Sirach 11:34

LXX_WH(i) 34 ἐνοίκισον ἀλλότριον καὶ διαστρέψει σε ἐν ταραχαῖς καὶ ἀπαλλοτριώσει σε τῶν ἰδίων σου
Clementine_Vulgate(i) 34 A scintilla una augetur ignis, et ab uno doloso augetur sanguis: homo vero peccator sanguini insidiatur.
Wycliffe(i) 34 Fier is encreessid of a sparcle, and blood is encreessid of a gileful man; for whi a synful man settith tresoun to blood.
Geneva(i) 34 Lodge a straunger, and hee will destroy thee with vnquietnesse, and driue thee from thine owne.
Bishops(i) 34 If thou takest an aliaunt vnto thee, he shall destroy thee in vnquietnesse, and dryue thee from thyne owne wayes.
DouayRheims(i) 34 Of one spark cometh a great fire, and of one deceitful man much blood: and a sinful man lieth in wait for blood.
KJV(i) 34

Receive a stranger into thine house, and he will disturb thee, and turn thee out of thine own.