3 John

ALT(i) 1 The Elder to Gaius, the beloved [fig., my dear friend], whom I love in truth! 2 Beloved [fig., Dear friend], concerning all [things] I am praying [or, wishing] [for] you to be having things going well and to be having good health, just as your soul is doing well. 3 For I rejoiced greatly when [some] of [the] brothers [and sisters] came and testified of the truth in you, just as you are walking about [fig., conducting yourself] in truth. 4 I have no greater joy [than] these [things], that I hear my children are walking about [fig., conducting themselves] in truth. 5 Beloved, youp are acting faithfully [in] whatever youp perform for the brothers [and sisters] and for the strangers 6 (who testified of yourp love before [the] assembly [or, church]), [to] whom youp will do well, if youp have helped them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. 7 For they went out on behalf of the Name, receiving nothing from the Gentiles [or, unbelievers]. 8 Therefore, we ought to be receiving such [ones], so that we shall become co-workers to the truth. 9 I wrote to the assembly [or, church], but Diotrephes, the one loving the first place [or, desiring to be the leader] among them, does not receive us [or, accept our authority]. 10 For this reason, if I come, I will remind [him of] his works which he is doing, making idle accusations against us with evil words. And not content with these things, neither does he welcome the brothers [and sisters], and he forbids the ones desiring [to do so] and casts [them] out of the assembly [or, church]. 11 Beloved, stop imitating the evil, but [be imitating] the good. The one doing good is from God; the one doing evil has not seen God. 12 Demetrius has been testified to [or, well spoken of] by all, and by the truth itself. And we also testify, and youp know that our testimony is true. 13 I had many [things] to be writing, but I do not want to write to you through ink and pen. 14 But I hope [or, expect] soon to see you, and we will speak mouth to mouth [fig., face to face]. Peace to you! Our friends greet you. Be greeting our friends by name.