H5718 עדיהוּ עדיה - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עדיהוּ עדיה
‛ădâyâh ‛ădâyâhû
ad-aw-yaw', ad-aw-yaw'-hoo
From H5710 and H3050; Jah has adorned; Adajah, the name of eight Israelites

KJV Usage: Adaiah.

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עדיהוּ עדיה
Adaiah = "Jehovah has adorned Himself"
1. maternal grandfather of king Josiah of Judah and native of Boscath in the lowlands of Judah
2. a Gershonite Levite and ancestor of Asaph
3. a Benjamite, son of Shimhi
4. a priest, son of Jehoram
5. ancestor of Maaseiah, one of the captains who supported Jehoiada
6. a descendant of Bani who had a foreign wife in the time of Ezra
7. a descendant of another Bani who had a foreign wife in the time of Ezra
8. a descendant of Pharez of the tribe of Judah
Origin: from H5710 and H3050
TWOT: None
Parts of Speech: Proper Name Masculine

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9 occurrences of H5718 עדיהוּ עדיה

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