Baruch 6:41

Clementine_Vulgate(i) 41 quasi possint sentire qui non habent motum! Et ipsi, cum intellexerint, relinquent ea: sensum enim non habent ipsi dii illorum.
Geneva(i) 41 And desire that hee woulde make him to speake, as though he had any feeling: yet they that vnderstande these thinges, can not leaue them: for they also haue no sense.
Bishops(i) 41 Yet they them selues offer vnto Bel, and woulde fayne haue hym to speake: as who say they coulde feele, that may not moue.
DouayRheims(i) 41 As though they could be sensible that have no motion themselves: and they, when they shall perceive this, will leave them: for their gods themselves have no sense.