H7991 שׁלשׁ שׁלושׁ שׁלישׁo - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

שׁלשׁ שׁלושׁ שׁלישׁ o
shâlı̂ysh shâlôsh shâlôsh
shaw-leesh', shaw-loshe', shaw-loshe'
(The second form used in 1 Chronicles 11:11, 1 Chronicles 11:12, 1 Chronicles 11:18; the third form used in 2 Samuel 23:13); from H7969; a triple, that is, (as a musical instrument) a triangle (or perhaps rather three stringed lute); also (as an indefinitely great quantity) a three fold measure (perhaps a treble ephah); also (as an officer) a general of the third rank (upward, that is, the highest)

KJV Usage: captain, instrument of musick, (great) lord, (great) measure, prince, three [from the margin].

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

שׁלשׁ שׁלושׁ שׁלישׁo

1. third part
a. name of a measure
2. a musical instrument
a. maybe three-stringed, triangular shape, or three-barred
b. perhaps a sistrum or triangle
3. shield carrier, adjutant, officer, captain
Origin: from H7969
TWOT: 2403e,2403f,2403g
Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

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19 occurrences of H7991 שׁלשׁ שׁלושׁ שׁלישׁo

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Corresponding Greek Words

shalish G1415 dunatos
shalish G2950 kumbalon
shalish G3358 metron