G2414 Ἱεροσόλυμα - Strong's Greek Lexicon Number

the Greek form of the Hebrew name: Jerusalem.
Hierosolyma (i.e. Jerushalaim), the capitol of Palestine
Derivation: of Hebrew origin (H3389);

KJV Usage: Jerusalem.

Compare G2419. G2419 H3389
1) denotes either the city itself or the inhabitants
2) "the Jerusalem that now is", with its present religious institutions, i.e. the Mosaic system, so designated from its primary external location
3) "Jerusalem that is above", that is existing in heaven, according to the pattern of which the earthly Jerusalem was supposed to be built
3a) metaph. "the City of God founded by Christ", now wearing the form of the church, but after Christ's return to put on the form of the perfected Messianic kingdom
4) "the heavenly Jerusalem", that is the heavenly abode of God, Christ, the angels, saints of the Old and New Testament periods and those Christians that are alive at Christ's return
5) "the New Jerusalem", a splendid visible city to be let down from heaven after the renovation of the world, the future abode of the blessed
Literal: Jerusalem = "set ye double peace"

Of Hebrew origin [H3389]; Hierosolyma (that is, Jerushalaim), the capital of Palestine

KJV Usage: Jerusalem.

Compare G2419.

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Corresponding Hebrew Words

hierosoluma _ H3389 yerushalayim
hierosoluma _ H3390 yerushalem