Proverbs 10

Coverdale(i) 1 These are prouerbes of Salomon. A wyse sonne maketh a glad father, but an vndiscrete sonne is the heuynesse of his mother. 2 Treasures that are wickedly gotten, profit nothinge, but rightuousnesse delyuereth from death. 3 The LORDE wil not let the soule of the rightuous suffre hoger, but he putteth ye vngodly fro his desyre. 4 An ydle hande maketh poore, but a quycke laboringe hande maketh riche. 5 Who so gathereth in Sommer, is wyse: but he that is slogish in haruest, bringeth himself to confucion. 6 Louynge and fauorable is the face of the rightuous, but ye fore heade of the vngodly is past shame, and presumptuous. 7 The memoriall of the iust shall haue a good reporte, but the name of the vngodly shal stynke. 8 A wyse man wil receaue warnynge, but a foole wil sooner be smytten in the face. 9 He that leadeth an innocent life, walketh surely: but who so goeth a wroge waye, shalbe knowne. 10 He yt wynketh with his eye, wil do some harme: but he that hath a foolish mouth, shalbe beaten. 11 The mouth of a rightuous man is a well of life, but ye mouth of the vngodly is past shame, & presumptuous. 12 Euell will stereth vp strife, but loue couereth ye multitude of synnes. 13 In ye lippes of him yt hath vnderstodinge a ma shal fynde wysdome, but ye rodde belogeth to ye backe of ye foolish. 14 Wyse me laye vp knowlege, but ye mouth of ye foolish is nye destruccio. 15 The rich mas goodes are his stroge holde, but pouerte oppresseth the poore. 16 The rightuous laboureth to do good, but the vngodly vseth his increase vnto synne. 17 To take hede vnto ye chastenynge of nurtoure, is ye waye of life: but he that refuseth to be refourmed, goeth wroge. 18 Dissemblynge lippes kepe hatred secretly, and he that speaketh eny slaunder, is a foole. 19 Where moch bablinge is, there must nedes be offence: he that refrayneth his lippes, is wysest of all. 20 An innocent tonge is a noble treasure, but the herte of the vngodly is nothinge worth. 21 The lippes of the rightuous fede a whole multitude, but fooles shal dye in their owne foly. 22 The blessynge of the LORDE maketh rich me, as for carefull trauayle, it doth nothinge therto. 23 A foole doth wickedly & maketh but a sporte of it: neuertheles it is wysdome for a man to bewarre of soch. 24 The thinge that the vngodly are afrayed of, shal come vpon them, but the rightuous shal haue their desyre. 25 The vngodly is like a tempest that passeth ouer & is nomore sene, but the rightuous remayneth sure for euer. 26 As vyneger is to the teth, and as smoke is vnto ye eyes, eue so is a slogish personne to them that sende him forth. 27 The feare of ye LORDE maketh a loge life, but ye yeares of ye vngodly shal be shortened. 28 The pacient abydinge of the rightuous shalbe turned to gladnesse, but the hope of the vngodly shal perish. 29 The waye of the LORDE geueth a corage vnto ye godly, but it is a feare for wicked doers. 30 The rightuous shal neuer be ouerthrowne, but ye vngodly shal not remayne in the londe. 31 The mouth of the iust wilbe talkynge of wysdome, but the tonge of the frowarde shal perish. 32 The lippes of the rightuous are occupied in acceptable thinges, but the mouth of the vngodly taketh them to the worst.