G2568 Καλοὶ Λιμένες - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

Καλοὶ Λιμένες
Good Harbors, i.e. Fairhaven, a bay of Crete
Derivation: plural of G2570 and G3040;

KJV Usage: fair havens.

G2570 G3040
1) a bay of Crete, near the city Lasaea, so called because it had a good harbour
Literal: Fair Havens = "goodly ports"

Καλοὶ Λιμένες
Kaloi Limenes
kal-oy' lee-man'-es
Plural of G2570 and G3040; Good Harbors, that is, Fairhaven, a bay of Crete

KJV Usage: fair havens.

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One occurence of G2568 Καλοὶ Λιμένες

Acts 27:8