H6174 ערם ערום - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

ערם ערום
‛ârôm ‛ârôm
aw-rome', aw-rome'
From H6191 (in its original sense); nude, either partially or totally

KJV Usage: naked.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

ערם ערום

1. naked, bare
Origin: from H6191 (in its original sense)
TWOT: 1588c
Parts of Speech: Adjective

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15 occurrences of H6174 ערם ערום

Genesis 2:25
1 Samuel 19:24
Job 1:21
Job 22:6
Job 24:7
Job 24:10
Job 26:6
Ecclesiastes 5:15
Isaiah 20:2
Isaiah 20:3
Isaiah 20:4
Isaiah 58:7
Hosea 2:3
Amos 2:16
Micah 1:8

Corresponding Greek Words

arom G1131 gumnos