Sirach 3:18

LXX_WH(i) 18 ὅσῳ μέγας εἶ τοσούτῳ ταπείνου σεαυτόν καὶ ἔναντι κυρίου εὑρήσεις χάριν
Clementine_Vulgate(i) 18 Quam malæ famæ est qui derelinquit patrem, et est maledictus a Deo qui exasperat matrem!]
Wycliffe(i) 18 He is of ful yuel fame, that forsakith the fadir; and he that wraththith the modir, is cursid of God.
Geneva(i) 18 My son, performe thy doings with meekenes, so shalt thou be beloued of them that are approued.
Bishops(i) 18 My sonne, perfourme thy workes with louyng meekenesse, so shalt thou be loued aboue other men.
DouayRheims(i) 18 Of what an evil fame is he that forsaketh his father: and he is cursed of God that angereth his mother.
KJV(i) 18

The greater thou art, the more humble thyself, and thou shalt find favour before the Lord.