrifices H1593 in gardens, H6999 and burns H6999 incense H3843 on altars of brick;
  4 H3427 Which remain H6913 among the graves, H3885 and lodge H5341 in the monuments, H398 which eat H2386 swine’s H1320 flesh, H6564 and broth H6292 of abominable H3627 things is in their vessels;
  5 H559 Which say, H7126 Stand H5066 by yourself, come H5066 not near H6942 to me; for I am holier H428 than you. These H6227 are a smoke H639 in my nose, H784 a fire H3344 that burns H3605 all H3117 the day.
  6 H2009 Behold, H3789 it is written H6440 before H2814 me: I will not keep silence, H7999 but will recompense, H7999 even recompense H5921 into H2436 their bosom,

Romans 14:1-23

  1 G770 Him that is weak G4102 in the faith G4355 receive G1261 you, but not to doubtful G1253 disputations.
  2 G3739 For one G4100 believes G5315 that he may eat G3956 all G3739 things: another, G3588 who G770 is weak, G2068 eats G3001 herbs.
  3 G2068 Let not him that eats G1848 despise G2068 him that eats G2068 not; and let not him which eats G2919 not judge G2068 him that eats: G2316 for God G4355 has received him.
  4 G5101 Who G1488 are G2919 you that judge G245 another G245 man’s G3610 servant? G2398 to his own G2962 master G4739 he stands G2228 or G4098 falls. G235 Yes, G2476 he shall be held G2316 up: for God G1415 is able G2476 to make G2476 him stand.
  5 G3739 One G3303 G2919 man esteems G2250 one day G3844 above G3739 another G2919 : another esteems G3956 every G2250 day G1538 alike. Let every G4135 man be fully G4135 persuaded G2398 in his own G3563 mind.
  6 G5426 He that regards G2250 the day, G5426 regards G2962 it to the Lord; G5426 and he that regards G2250 not the day, G2962 to the Lord G5426 he does not regard G2068 it. He that eats, G2068 eats G2962 to the Lord, G2316 for he gives God G2168 thanks; G2068 and he that eats G2962 not, to the Lord G2068 he eats G2316 not, and gives God G2168 thanks.
  7 G3762 For none G2198 of us lives G1438 to himself, G3762 and no G3762 man G599 dies G1438 to himself.
  8 G1437 For whether G5037 G2198 we live, G2198 we live G2962 to the Lord; G1437 and whether G5037 G599 we die, G599 we die G2962 to the Lord: G1437 whether G5037 G2198 we live G3767 therefore, G5037 or G599 die, G2962 we are the Lord’s.
  9 G5124 For to this G5547 end Christ G2532 both G599 died, G450 and rose, G326 and revived, G2961 that he might be Lord G2532 both G3498 of the dead G2198 and living.
  10 G5101 But why G2919 do you judge G80 your brother? G2228 or G5101 why G1848 do you set G1848 at G1848 nothing G80 your brother? G3956 for we shall all G3936 stand G3936 before G968 the judgment G968 seat G5547 of Christ.
  11 G1125 For it is written, G2198 As I live, G3004 said G2962 the Lord, G3956 every G1119 knee G2578 shall bow G3956 to me, and every G1100 tongue G1843 shall confess G2316 to God.
  12 G686 So G686 then G1538 every G1325 one of us shall give G3056 account G1438 of himself G2316 to God.
  13 G3767 Let us not therefore G2919 judge G240 one G240 another G3371 any G2001 more: G2919 but judge G5124 this G3123 rather, G3361 that no G5087 man put G4348 a stumbling block G2228 or G4625 an occasion G4625 to fall G80 in his brother’s way.
  14 G1492 I know, G3982 and am persuaded G2962 by the Lord G2424 Jesus, G3762 that there is nothing G2839 unclean G1438 of itself: G3049 but to him that esteems G5100 any G2839 thing to be unclean, G2839 to him it is unclean.
  15 G1487 But if G80 your brother G3076 be grieved G1033 with your meat, G3765 now G4043 walk G2596 you not charitably. G26 G622 Destroy G1033 not him with your meat, G3739 for whom G5547 Christ G599 died.
  16 G3767 Let not then G5216 your G18 good G987 be evil spoken of:
  17 G932 For the kingdom G2316 of God G1035 is not meat G4213 and drink; G1343 but righteousness, G1515 and peace, G5479 and joy G40 in the Holy G4151 Ghost.
  18 G5125 For he that in these G1398 things serves G5547 Christ G2101 is acceptable G2316 to God, G1384 and approved G444 of men.
  19 G686 Let us therefore G3767 G1377 follow G1377 after G1515 the things which make for peace, G240 and things with which one G3619 may edify G240 another.
  20 G1033 For meat G2647 destroy G2041 not the work G2316 of God. G3956 All G3303 things indeed G2513 are pure; G2556 but it is evil G444 for that man G3588 who G2068 eats G4348 with offense.
  21 G2570 It is good G3361 neither G5315 to eat G2907 flesh, G3366 nor G4095 to drink G3631 wine, G3366 nor G3362 any G1722 thing whereby G3739 G80 your brother G4350 stumbles, G2228 or G4624 is offended, G2228 or G770 is made G770 weak.
  22 G2192 Have G4102 you faith? G2192 have G4572 it to yourself G1799 before G2316 God. G3107 Happy G2919 is he that comdemns G1438 not himself G3739 in that thing which G1381 he allows.
  23 G1252 And he that doubts G2632 is damned G1437 if G5315 he eat, G3754 because G2068 he eats G4102 not of faith: G3956 for whatever G4102 is not of faith G266 is sin.

