H5688 עבתה עבות עבת - Strong's Hebrew Lexicon Number

עבתה עבות עבת
‛ăbôth ‛ăbôth ‛ăbôthâh
ab-oth', ab-oth', ab-oth-aw'
The same as H5687; something intwined, that is, a string, wreath or foliage

KJV Usage: band, cord, rope, thick bough (branch), wreathen (chain).

Brown-Driver-Briggs' Hebrew Definitions

עבתה עבות עבת

1. cord, rope, cordage, foliage, interwoven foliage
a. cord, rope, cordage, chain
b. interwoven foliage
Origin: the same as H5687
TWOT: 1558b
Parts of Speech: Noun

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23 occurrences of H5688 עבתה עבות עבת

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Corresponding Greek Words

avot G1199 desmos
avot G2218 zugos
avot G2438 himas
avot G2440 himation
avot G3507 nephele
avot G4120 pleko