Bible verses about springtime | ABP_Strongs

Bible verses about "springtime" | ABP_Strongs

John 6:40

  40 G3778 And this G1161   G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G2307 will G3588 of the one G3992 having sent G1473 me, G2443 that G3956 every one G3588   G2334 viewing G3588 the G5207 son, G2532 and G4100 trusting G1519 in G1473 him, G2192 should have G2222 life G166 eternal; G2532 and G450 I will raise him up, G1473   G1473 I myself G3588 in the G2078 last G2250 day.

Zechariah 10:1

  1 G154 Ask G3844 of G2962 the lord G5205 for rain G2596 according to G5610 season, G4406 the early G2532 and G3797 late rain . G2962 The lord G4160 made G5325 a visible display; G2532 and G5205 the rain G5493.1 of winter G1325 he gives G1473 to them; G1538 to each, G1008 pasturage G1722 in G68 the field.

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