Isaiah 17:10-11

  10 H3588 Because H7911 you have forgotten H430 the God H3468 of your salvation, H2142 and have not been mindful H6697 of the rock H4581 of your strength, H5921 therefore H3651 H5193 shall you plant H2532 pleasant H5194 plants, H2232 and shall set H2114 it with strange H2156 slips:
  11 H3117 In the day H5194 shall you make your plant H7735 to grow, H1242 and in the morning H2233 shall you make your seed H6524 to flourish: H7105 but the harvest H5067 shall be a heap H3117 in the day H2470 of grief H605 and of desperate H3511 sorrow.

1 Corinthians 8:8

  8 G1033 But meat G3936 commends G2316 us not to God: G3777 for neither, G1437 if G5315 we eat, G4052 are we the better; G3777 neither, G1437 if G5315 we eat G5302 not, are we the worse.

Leviticus 19:19

  19 H8104 You shall keep H2708 my statutes. H929 You shall not let your cattle H7250 engender H3610 with a diverse H2232 kind: you shall not sow H7704 your field H3610 with mingled H3808 seed: neither H899 shall a garment H3610 mingled H8162 of linen H8162 and woolen H5927 come on you.

1 Corinthians 15:38-39

  38 G2316 But God G1325 gives G4983 it a body G2309 as it has pleased G1538 him, and to every G4690 seed G2398 his own G4983 body.
  39 G3956 All G4561 flesh G846 is not the same G4561 flesh: G243 but there is one G4561 kind of flesh G444 of men, G243 another G4561 flesh G2934 of beasts, G243 another G2486 of fishes, G243 and another G4421 of birds.

Genesis 1:29

  29 H430 And God H559 said, H2009 Behold, H5414 I have given H3605 you every H6212 herb H2232 bearing H2233 seed, H834 which H6440 is on the face H3605 of all H776 the earth, H3605 and every H6086 tree, H834 in the which H6529 is the fruit H6086 of a tree H2232 yielding H2233 seed; H402 to you it shall be for meat.

Genesis 9:3

  3 H3605 Every H7430 moving H2416 thing that lives H402 shall be meat H3418 for you; even as the green H6212 herb H5414 have I given H3605 you all things.

1 Corinthians 10:31

  31 G1535 Whether G3767 therefore G2068 you eat, G1535 or G4095 drink, G1535 or G5100 whatever G4160 you do, G4160 do G3956 all G1391 to the glory G2316 of God.

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